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Cousins' Panties

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My auntie had moved into her new house last year and she invited the family over for our Christmas supper. While everyone was in the living room eating I went to the washroom which was down a long hallway and to the left, where the laundry room and my cousins' room were as well. Her door was open and I noticed a suitcase full of clothes as well as clothes spread out over the room and her bed. I guess she hadn't finished unpacking and sorting stuff out yet. I had already masturbated with some of her panties before and I was horny so I snuck into her room and dug around her bag and clothes until I found a pair.

I found a nice thong and a cotton pantie which I stuffed in my pocket and went to the washroom and back to the living room. I didn't get a chance to jack off and I was really horny so I went back to the washroom saying I wasn't feeling to good. I was sitting there sniffing her panties when I noticed a hamper I hadn't noticed before so I dug through it and found another pair. I was really horny and I knew a chance like this wasn't going to come again so I snuck into her room again and grabbed a couple more panties and a bra with me and stuffed them in my sweater. I took another pair with me into the washroom and started jacking off while sniffing her other pairs and came in no time. I shot a couple loads into the crotch and cleaned it off a bit and threw it back where I left it with a couple drops of cum on it. I was laying in bed that night playing with her panties, thongs, and bras I took and came a couple more times.

One of the other times was about three months earlier when she was staying with my sister when she kept one of our neighbors house. My sister often asked me to babysit during the day and in the morning I would usually be laying in the bed my cousin slept in playing with her panties and thongs and bras again because my nephew slept in all morning and usually didn't wake up until lunch. This went on for about two months which was amazing. I took another couple of panties and a thong that time and used them to jack off after that.

The first time I started jacking off with her panties though is when my uncle was keeping there house and I went to visit and asked me to watch the house so he could go grocery shopping. I was alone for about three hours and had already known about jacking off with girls panties because I did this with one of our neighbors daughters for awhile. I went into her room and grabbed a couple of her panties and bras and just layed on her bed slowly jacking off. I kept going and stopping before I came so it would last and when I couldn't handle it anymore I wrapped all her panties around my dick and came really hard. The first three were really filled up because I must've shot four or five spurts and the rest had a little bit only. I took the three stained ones with me for future jack off sessions along with another two pairs.



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