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Cousin Fun

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This took place when I was in high school and we still do it now.


In high school I was a very loud and outgoing person. My cousin on the other hand was shy but liked to do bad boy types of things. We usually hung out because I was always doing my school stuff and wanted to live on the adventurous side, and his mom wanted him to see how I acted and hoped it would rub off on him. We were used to seeing each other naked, so changing in front of each other or using the bathroom while the other was in the shower was normal for us. We didn't care. Anyway on to the part you all want to hear. At every sleepover, it would start out with us just hanging out, and sooner or later we would talk about girls. We usually talked about the ones in school we would like to fuck. He would always tell me the stories of how he would bring girls home and they would smoke pot in his room and fool around together. I wish I had that in high school. We would jerk off at some point at every sleep over and it was normal for us. We would jerk off a couple times sometimes, and usually if we knew we wanted to do it multiple times at the sleep over we wouldn't jerk off all week so we were extra horny. Anyway so one day my friend Justin told me that him and his brother liked to jerk each other off. Automatically I called him a fag and punched him in the arm because I'm not gay and didn't want him to think I would try anything. I'm not against gay people or anything but I'm definitely not gay. So Justin went on with his story saying it wasn't gay because they were related, and obviously weren't attracted to each other. He said it felt really good, and he doesn't even pay attention to the fact that his brother was the one doing I the just watched the porn. So I got kinda interested...I thought "wow something that could feel better than just me jerking off?" I wanted so badly to try it and I knew my cousin would want to. The next weekend my cousin was coming over and I was so excited my dick was hard from the moment I heard him walk in. My dick is average, 7 inches, cut, and very hairy. My cousins was about 6 and a half, cut, and hairy but not as much. So when he got there I explained to him what I heard from Justin and that I wanted to try. We'll, he was just as excited as I was because next thing his pants were off and the porn was on. We first started by just jerking ourselves off, we didn't want to seem too eager, when we were both hard and ready to go I said "you ready?" And he said " I guess, we'll never know if we don't try..." So I reached for his dick and he reached for mine. It was the first time ever touching another dick, and his will probably be the only one I ever touch. It felt amazing. I loved having someone else's hand on my cock than my own,and he enjoyed it too, he started moaning and humping and after 5 minutes cum shot out so high it hit him in the face. He continued on me till I did the same. It was the best experience of my life except losing my virginity to my now girlfriend of 3 years. And we still do it when we come home from college. I hope you liked it and please comment I want to know if anyone else does it with their cousins/ brothers :)



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