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Cousin's Panties and Sleeping Over

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During the summer, I had to go over to my aunt's house for dinner. Before dinner, I was outside hanging out, not doing much, when my cousin Lauren came home, and got changed into her swimsuit because it was really humid. When she got outside, she got into an argument with her dad who I was sitting beside, and went inside so she could shower instead. I ran up after her and found her sitting on her bed, not doing anything. I came in, made idle chit chat (Knowing within ten minutes she'd be naked).

Eventually she began putting her clothes into her hamper, and getting ready to shower. By this point, I was fully erect and really horny. She kept bending over to pick up her clothes, giving me a great shot of her ass (She has a nice, big ass that I playfully grab whenever I can). Finally, she finished, and went into her bathroom, closed the door and put on some music and began showering. I went to her hamper, and took out the panties she'd been wearing before, they were nice, wet and pungent. I took a whiff, heavenly. I began to jack-off frantically in her room, turned on even more knowing she was totally naked and wet in the next room. I couldn't cum before she came out though, so I threw the panties back, and covered my hard on with my shirt.

She walked out with only a towel on and went right in front of me, rubbing my leg with her ass by accident, making my dick throb with anticipation. She got her clothes, walked back in and while she got dressed, I pumped as hard as I could, and came in her wet panties, putting them on top of the hamper with the crotch out, hoping she'd notice and confront me about it.

Later that week, we were talking, and she suggested I stay there and drive back to my house in the morning. I ran it past my parents and they were cool with it. So we talked and did stuff, and at 1:00 AM we decided to go to sleep. We both went to sleep, but I woke up at four to go to the bathroom. I got an idea then. I went back to her bed (I was sleeping with her on her double bed, she didn't think anything of it) and slowly slipped my hand into her shorts. I was nervous as hell, she didn't move or anything (I know now she was awake the entire time). I began to jack-off slowly beside her, and eventually after feeling her ass and rubbing her pubic hair, came on her shorts, took my hand out and went to sleep. About half an hour later, not falling asleep, I heard her moan a bit. I looked over and saw a rhythmic bumping on her crotch.

'Hey Lauren, are you masturbating?' Silence for what felt like an hour. 'Yeah...' 'Can I watch you? I'm really horny'

She jumped at the opportunity, threw off her covers and showed me her wet snatch. I took off my boxers and started masturbating with her. She tore off her shirt eventually and started rubbing her tits, which I ended up sucking. We switched soon enough (I was having a hard time cumming since I had just finished), and I rubbed her clit while she gave me the best handjob ever. When I came, I came on her tits with what was left in me, she started rubbing it in and licking it. She still hadn't cum so I rubbed her clit a few times (I love the way she feels), stuck a few fingers in her and rubbed her clit with my thumb until she moaned and came all over me. Who knew my cousin could be a squirter? We cleaned each other up and fell asleep together.

Later she explained that she had been awake the entire time, and was really turned on when she felt my hand down there. I have to end it there, my cock is throbbing. Leave comments if you want to hear what happened later.



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