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Cousin Brings Out the Best in Me

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Unbelievable as it sounds, this happened to me recently while visiting a cousin in Phoenix a few weeks ago.


I got a call from a distant cousin, I'll call her Tracie, who through the family grapevine, found out that I would be travelling on business to Phoenix for a week and wanted me to look her up after I arrived. She wanted to catch up on old times, and since I hadn't seen her since I was eleven, I thought what the heck, it would be nice to see her. Now, I have to say, from some of the old pictures I remember of her, she was a bit overweight, but not so that she wasn't attractive. I told her my flight, and when I would be arriving. We decided on a date to meet and I would drive over to her place and stay the weekend.

Well the moment had arrived after an exhausting week of work, to drive across the desert highway to a small town on the outskirts. I arrived just after 6:00pm on Friday, standing in her doorway and proceeded to ring the bell. Well, a few moments had passed, and I wondered if she was home since no car was placed in the driveway. But this quickly passed as the door opened up and she was standing there with a warm smile and in her soft sexy voice, telling me welcome. I was totally floored, she was drop dead gorgeous, standing 5'7', about 120 lbs., wearing shorts and a tank top in white. My eyes quickly locked on to her nipples that were totally poking out with the lack of a bra to hold them back. I snapped out of the trance quickly so as not to cause her any uneasiness. She didn't notice, or I hope not, since we shook hands and I stepped in with my suitcase and she set me up for the weekend sleeping in her bedroom while she slept in one of the kid's beds.

She lived alone with her two kids, who for the weekend were staying with their father, which gave us the weekend to hang out and do some sightseeing. The first night went over quickly, with talk and dinner, and so did the following day after we headed into the mountains to a local watering hole for a swim. Now, I have got to say, even in a one piece, Tracie's body was so hot with her large C cup breasts and long legs. There were more than enough times I had to look away and think of something else than to get turned on by my cousin. This lasted until later that evening when we got back to the house.

She was the first to take a shower, and after she came out, I headed into her room to strip down and jump into the cool shower. After removing my underwear, I turned on the water and went to the bed to place my clothes on the edge. As I turned round to walk back across the room, Tracie knocked once on the door, and stepped into the room, stopping in total shock as her eyes took in the full view of me naked. I felt like a deer in headlights, but my penis didn't freeze up. Quickly it swelled, and trying to find something to cover myself, I found the towel just as Tracie turned away. She said she was sorry and thought I was already in the shower. I told her no problem, as she raced across the room, grabbed a hairbrush off the stand and walked out of the room, closing the door behind.

Let me tell you when they say, take a cold shower, it doesn't help! I was so horny from that moment on, that after getting out of the shower, I had a hard time putting anything on. I chose a tee shirt, and shorts, but left the underwear off. I walked back out into the living room where she was sitting watching TV, rubbing lotion on her hands. She looked up and smiled briefly, moving her legs back so that I could sit down on the other end of the couch. We sat in silence for a bit, but talked for a bit. That's when she asked me to rub some lotion on her feet. Well, I was totally into it having a foot fetish and that this was a dream come true. She laid her feet into my lap and I started to work the lotion onto her skin. After about twenty minutes, she slowly faded into sleep as I continued to work my magic. After finishing up one foot, I placed it down across my leg near my crotch and started on the second one. It didn't take long for me to become hard again, and I fantasised knowing her toes were inches away. As the moments passed, I got braver by placing it on top on my penis and stared hungrily at her foot in my hand.

I was going for broke, either I do something about it, or let the moment pass. I thought what's the worst that could happen? Pulling her foot away from my penis and placing it just above my waistline, I pulled out my penis and began to stroke it. With one hand holding her other foot near my mouth and the other just inches from my action, I began to masturbate and closed my eyes for a minute. Just before I came, I sucked on her toes and came across her other foot. I felt a slight tug from her other foot that I came on, but quickly it became still. Opening my eyes, I think I noticed her closing her eyes. I quickly cleaned up and rubbed my own lotion across her feet. It was wild. I finally got up and headed back into the other room, letting her sleep the night away, or so I thought.

About ten minutes later, I could hear her moaning coming from the living room. I guess she must have liked what I did. I never knew if she had opened her eyes while mine were closed, but I imagine to this day, that she did and liked to watch. The next day nothing was said except for a polite thank you for the foot massage. I can't wait to see her again.



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