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Cousin on the Couch

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When I was 15 my aunt and uncle came to visit with their daughter, Sue, who is a year younger than I. They used to live in our town, but moved to Chicago a couple of years earlier. Sue and I had always been very close, and good friends, and she would hang out at our pool most of the summer. So I was excited to see her.

When they got to our house I almost fainted. The skinny little girl was replaced by a tan, blonde beauty, with a great figure and tight little behind. I was instantly turned on, but reminded myself that it was my cousin.

The next day we decided to go swimming, and my dick got hard seeing her in that little swimsuit. I had to stay in the water and think about bad shit so it would go down! She sensed I was staring, and of course she flaunted her stuff and made it very difficult to keep my composure.

After dinner, we went back in the pool, and the adults announced they were going to play cards at some mutual friends house and would be gone all evening. No problem, we would be fine!

After a while we had enough of the pools and went inside to watch TV. The TV room was in the basement, and being summer was pretty chilly, especially in our damp suits. So we grabbed a blanket and covered up on the couch. Sue laid back and put her feet in my lap! I thought I was going to blow right then. Every once in a while we would be joking and she we push me in the side with her foot, or poke me in the leg with her toes.

I couldn't believe what happened next. She had just lightly kicked me again, but this time she rested her heel on my hip, and let her foot fall over my lap right on top of my hard on. Her toes were right on the head of my dick! Clearly she knew what she was doing, and would ever so slightly curl her toes across the head and push down a bit. I was so close to coming!

I looked over at her and she smiled and we just gazed at each other. She pulled the covers back and without me knowing it had removed her top to reveal her unbelievable tits! I was stunned and shocked she was so forward. She said, 'I caught you looking, and thought you might want to see them a bit better'. I asked if I could touch them and she said sure!

So I laid down next to her and we began to kiss and I massaged her beautful tits. It was the first time I ever touched a girl like that and I was in heaven! Soon she reached down and grabbed my cock through my suit and said for me to pull it out. I gladly did, and she began to stroke it. After about 30 seconds I groaned and squirted all over her belly. I felt like I was going to pass out I was so excited.

She then said, 'My turn!' and pulled down her bikini bottom to reveal the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Her bush was neatly trimmed, and carfully began to probe her with my fingers. I slipped my finger in, and I felt so slippery and hot. I guess I was a bit clumsy, and she said, 'Here, let me show you'. She was so kind to me, and gave me some very nice instruction on how to pleasure a girl. I rubbed her clit, and she came and shuddered. She looked up at me, smiled and kissed me.

Needless to say, the week went by way to quickly. We did get a couple more opportunities to touch each other that week, and when she left I thought I would cry.

Sue and I have stayed close, but never have discussed that week except for a sly smile. We are both happily married and get together at least once a year for a visit. But I will never forget that week.



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