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Cousin Sarah is Not So Innocent !

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Back when I was only 16 I remember staying with my aunt and uncle when my father went in the hospital. I did not look forward to staying there because I was not in my hometown and I knew I would be bored. What I did not realize is that my cousin Sarah had really filled out since I last saw them three years ago. Since their house was so small I had no choice but to sleep in Sarah's room upstairs. Since her parent's bedroom was downstairs that gave us alot of privacy. The very first night I heard Sarah moaning and groaning but her room was so dark I couldn't tell if she was masturbating or not. I got up and went to the bathroom and then I left the light on in the bathroom which shined into her room. At first Sarah didn't move so I thought she must have gone back to sleep. Then I heard her moaning again and I saw her hand feverishly rubbing herself and then I heard her come as she rolled over.
The next day I began to pay more attention to her and she liked to wear shorts around the house and a t-shirt with no bra. Since her parents both worked we had the house to ourselves all day. Sarah offered to fix me some lunch and as she set the food on the table she rubbed her tits on my shoulder as she reached around me. Sarah was obviously flirting with me but when I tried to look at her she seemes shy and reserved. I did not want to come on to her and have her parents pissed at me but I knew she was horny. Finally about two hours later as we were watching TV Sarah asked me if I liked the show she put on last night. As I acted like I didn't know what she was talking about and then she told me she was hoping I would help her last night when she was fingering her pussy. She then told me she wanted to see me jack off because she wanted to see how big my cock was. I started to stroke my cock and Sarah immediately sat next to me on the couch and then she put her hand over mine and told me she would finish. Having her small delicate hand wrapped around my now rigid throbbing cock was sexy and I felt myself getting close to coming. Sarah suddenly reached over and began to french kiss me and her breath was fresh and her tongue was all over the inside of my mouth. As my cock began to explode onto my stomach Sarah kept stroking me off until my chest was drenched with my hot sticky come. Sarah laughed and told me how sexy I looked as she licked some of my come off my chest and wiped the rest off. She asked me if I always came that much and I told her only when someone sexy was helping me.
That night as we laid in bed talking Sarah reminded me it was my turn to get her off. As I made my way to her bed I lifted up her silky nightgown and began to rub her pussy slowly. As I slipped two fingers inside of her I took my thumb and began to rub on her clit and she began to come and come again. Sarah then grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face down on her pussy. This was the first time I had ever ate pussy but her pussy hair was silky smooth and her pussy smelt clean and sexy. As I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit she began to come again and then I started sucking on her pink pussy lips and she came even harder. I was getting turned on by her coming on my face and the more I sucked on her lips the more she came and held onto my face. Finally she let me up and then she moved down and began to lick the pussy juices off my face. I laughed and told her she 'owed me' becuase she only got me off once and she must have came 8-10 times. She agreed and asked if I wanted to fuck her as a reward. My cock was already rock hard so I positioned myself between her legs and began to rub my cock against her pussy. She asked me to 'spank her with my cock' and as I hit her clit with my cock she began to come. I slid my cock in slowly and her pussy gripped my cock so tight I thought she was going to break it off. Sarah reached around and grabbed my ass thrusting my cock even deeper into her wet pussy. I was so excited I knew I wouldn't and couldn't last long. Sarah began to bite me on my neck and dig her fingernails into my ass and it put me over the top. I felt like I was coming from my toes to my cock head and I exploded deep inside her pussy. Sarah also came with me and then she kept humping me as I kept my cock in her. She refused to let go of me and to my suprise my cock stayed hard inside her. Her pussy was so tight it felt like a hand grabbing my cock and milking me. After I felt her come two more times I rolled off her and laid next to her in complete exhaustion. I kissed Sarah and told her I would have to come visit 'my favorite cousin' again!



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