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Cousin Needs a Place to Stay While Traveling

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My cousin from a Christian University needs a place to sleep for a night. Add an adult bookstore with video booths and it gets wild.


My aunt called and asked if my 19 yr old cousin could stop by on his 18 hour trip home. I have a small place; one room and a bath. The bath doesn't even have a door. Who needs one? I am a pig and do not have many visitors. I generally visit. After being convinced that he wouldn't mind, I agreed. I determined that I wasn't going to change anything for a cousin I barely knew and had nothing in common with. I usually hang in my boxers playing video games, surfing the net, etc. I did throw on a t-shirt when it was getting time for him to be there. I did clean up a bit, cleaned off my couch and put some sheets and blankets.

He arrived and I answered the door. He was about six feet tall, skinny, khakis, and a polo shirt with a military looking hair cut. I really could have been more friendly greeting him, but I just wasn't. I gave him the lay of the room and told him about the bathroom. He wasn't concerned because they usually do not close the door at the dorms.

About an hour in, I was on my computer and a pesky virus started acting up. He takes computer in college, so I asked him if he knew how to fix it. He said that he would try. First he looked at my history and there was some sites that I saw that were a little embarrassing. I told him I was sorry he saw those, he told me that even Christians watch porn. It was just blocked at their school. He said to get rid of it, it was best to reinstall windows. It was taking a long time. He asked if there was anything in town to do. We have a movie theater, but nothing good was showing.

I decided to pull one on him and told him about an adult bookstore that is at the edge of the county. I told him he could take a coupon and go in these private booths and watch all kind of porn. He was game so we went in. He had never been in an adult bookstore. We walked by all the different categories and laughed over the toys.

We purchased a coupon and went in to the booth area. Immediately, we saw men walking around and they took notice of two young guys walking in. He went into a booth and I could see that he was switching channels. He passed ethnic, gay, trans, and stopped at a young couple doing the thing. When his time was up, he asked about the tissue. I asked what he thought. He couldn't believe it. I told him to try it. He said no way. He bought another coupon and this time while he was in there a guy opened up the curtain and asked if he could come in. That was the straw, so he said he wanted to leave.

On the way home, he asked me if I went there much. I told him no, it was mostly for older men and they were pretty aggressive. I told him it was a trick. Besides, I watched my porn at home. He then asked me what kind I watched. I told I thought all of it was interesting. We got back to the apartment and he finished with my computer and it was better than ever. Cuz was primed. He asked if we could watch some porn. I asked him what kind. He said he liked the young couples so we found some.

I had told him to get comfortable. For him, that was gym shorts and a t shirt. It was obvious that he was enjoying the porn. I asked him if he needed tissue. He said no, he could watch porn without masturbating. I said cool. Then I went to a site where people upload videos of themselves masturbating. He was really turned on by the girls. He had spots on the front of his shorts. He wanted more, so I went to the men's area of the site. He was having a blast. Then one came on that had two friends helping each other. He was like hitting me for putting that on, wrestling like. I fell out of the chair and he saw that I was sticking out of my boxers.

It was like he thought he had sinned by seeing me. I told him it was cool. We shut down the computer and went to bed. He did not fit on the couch, so he agreed to share my queen bed. We took our shirts off. I was at semi, inside of my boxers. He was still as hard as a rock. We laid down and was talking about all he could not do. I asked him what he did about those at school. He said every once in a while he got the dorm to himself. I told he could go to the bathroom, but he said there was no door and that I would know what he was doing. A few minutes later I said what the hell. I pulled down my shirt and started wanking. He just watched for a minute then he did the same. After a minute, he reached over and put his hand on mine. I let him have my dick. I grabbed his and we came about the same time. He was gone when I woke up. Maybe he will need to stop over on his way home.



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