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Cousin Fun

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This happened back in the late 70s, when I was 16 with my cousin, who looked exactly like Maureen McCormick, Marcia Brady of 'Brady Bunch' fame. Even had the same cute giggle.


I was 16 when this happened, my cousin was 10 or 11. Sue was very cute, giggled a lot, long straight blonde hair and was just beginning to develop breasts at the time. We lived in the same town and saw each other often, and on this particular day we were alone in my house as our Moms had gone on some appointment together and I was 'in charge' for about four hours.

She was a pretty good kid, but I was a 16 yr old boy and really didn't want to be bothered by little kids, so I wasn't in a great mood that I had to spend a day on my summer vacation watching her. I usually hung out with my friends, played a lot of baseball and basketball and rode bikes and mostly just goofed around. I was very much into girls at that point and masturbated at least once a day. I didn't have my first real girlfriend until I was 17, and the most I had done at that point in my life was make-out (French kiss) with a couple of girls, and touched one's tits through her shirt. Besides that, the only naked woman I had seen was in a Penthouse my friend had stolen from his brother the previous summer.

Sue and I were just hanging out, watching TV (it was raining to boot so we couldn't even go outside) and she started asking me some weird questions. She wanted to know if I had a girlfriend, did I kiss a lot of girls, etc. At first I was annoyed, then figured I would humor her and ask the same kind of questions back. Well, to make a long story short, she asked if I had gotten to second base, third base, etc. and I kinda lied and told her I had gotten naked with one girlfriend and we had touched each other 'all over'; I just wanted to see her reaction. I didn't get too graphic. She squealed and wanted to know all the details. I told her I couldn't tell her because she was too young, but she kept pressing me. So I told her (again, this was made up) how I had been in this girls room and her parents were out and we were kissing, and then we took off each other's clothes and she put her hand on my weiner and it felt good. I told her I touched the girls boobs and rubbed her slit and she liked it a lot too. Sue sat on the floor in front of me cross-legged, mesmerized. She of course asked a lot of questions, but I was really afraid to get too graphic.

She told me she had only seen one boy's weiner in her life. She was sleeping over her friends house a few months before and they talked her little cousin into taking off his pants to see it and she thought it was so cool. I told her when I was young that my friends and I used to play truth or dare and show our things to each other and once had gotten two girls to do it with us. Then she floored me when she said she wanted to play it with me, and I told her you couldn't really play with just two people and she got all disappointed. Then she said well, at least we can pull our pants down and show each other our privates and I was like, I don't think so. She kept pleading, and the more she did the more aroused I got until I had a hard on.

So finally I relented and I said OK but we had to go up to my room in case somebody came to the door or came home. She ran up the stairs and I stared at her little ass in her shorts and I was really horny. She had on a blue and red striped top with no sleeves, and pale blue kind of loose fitting shorts and white socks and sneakers. I couldn't believe I was getting horny over my little cousin but I was.

We went in my room and I closed the door and was shaking. Sue said OK now what and I said instead of just pulling down our pants and underwear it would be more fun if we took off one piece of clothing at a time. She laughed and said ok and we started by taking off our sneakers and socks. We sat on my bed next to each other untying our shoes and pulling off our socks, and our legs touched a couple of times, which made me even hornier. I couldn't believe I was doing it, but I was REALLY excited about seeing a girl naked. Then I said OK let's do our shirts next and I took mine off and she just stared at me with this smile on her face, then slowly lifted her shirt over her head. She had on this cute bra with a pink bow in front, and her tits were REALLY small, no more than bumps really (I think it was a training bra). She said it wasn't fair because she had a bra on and I didn't and I just laughed and said too bad! She was pouting like a little kid so I told her to be fair I would take off my pants first and then it would be fair and then she would have to take off her bra.

This whole time I was shaking but wasn't nervous, just really horny, it was weird. I unsnapped my shorts and pulled down the zipper and then just let them drop to the floor. It was SO obvious I had a hard on because I was wearing white briefs and they were tented out. Sue was staring at it and smiling, and then I quickly told her now she had to take off shorts and bra. She pulled down her pants in one swift move and stepped out of them. Her panties were plain white with lite blue edging on the waistband and leg openings, and they were typical young girl panties that were pulled up above her waist, almost to her belly button. I could not believe I was looking at a girl in just her underwear.

She was giggling, until I told her she still had to take off her bra. She hesitated at first and I told her to just go ahead and not be bashful, and she finally unsnapped it (front snap) and took it off. I almost came without touching myself even though she didn't have real tits - but her nipples were much bigger than I thought they would be, very pink and kinda swollen and puffy. She crossed her arms so I wouldn't be able to see her but it was still awesome. Then I told her I would count to three and we would pull down our underwear at the same time. She just nodded and I counted 1-2-3 and pulled mine down to my knees, and she did the same thing. I caught a quick glimpse of her smooth slit, and then she pulled them right back up! I, however, kept mine down at my knees, and then as I was letting them drop to the floor and was stepping out of them I asked her why she pulled hers back up.

She told me she was embarrassed and I told her not to be, that she was pretty, and I was a little embarrassed too but once I took off my underpants it was OK. I sat on the edge of the bed, my erection pounding and my cock sticking literally straight up out of my lap. I made no effort to hide it, and Sue tried to divert her eyes a few times but they kept coming back to staring at it. I said fair is fair and she had to take hers off, and slowly she hooked her thumbs into the waistband on her hips and lowered them to the floor, and stepped out of them. Instinctively my right hand went to my cock as I saw her there completely naked, her arms folded across her little tits, and her bare pussy a mere couple of feet in front of me. We were silent for about 10 seconds and then she asked why I was rubbing my weiner. I told her when it was hard it felt good to rub it, and if I rubbed it enough I could make sperm come out.

She laughed and she said that's called jerking off, and I was surprised she knew the term. I asked her how she knew that and she told me her friend had told her boys do it, and as we were talking she was obviously becoming more at ease being naked with me. I sat back on the bed a little bit and told her I could show her and she stepped forward and sat on the edge of the bed next to me. My eyes were darting all over her body, trying to memorize every inch of naked skin, and her ass was amazing even for a girl her age. Even though she hadn't reached puberty yet her hips were shapely and her ass well-rounded. As I increased the tempo of my strokes a bit Sue asked if it felt good and I told her quietly that it felt awesome. She tucked her right foot under her left thigh and turned towards me, which allowed me to have an almost direct-on view of her vagina, and the way she had situated herself her lips were slightly parted. I was horny beyond belief, so I was half out of my mind with lust when I asked her if she wanted to touch my weiner. She giggled and said ok, and I stopped stroking and braced my hands palm down on the bed next to me. She gingerly touched the head of my cock with her forefinger, then slid several fingers up and down a few times on the underside of my shaft, and then I told her to put her hand around it. Sue commented that it was warm, and wanted to know what the 'wet sticky stuff' was. I told her about pre-cum, half mumbling and half groaning. I took her wrist and showed her how to move her hand up and down, and as she got the hang of it I reached over with my right hand and began to rub her bare back, then her thighs, and I then reached around and squeezed her little tit bumps. She giggled at first, then sighed a little, and I coaxed her to pull on my cock faster.

She did, and I was on the verge of shooting. As I stroked her thigh I leaned forward to reach between her legs. As I felt the bare lips of her pussy she gasped, and that was when I started to cum. The first wave was as intense as I had ever felt, and I shot a string of jizz about a foot into the air and it landed all over my leg (I remember it going up into the air in front of my eyes as I was sitting almost straight up at that point). It caught Sue off guard, but I quickly urged her to keep pulling on me, and she did. My cock angled back towards her, and the next several spurts landed on HER leg and all over her arm. At that point she stopped stroking me, but I covered her hand with mine and continue jerking, sending the last spasms and globs of come all over her hand and mine. I made an unbelievable mess, and it was the most I had ever come in my life, before or since.

I of course was overcome with guilt in a matter of seconds (don't all guys feel guilty after jerking off or engaging in sex play with someone they weren't supposed to), and I sheepishly went into the bathroom to get a washcloth and towel to clean off with. When I came back out I expected to find Sue covered up, but she was sitting back on the bed, completely naked, and her right hand was casually rubbing the come on her thighs. I gave her the washcloth, and as she wiped up she told me how cool it was to see my sperm and that it felt REALLY good when I touched her boobies (as she called them) and slit (also her term). I explained boys and girls touch their privates and it feels really good, and she said yeah, I know its called masturbating.

We finished cleaning up and got dressed and about an hour later our moms came home. Sue and I had a special bond since that day, and one other time we had another masturbation experience together (the following summer). It was much quicker, with just our pants down, in the woods behind her house. We played with ourselves in front of each other, and I didn't even have time to come, but Sue did and her pussy had grown a lot of hair in just that one year.



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