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Cousin's Neighbor

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When I was 14 yrs old, and after having had the birds and bees lecture, I had to stay with a married cousin who was 10 years older than me because my pareents went on an extended vacation. My folks dropped me off and and not much happened until the third day I was there. My cousin's husband had to go on a business trip for four days. The next morning while I was having breakfast, my cousin told me that this morning she looked in my room about 5am and I had no covers on. She said that she saw that I like to sleep in the nude. She also said that while she stood there for a moment, she could see my penis was erect and throbbing and a few moments later she told she saw me squirting. She then asked me if I get a lot of wet dreams. I told her that it happens about once a week.

Marie then asked me if I ever used my hand to relieve myself. I told her I did not know what she meant. Marie then told me that later in the day I would know exactly what she meant. I finished brakfast and ran some errands for her.

I got back to her house around 1pm When I walked in the house she was talking to a woman that she introduced to me as her neighbor Brenda. Marie told me that Brenda was 36 yrs old and a widow for over a year.

Then Brenda said to me, 'I hear that you shot your load in the bed this morning. Marie asked me to show you how to relieve yourself so that you will not have to worry about making a mess in bed. I will also show you how a woman relieves her sexual tension.'

Brenda then said that we were going to my room and she would give me my lessons.

Brenda and I went upstairs to my room and closed the door. She told me to remove my clothes down to my underwear and then she told me to undress her. I opened her blouse and skirt. The skirt fell to the floor and I helped her out of her blouse. She was wearing a white bra and cotton panties (After all, this was 1956). She told me her measurements were 34B-27-35. Here I am, a 14 yr old boy who is undressing a mature woman.

Brenda had me open her bra and then sehe removed it. She took my hands and places them on her breasts and told me to feel her breasts. She removed my undershirt and then by boxer shorts. At this point my penis was beginning to become erect. Brenda then had me pull down her panties so I could see her bush and lips. I sort of stammered to her, 'You are beautiful'. She asked me if this was the first time I have seen a naked woman. I told her it was.

Brenda and I then laid on the bed and she spread her legs real wide and told me to use my fingers to spread the lips of her pussy. Nervously I used two hand and pushed her lips back. Then she gave me an excellent anatomy lesson. She had me touch her inner and outer lips and she showed me what her clitoris was like and what it was for and she had me stick two fingers into the opening of her vagina. When I pulled out my fingers they were all wet and sticky.

Brenda then told me how to caress the clitoris and vulva lips to get a woman hot and wet. She had me use my sticky fingers all over the clitoris and had me lick and suck on her breasts. After about ten minutes or stroking and fondling her, she started to buck up and down and told me to keeps playing with her pussy. All of a sudden she began to shake all over and she was moaning out loud that she was coming. I felt my hand on her pussy get all wet and then she fell limp on the bed.

It took Brenda a few minutes to compose herself. Then she told me that is how she masturbates. She said that now she would show me how to masturbate. I was laying on my band and Brenda then began to play with my penis and testicles. She told me to rub her sticky juice from her pussy on my penis.

Brenda took her time stroking my penis with her hand. I could not believe how hard my erection was. She had me do a few strokes with my hand and it felt real good. She told me that this is referred to as jacking off. She explained to me how a guy shoots off his load inside of a woman's vagina when having intercourse. All this talk about having a penis in a vagina really got me so hot. Brenda told me that she could tell that I was about to 'blow my load' because my penis was throbbing and she could tell that my semen was coming out of my balls and into the shaft of my penis. Brenda then leaned over me so that her breasts were rubbing against the hard shaft. All of a sudden it happened. I shot off my load all over her breasts. She continued to milk my swollen sensitive shaft until there was no more semen coming out.

Then the both of us laid back on the bed. I told her that I would like to know how it felt to have intercourse and to have my penis inside of a woman's vagina. She told me she would come over tomorrow and show me how to give a woman pleasure and that she would let me put my penis into her vagina and shoot my load inside of her.

About an hour later, we both washed up and got dressed. We went back downstairs to my cousin Marie. Marie asked me how I enjoyed my lesson today and if I was ready for more lessons because Brenda is really horny.



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