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Cousinly Favours

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I had the misfortune to be raised by parents who believed that the only way to raise kids was to micro manage every freaking thing. They might have meant well, but it sure created friction with my older brother and sister. When they left home attention focused on making me into a straight A-plus student. My nose was pushed to the grindstone with no distractions allowed. Life as a teenager. Life? They couldn't bring themselves to believe that I needed some space. My computer was monitored and I was only to visit approved sites. If any girl showed so much as a flicker of interest in me, a dinner-time cross examination invariably killed that one off. Birthdays or any such celebrations were carefully planned. Control, freaking control!

It was as bad for my second cousin Emily who came as a 15 year old to live with us; her olds wanted her to go to one of the best town schools. She is quite attractive, about 5ft 3in, 100 lbs with curly black shoulder length hair and green eyes. She's nearly six months younger than me. As a girl she came under the evil eye of my mother who let her know that I was not to be distracted and my room was strictly off limits. Boyfriends? Verboten! Her room was Guantanamo to me. No way could she listen to Britney Spears or-god forbid!-Christina Aguilera! She didn't complain that much, but I sympathised, empathised and felt sorry for her.

I pretended to buckle down and not to fight things, but I had ways of getting around some of the more restrictive measures. My computer. Dad thought he had things under control; I bought myself a lap-top and wireless modem, programmed it with a system he knew nothing about and made a hide-away for it. So much for his ideas about remotely accessing my system to check up on my internet habits...Tempting as it was to have it available all the time I forced myself to use it rarely.

Came one weekend and my parents are out of town attending a wedding. Emily and I are to be 'supervised' by Mrs-, who lives next door. How bloody humiliating! A baby sitter! I'm nearly 19 fer chrisake! Fortunately she sympathises with us and leaves us alone, as long as we aren't raising hell with block parties or holding street races. When my big brother left I inherited his sleep-out, separate from the main house and his bed, which is a lot bigger than mine. This is in return for my good behaviour. While my PC is set up to look like I'm browsing approved websites I have my lap top onto which I've downloaded trivial stuff like fast cars, games and naked teenage girls. Then there's my new DVD. Girls playing with their pussies, or being eaten out by other girls or being boned out of their wee brains. Homework? Screw it for a few hours! Oh yeah? My plans for a wanking good time are disrupted.

First there's a quiet knock on my door. I unsnib and open it. Emily is dressed in her usual track pants and woollen sweater. 'I-I'm just about to have a shower.' she says, turning red and aw-shucks. It's unusual to have her even approaching my door but my minds elsewhere so I say. 'Okay, I'll be around later.' She leaves, looking slightly miffed. What was that about? Girls!

Then my cell phone rings; it's my big bro reminding me he needs a science paper I borrowed urgently, could I drop it back in the next half hour? Shit! Trudge up to the bathroom. Knock on door, let Emily know where I'll be. On bike (as if I'd be allowed a car) race around to brother, drop stuff off. Race back home.

Now what!? I must've forgotten to lock my door. Now it's slightly ajar. If there's someone in there... carefully, quietly I ease the door open and peep in. Fu-u-uck! For a few seconds I think I'm dreaming.

Emily is kneeling on my bed wearing nothing but a lacy white bra. The rest of her clothes are on the floor. She's humping my pillow. Hardly daring to breathe I watch. Her eyes are closed, her face a lovely shade of pink. Her tongue shows between her lips. She's moaning quietly to herself. Water from her damp hair soaks her bra making her pert, round breasts and dark nipples stand out. Her groin has a small tangle of black, curly hair. Her open cunt cleft shows moist reddy-brown, crinkly inner lips. Her fingers are busily sliding in and out of her slit, her hips swaying in gentle, seductive circles. She licks her fingers. I gulp as she exposes the small nub of her clitoris. Her moans are louder as she tickles and teases it. Her juices are oozing onto my pillow. She sighs deeply and leans forward. Has she had an orgasm? She has a gorgeous, peachy little bum. My cock is tingling and throbbing. I find myself shaking slightly. I can't look away. Still as horny as I'm feeling this is so un-Emily I begin to wonder if she's on something. The thought makes me uncomfortable. I accidentally grunt 'Oh hell' or something out loud.

Emily opens her eyes, stares at me in shock. 'Oooh!' she yelps and collapses forward onto my bed, burying her face. Her legs are tucked under her stomach. Her lovely arse is propped high in the air. Her shoulders shake. She makes woofling and hiccuping noises. Bugger, what do I do!? Calm her down. I shut and snib the door. Sit down on side of my bed. Try to ignore her bare arse. Deep breath. Drape an arm over her bare shoulders. 'Aw, hey Em, it's okay, you know I won't say a word to anyone.' Still woofles and hiccups. 'I don't blame you if you're high or something...'

Emily turns her head, looks up at me. She's laughing! 'The look on your face!' she splutters. I haven't seen her look so...happy? Lively? Sexy? All of the above in ages. Her body shakes as she giggles, then she rolls onto her back, legs apart. She doesn't try to cover up. She strokes my arm, controlling her giggling 'God that was priceless!' She laughs again. After a while she settles down. 'Thank you for your concern, I'm not high except maybe on hormones.' Brain storm...'She's doesn't mind being naked in front of me. I'm alone with a real naked girl on my bed. Awesome! My plans to watch that DVD and jack off...phhhtt! Do I make a move on her? Should I kiss her? I've been kind of protective of her for so long...what do I do?'



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