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Cousins In The Dam

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We were both 14. I'm not really good at writing things like this but it is 100% true and if you want to hear what happened next tell me in the comments area.


Me and my cousin were both 14 and we were down the back of my grandparents place swimming in the dam. We were mucking around wrestling each other when I accidentally grabbed my cousins dick, it was then I noticed he was hard.

I said 'sorry man' he said it 'its cool, only if I can touch yours'. I thought it was only fair and had agreed but that he didn't know that I also had a boner.

He moved closer to me waiting for his touch, it was than I felt his hand on my dick, he grabbed me and held it and gave it a squeeze while saying 'haha your hard too' I said 'yeah I guess I am'. We had a bit of a laugh and while he kept a hold of my dick he asked if I had masturbated before, I told him I did and and I asked him also and he is like 'yeah man'.

My cousins like lets masturbate, we both are hard and mines not going to go away unless masturbate he said. With a bit of of convincing I agreed but we will just do it in the water. He agreed as we took off our swimmers and now were both nude.

He couldn't see in the water but we grabbed our own dicks and began to masturbate. My cousin said 'are you really doing it or just pretending?' I said 'I really am'. He didn't believe me so I told him that if he didn't believe to check. He put his hand out and felt around when I felt his hand on mine as I moved it back and forth.

I reached out with my other hand and did the same to him and he was masturbating. It was then he told me to move my hand and when I did he grabbed my 6 inch uncut dick and began jacking me off. I never had anyone else touch my dick but the feeling was of another persons hand on my dick and jacking me off was just the best feeling.

I reached out and grabbed my cousin's dick and from what I could tell he was around 5 and a half inches and also uncut. Here we were naked in our grandparents dam jacking each other off.

About 5 minutes my cousin like go really fast im going to cum, he let go of my dick and I started jacking him off fast when he closed his eyes threw his head back and cum into the water, he stopped me from touching his dick.

After he recovered he was like 'man that was awesome and the best cum I had'. I just smiled and that's when he grabbed my dick and started jacking me off fast and it took only 30 seconds before I cum and it was the best cum I had ever had.

We looked at each other and had a laugh about what we did and went back to wrestling each other. About 30 minutes later we got out of the dam and we saw for the first time each others dicks. My cousin was just that little bit smaller than me but he had more pubic hair than me as I only had pubes around the base of my dick.

We sat on the grass in the sun and we talked about sex, masturbation etc as boys do. But it didn't take long before we were both hard again and we decided to jack each other off once more before we went back to the house.

My cousin sat up and grabbed my dick, I was leaking pre cum, he wrapped his hand around my dick tight and began to jack me off. Slowly at first and than got faster and watching him with his hand around my dick really made me horny as I tried holding off but I just couldn't. It was then that I had just cummed shooting about 5 ropes of cum on my chest and all over my cousins hand.

I than sat up and grabbed my cousins super hard dick and started moving my hand up and down his, you could tell he was enjoying it alot as he watched my hand moving on his dick. Was only a couple of minutes when he shot about 4 ropes of cum which two hit his chest and the other two hit his head. I couldn't believe how hard he just cummed.

After seeing that I was hard again, we laughed about it and got up and cleaned up in the dam. Got dressed and headed back to the house.



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