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Cousin Shows the Way

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This is the true story of how I was introduced to the wonderful world of cum.


My penis and I were well acquainted for as long as I could remember. Before I even started to school, I enjoyed playing with it, and it would always get hard. I got into trouble a few times when other boys who were not as free spirited would tell on me. But that did not diminish my interest in my own penis or those of other boys when I could get them to play along.
When I was 9, my 11 year old cousin came to visit. We frequently got together for visits, but this time he had something new to show me. As soon as he got there, he came running up to me excitedly saying that he had something he wanted to show me and that we had to run down to the barn for him to do it. He didn't let on that it had to do with penis play, and I was mystified by his urgency.
As we approached the barn, he glanced back towards the house to make sure that our sisters had not followed and that we were out of earshot of our parents. Then he added to the mystery when he told me 'What I'm about to show you, you have to promise not to tell anyone or we'll both get into a lot of trouble with our dads.' We were a pretty straight laced family, and corporal punishment was not infrequent.
We got into the barn and it took a while for my eyes to adjust, coming in from the bright sun of outdoors. Skeeter had sat down on a bale of hay and began to unfasten his pants as I kept looking back towards the house, making sure we were alone. When he slipped his jeans and shorts off, out popped this humungous erection. He was very well equipped already, and it was far bigger than mine. I was amazed. He fit the term 'like a baby's arm, grasping an apple.' I clearly remember his dick was not round, but flattend and had a huge purple head on it that flared out when he pulled his foreskin back.
'You're huge' I stammered.
'Yeah, I know it's a little bigger than yours, but it's been growning a lot the past few months.'
With that, he dropped a huge wad of spit on the head and began pumping the shaft with his fist. As his hand slipped past the knob it would make slurping noises.
'What on earth are you doing' I asked?
'It's called jacking off. It feels really great when you do it and it makes white stuff come out after a while' he told me.
'White stuff? You mean pee?' I asked.
'No silly, the stuff is called cum. It's what makes babies.'
He may as well have told me that the moon was made out of green cheese, because I had no idea what he was talking about.
'Just be quiet and watch what happens, because I'm about to squirt the white stuff.'
His forehead was wet with little sweat beads and he got this weird look on his face as his strokes picked up.
'Ok..here it comes!'
Then I watched in stunned amazement as he squirted out two ropes of white cream and then a couple of smaller squirts. He shot them straight up and let them fall mostly back onto his cock and fist. He rubbed the cum all over his cockshaft and kept stroking for a little while longer. The slurping noises got much louder when he did that.
'Oh boy that was so great' he grinned, 'but you have to remember not to tell anyone. You can't do it yet because you're not old enough.'
I was shaking now, but because it involved my favorite toy, I pressed on. 'What do you mean I can't do it? Why not? Will it hurt me?'
'Well' he said, 'you can jack off but you won't be able to make any white stuff come out because your aren't old enough yet. How old are you now?' he asked me.
'I'm nine' I responded.
'Ok, you can get a really good feeling. Let me show you how to do it, ok?'
'Sure' I answered.
With that he pulled down my pants and spit in his hand. He took my small cock in his wet hand and began to stroke it. I was very pleased with how his hand felt on it. He would spit on it to keep it slick, but the head of my cock was not as big as his, so it did not make the slurpy noise. In just a short while, I began to get this tingly feeling and couldn't stand for him to continue right then. I pulled back and he said 'no no...don't stop now..you have to let me keep going for just a little bit longer and it will really feel good.'
I let him continue and the tingly feelings came back. The sensations got to be very intense and I thought I could not go through with it, but he put his hand on my butt so that I couldn't get away from him quite as easily.
'Oh oh stoooop! I can't stand it anymore' as he stayed on me. Then it was like fireworks went off inside my cock. I gasped out and shuddered as he finally stopped stroking me. He had this wonderful grin on his face again as he said 'Wasn't that just about the greatest feeling you ever had?' I could only moan and hear my heart pounding in my ears. Finally I stopped breathing hard and agreed with him. It certainly was!!
From that day forward, whenever we were together, we would sneak off to the bathroom or in the bushes or to the barn so that we could jack off. He would have me jack him off and make him shoot his cum and then he would stroke me until I got my good feeling.
He explained to me about puberty, about watching for signs of hair sprouting around the base of my cock and balls. He told me that when I saw the fuzz turning darker and getting coarse that it would be just a short time before I would squirt out the white stuff. He explained that my penis would start to grow a lot bigger when I could shoot cum. I asked him if I would ever be as big as he was.
'Sure, you should be, because our dad's are brothers. I've seen my dad and his dick is a lot bigger than mine, but mine is still growing too.'
This activity continued for a couple more years and I would jack off four or five times a week. When I did it in the shower, it was different because I would use soap. It hurt sometimes though when Dial soap got into my pee hole. The one thing I was very scared about was the puffy red rings that my foreskin got when I first started doing it. If my dad ever saw my puffy red condition he would ask questions and I'd probably get into trouble. But after a month or so of jacking off, this redness and puffy foreskin didn't happen as often.
Finally, shortly after I turned eleven, I was doing my normal soap stroke when I was taking a bath. I got the usual good feeling build up, then the spasms set in, but this time I felt a strange new sensation as the white stuff started squirting out. It was only a couple of shots, but the feeling was completely different. I nearly passed out I was so excited. I watched it float in ribbons around the water. I know I had a huge grin on my face even after I got dressed and came out of the bathroom. Thankfully no one saw me as I hurried off to my bedroom.
Next day at school I couldn't wait to tell my buddies. There were back slaps and high-fives. We had always talked about jacking off, but none of the guys in my class where making cum yet, even though most of them were older than me. I later learned (from other cousins) that early puberty is normal in my family. Some of the boys didn't believe me, and that led to a show-off session for a couple of them at one of the department store restrooms. It also got some oows and ahhs about the size of my dick. I was not aware of it so much, but that sucker had begun to grow and fill out.
The next few days after my first cum shot were not always consistent. The next day I did not make any white stuff, but the following day I did it again. This went on for a few weeks until I began to squirt a few shots every time I jacked off. Gradually the amount of cum increased from two shots to three, four and five. It sort of leveled off at six squirts if I did it once a day. It was fewer shots if I did it two or three times a day. I seldom missed a day shooting my cum. Once in a great while if we were traveling and I could not manage to get some private time, I would miss a day or two. The jack off sessions after abstinence were always a huge mess to clean up, because I would cum a lot more.
Speaking of cleaning up, back to when I first started squirting, I didn't worry about it. I would do it when I went to bed and just let it shoot onto the sheets. I'd smear it out and just roll over. It would be dried out by morning. Little did I realize that it left very telling cum stains on the sheets. The gods must have been watching out for me, because Mom usually changed my sheets. For some reason, after that first week of shooting, I got inspired to help out around the house. I flipped back my covers to pull them off and I was mortified to see the messy evidence of my nightly sessions!
From that time on, I had my crusty gym sock tucked under my bed to clean up with. I think she found it a few times but never said anything about it. Today I'm sure my room must have reeked of the smell of cum. Mysteriously one day Mom put a box of Kleenex on my bed table. I used a lot of them.
On Saturday, Mom would go shopping with my sister. This was my time at home alone. I would start just as soon as the car left the driveway. I would go for as many times as I could. Always, on Saturday evening, the old red puffy look had returned to my dick. It wasn't sore or anything, it just was very obvious that a lot of jacking had been going on. I think I may have made it up to 9 times once or twice. Always, the cum shots would be down to only a few drops by the 8th or 9th time.
As I was a teenager it got more common for dad and I to share the one bathroom. Sure enough, my penis looked very much like his and my cousin's too. As I mentioned earlier, our family was pretty uptight, and dad had always tried to keep his foreskin trained back behind his mushroom. He had been a little embarrassed for not being cut. He never did say anything that I ought to do it though. I got a little kidding from my buddies at school for having a snoot-cock that looked like an anteater. But I didn't care because I had enjoyed playing with it since forever. On Saturdays, I always tried to avoid letting him see my puffy red dick.
Because my dad never did say anything about sex to me, and I was always afraid of him finding out that I played with my dick, I vowed that if I ever had a son, I would tell him all about the fun he could have and that there was nothing to be ashamed of. It turned out in a very few years, I was the father of a son. But that's for another time.



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