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Cousin Showed Me How

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How I learned from my cousin


This started when my aunt and uncle went to stay with my uncle's sister who was ill. My cousins came to stay with us because they still had to go to school. I was 14, my older cousin Linda was 16 and her brother David was 10. Linda and I went to the same school but she was two years above me so we didn't really mix at school. The sleeping arrangements were that David would have my bed and Linda and I would share the double bed in the guest room. Although we didn't mix at school, Linda and I got on really well. But David was a typical 10 year old brat and pestered us constantly. I was envious of Linda's body; perfect figure, quite large boobs, long legs and the most stunning long blond hair which reached almost to her waist. Even the boys in my year talked about her at school. I wasn't as tall, had shorter legs and narrower hips and hoped I would grow up looking more like her. I was pleased with my boobs though which were almost as big as hers. We talked for ages that first night in bed about school, teachers, sports and of course, boys. Who was the best looking boy in school, who were the hottest guys in bands, who were the sexiest actors, singers, footballers, etc. She had had several boyfriends but had only gone as far as letting a couple of them feel her boobs through her clothes. I had never even kissed a boy and listened avidly as she described french kissing. On the second night, we had talked for ages again and I must have dozed off. I awoke and was aware that the bed was moving a little. Then I heard a soft moan: that is what must have wakened me. I was still sleepy but when she moaned again a little louder I became more awake. I opened my eyes and by the light of the moon through the curtains, I could see her hand moving between her legs below the sheet. She moaned louder and, being really naive and without a clue what she was doing, I asked if she was OK. She stopped immediately and her eyes opened. I asked again if she was OK. "Yes, I'm fine."� She replied. I asked what she was doing and her mouth opened in shock. She said later that she was mortified at being caught. "Nothing."� She said. "Come on, tell me what you were doing. It wasn't nothing"� "Promise you won't tell."� "Promise."� She took a deep breath and told me she was fingering herself. I hadn't a clue what that meant so asked her to explain. She couldn't believe I was 14 and didn't know. I felt a bit embarrassed but persisted that she tell me. So she explained about girls having a special place and if you rubbed it, it felt really, really good. She had learned how to do it at 12 and did it almost every night and said it helped her relax and go to sleep. I told her I wanted to do it too so she told me about the little button at the top of my pussy and to stroke it gently with a wet finger. I slipped my hand down my pyjamas and started to do it and she continued with her own pussy. After a couple of minutes she was moaning again but I was feeling absolutely nothing. I stopped and watched in amazement as she started to cum; her hips bucking off the bed, legs spread wide, her hand inside her PJ top squeezing her tits and biting her lip to keep the noise down. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she looked at me and asked why I had stopped. I told her I wasn't feeling anything and started to cry a little. I seriously thought I was some kind of freak because I couldn't get the feeling she was getting even though I was doing the same thing. "Poor Kimmy,"� she said, "let me help."� She snuggled up close to me and kissed me softly on the mouth. "This is how boys kiss you."� she said, and I felt her tongue parting my lips. I opened my mouth and her tongue snaked in. I involuntarily started to tongue her back and suddenly we were kissing deeply and OMG I was loving it. She was an expert kisser and covered my nose, ears, throat (loved that one) with soft kisses, nibbles, licks and sucks. I was gasping for breath by the time she got back to my mouth. Then I felt her fingers stroking my breast through my PJs. My nipple stiffened at her touch and at the same time I got a feeling in my lower belly. She pinched it gently and I gasped some more. Then she was undoing my buttons and opening my PJ jacket and stroking her fingers over my naked boobs. As she kissed her way down my neck and onto my chest I could actually feel my pussy getting wet and by the time her lips sucked in my nipple I was getting lots of feelings down there without even being touched. My head was swimming with thoughts as I was awakened to my first sexual feelings and I simple cannot describe the breathless excitement and anticipation of what was going to happen. I knew that if I were to touch myself now I would orgasm as she did but I was enjoying her touch so much that I knew I preferred her to continue. By now, she was stroking and squeezing my tits and she sucked and tongue my nipples then I felt her hand lightly tease its way down my body. My hips were rising to meet her hand as it slipped into my PJ shorts and I opened my legs wide for her. I wish I could capture again those first moments of being touched: I cried out loud as her finger ran all the way up my slit and onto my clit which felt like it was going to burst. Her lips covered mine to stifle my moans as her finger went deep up inside me then back out and started to go to work on my clit. My pussy was soaking wet. It didn't take long; just a few seconds and my hips were bucking against her hand and I held her tight as my first ever orgasm completely overwhelmed me. I never imagined such feelings were possible. As my orgasm died down, she let me go, rolled onto her back and started to rub herself again. I leaned in and kissed her and started to feel her boobs the way she felt mine. "Please kiss them, Kimmy."� she begged and I undid her jacket and opened it up. My hands roamed over her tits and nipples and I bent my head down and started to kiss and suck them. Her nipples were so hard and I sucked them deep into my mouth as she continued to finger her puss. Then she was cumming again and I kissed her on the mouth as she orgasmed. "What do you think?"� she asked once it was over. I told her it was amazing and I wanted to do it again. She said I should do it myself this time and she would watch and why didn"t we both get naked. So without any self-consciousness or embarrassment, I took off my PJs as she watched me and did the same. She made me lie back on the pillows and told me to rub. OMG it felt so good as I touched and explored myself for the first time. My legs were spread wide, feet together, knees bent and I felt utterly wanton as she positioned herself sitting at the foot of the bed. She had put the bedside light on to see better and I just wanted her to see everything. I alternated between circling my clit and putting my finger deep up inside me. Both were great but I was learning fast that my clit was the best place to touch. I noticed how hard she was staring and, with two hands, I opened myself wide for her to see and also noticed that her own hand had crept back between her legs and was idly stroking her bush which was a lot hairier than mine. She reached out with her spare hand and stroked my inner thigh and suddenly I was cumming again. My fingers were a blur on my clit as I went over the top. As I recovered, I saw she was rubbing her puss hard and I returned her favour by stroking my fingers up inside her thighs. I don't know what made me do it other than just being incredibly randy but when my fingers reached the top of her thighs I kept going up and gently spread her lips and put a finger inside her. "Oh God, don't stop."� She moaned as she rubbed her clit furiously. I pumped my finger in and out of her and she exploded in her third orgasm and her goo ran out all over my finger and hand then down between her buttocks. We kissed and hugged again, our hands roaming all over each other's naked bodies then we climbed back between the sheet and talked more; all about sex. She admitted she had fibbed earlier when she said she had only let boys feel her boobs through her clothes. She had let one boy get her bra undone and he had kissed her tits and she had let him finger her. She didn't like it much: said his idea of fingering a girl was to pump his finger in and out very roughly. She didn't cum and it put her off letting boys get inside her pants again. She discussed this with her best friend who had had a similar experience and one night when they were having a sleepover they agreed to finger each other to see if it was better. She said her friend was much more gentle and knew exactly where to touch and they had got each other off and both loved it. The next morning, we showered together and we made each other cum in the shower. For the rest of the week we masturbated ourselves or each other in the morning, when we got in from school and in bed at night. We even tried humping each other taking it in turns to go on top which was good but not as good as fingers. When her parents said they would be home the next day, we both didn't want it to end. That night as we caressed each other in bed, she said she was going to do something special for me and rolled on top. I spread wide for her to grind her pubes against my clit which she did. But then she started kissing her way down my body and kept going lower and lower until she was nuzzling my bush. I sort of guessed what she was going to do and although I felt a little disgusted I spread wider for her. Then her tongue and lips did what her fingers had been doing all week. Nothing we had done felt as good as this. I just went into orbit as she licked and sucked. My whole lower torso seemed to be throbbing and pulsating as she ate me. I had to pull the pillow hard against my face to muffle my scream and I thought I was never, ever going to stop cumming. To this date, that was the biggest orgasm I ever had. After I was finished she crawled back up and kissed me full on the lips and I tasted my girl cum for the first time. My immediate feeling was one of pure disgust and I felt a little sick. I turned my head away and she asked what was wrong. This wasn't right I said. It was bad and dirty and horrible and disgusting. She looked stunned. "Didn't you like it?"� she asked. I admitted that I did but it felt just wrong. She looked like she was about to cry. "Kim, I wanted you to do it to me too."� Now it was my turn to cry. I wanted to pleasure her the same way she had done to me but I simply couldn't. It was too much too soon. She was so disappointed when I said I would finger her as usual and although I did, she didn't cum. We didn't cuddle as we went to sleep that night although we did hold hands. The next day we said our goodbyes and although we saw each other again at school, she was in her circle of friends and I in mine. In the days that followed, I masturbated several times a day and fantasized about lots of things. Eventually I allowed myself to think about what she wanted me to do to her and as time went on I got more and more aroused by the thought of it. But it was too late by then. She started going with boys and eventually so did I. We never had any physical contact again and I regret to this day that I never took the chance when I had it. I am now happily married and I have a great sex life even though my hubby works away from home a lot. My masturbation fantasies were always about him and I never had any girl thoughts at all. That all changed when my niece came to stay but that is another story.



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