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Cousins Bond

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My cousin Josh is about 13 and looks up to me kind of alot. We are very athletic and play a bunch of games all the time. I'm 17 and enjoy hanging out with him. I've only noticed his voice drop recently so I assumed he had just hit puberty.

One day Josh and I were at my grandfathers house swimming and playing around when Josh (out of the blue) suggested we go skinny dipping. Now I am completely straight and don't care at all about being naked around guys, I mean we are all the same (kind of). And I believe the last time we had seen each other naked was when I was about 10. So I agreed and we slipped off our bathing suits and began horsing around. I started to notice that we were both growing hard ons. I tried to ignore it. Finally Josh drops his mouth and points at my completely hard 7' dick. I apologized saying that I couldn't help it and that it seemed that neither could he. He looked down at his five and a half incher and smirked. He sort of left it at that until we were tanning (still nude) on the ground when he gets up and says 'dude that thing is huge'. I didn't know what quite to say, he seemed impressed none the less. 'Your not bad yourself. Give it some time and I'm sure it will look like mine' I said. He smiled and said ' I hope so'.

I then said I should go take care of this for a bit. To my surprise he didn't catch on that I needed to jerk. 'what d you mean?' he said still looking at my boner. 'ya know masturbate-jerk-jack off'; he had no idea what I was talking about. 'So your saying you don't know how to jerk off at 13, I'm sure you could even cum by now?!'. So I gave him the whole explanation on jerking and cumming.

He immediatly asked me to show him how to do it. So I suggested we go in the master shower (which is huge) to not make a mess. I started looking at his body noticing his little bush and muscles starting to show. Once we were there I told him to copy what I did. I began rubbing my shaft and he began to follow, 'do you feel it yet?'. Surprisingly again he felt nothing. So I just reached over and started jerking his dick and he fell into complete pleasure. 'get it now lil man?' I asked him hoping I could get to my leaking dick. 'Can I make sure on yours?' he asked me hopefuly. 'Whatever, why not' so he lunged at my cock and began stroking me. It was possibly the most amazing feeling to have someone jerk you rather than yourself... I reached over to return the pleasure to his uncut dick and the next thing I knew there were two good looking teen guys jerking off helping each other out...

I looked at Josh, who was really into my hard on, and warned him I was about to cum. He immediatly stopped and asked me what to expect. I took control from there and told him to relax and just go with it' it will be the best thing ever!' So I took his dick up against mine and we could feel the tension building in our hot teen rods. Our balls were rubbing against one another as I pumped our dicks at the same time. He began rubbing our balls and the base of our dicks. We were humping our hands together. 'Oh fuck!' he said humping my hand even faster. We BOTH began to moan at the same time he leaned against big mentor and we came at nearly the same moment all over our chests, panting on each other. Our exhausted dicks were soft again and we gave each other a high five and a hug. We washed off in the pool and he jerked me off again that night at my house. I don't want us to jerk each other often, just a group jerk is fine. I want him to become the man that I am and get all the pussy I was getting at my age (which I did help him with). We tell each other about all our sex-capades and still get off together. I'm now 19 and he is 15. We are pretty close buds.



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