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Cousin 1978 Sleepover

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When I was 14 growing up in the Northeast in 1978 I was a normal kid. Loved sports, was good in school, and was of course completely fascinated by all things related to sex and my penis. I discovered masturbation when I was 13. I remember my first wet dream that involved an older blonde woman in nothing but a fur coat rubbing herself all over my naked body, and waking up with a huge mess all over my sheets. My friends talked about 'jacking' and 'rubbing off' but no one talked about it in explicit terms, so I really didn't know what it was and I certainly didn't know how to do it.
I had seen two adult magazines during the summer of 1977 (one was a tattered copy of an untitled British magazine I had found in the brush at the side of the road doing my paper route, the other a copy of Penthouse a friend had stolen from his brother's room that we looked at in the woods) and was constantly thinking about naked women. I had no idea how to 'jerk off' but did learn that being naked in bed at night felt GREAT. It eventually led to learning that if I humped the bed with my erect penis I would ejaculate. This activity began in the late winter of 1977 and lasted until the following summer. I would occasionally hump so hard and so often that my penis became raw, but I did learn (after a few accidents) to ejaculate into a lump of tissues I would spread out beneath me.
I often looked at my 7th grade class yearbook while 'humping', particularly the page featuring the cheerleaders in my class. One particular picture remains imbedded in my memory: that of a gorgeous girl named Sue, who was seated at a picnic table with a group of her friends. She was in the front and her legs were positioned in such a way that you could see directly up her dress and actually see a hint of the crotch of her panties. Many times I came imagining her standing in my room in just her underpants and bra.
In any event, the following occurred in the summer of 1978. I had a cousin named Jimmy who was about 5 months older than me. We weren't especially close, until that summer. His parents were having marital problems and he was an only child. Jimmy ended up spending quite a bit of time at our house during the day, and we would do typical kid stuff. Bikes, basketball, catch, exploring in the woods, etc. Since he didn't go to my school we would compare stories about what school was like, what kids were cool, etc. We didn't really talk about girls, and certainly didn't talk about sex.
One Friday my Mom told me he would be staying over that night. I was psyched! I never had 'sleepovers' and was looking forward to it. Jim came late that afternoon and my parents took us out to dinner. We watched some TV when we got home and then were sent off to bed at about 10:00 with instructions to 'go right to sleep'. My bedroom was on the second floor (we lived in a pretty big bi-level house). My older brother and sister were grown and out of the house, so it was just me and my little sister Linda (she was 9 at the time) upstairs. I was lucky since I had the larger of the 2 bedrooms (with 2 twin beds separated by a nightstand) and Linda was down the hall in a smaller bedroom.
Jim and I went up and hung out with the lights and the radio on. We were just hanging out, and hatched a scheme where we planned to stay up all night long - no sleep! We wanted to see if we could do it, and figured it would be cool and something we could tell everyone about. I told him my Mom would be up to check to make sure we were asleep around 10:30 (she always did, every night with me) and that her and my dad would be in bed and asleep my 11:00 or so. He went into the bathroom to change into his pajamas (real pajama bottoms and a tshirt) and I did the same while he was out. We decided we needed to have enough stuff in the room to keep us busy all night (there was no TV, and no PlayStation back then...). I told him I had cards and some games, and I said there were a bunch of magazines in my Dad's den (which was down the hall by my sister's room and doubled as a sewing room for my Mom). I snuck down the hall and went to the magazine basket by his chair and as I did heard my Mom start towards the stairs (I knew the telltale sign of the kitchen floor squeaking). I grabbed as many magazines as I could from the top of the pile and ran to my room, tossing them under my bed about 5 seconds before she came in.
My Mom made sure we got into bed (she wasn't mad we were still up) and then turned off the lights. We just laid there in the dark for a while talking about sports and stuff until we heard my dad locking up the house and going to bed. We decided to wait another half hour so about 11:45 we flipped the lights on. We realized we had to be quiet or else we would be in huge trouble, so we sat on my bed, at first flipping through some of the magazines I had found (a few Sports Illustrated, most of them clothes catalogs) and playing cards (War and Crazy 8s) for almost an hour. Eventually we turned on the radio really low, and then played a few games of Stratego. By that time it was almost 2 in the morning and we were pretty tired, and getting kind of bored. We decided to play 'garbage can basketball', and while we were playing the subject of girls somehow came up. Jimmy started asking me if there were any cute girls in my class (I went to a Catholic school and he went to the town public school). I told him there were a few and he asked me to describe them. I told him about the girl Sue I mentioned earlier, and then showed him her picture in the yearbook. He said it looks like she has nice tits and we both started to laugh and giggle quietly. He pointed out that her underpants were visible in the picture and I said, 'Yeah, I know'. Little did he know that I had been getting off looking at that picture for months on-end.
I started asking him about the good-looking girls in his school, and he described his favorite (Mary Beth) who had a really great smile and a 'nice ass' according to Jimmy. Our schoolboy talk got progressively more daring from there. He asked if I ever saw a naked girl or woman for real. I had (my sister) and he wanted to know ALL the details (she had been 8 at the time) and I asked him the same (he hadn't, except in a magazine). I asked him if he saw anyone in just their underwear, and he said he had seen his Mom a few times. I asked him if it gave him a boner and we both started giggling again.
Jimmy then said, 'Hey those catalogs your Mom has has underwear pictures in them. Let's look!'
We both just about dove under my bed and pulled out the catalogs. There were 4 or 5 all together, but there were only 2 that had women's underwear ads. One was Sears, and I don't recall what the other was (some kind of department store). I sat on my bed with my feet on the floor, and Jimmy sat directly opposite me the same way; our knees were practically touching. As we flipped through the pages, we commented on our favorites (pictures showing women in bra AND panties, including their faces were best; most were just bra OR panty shots, without faces). In the Sears catalog I found the 'teen' and 'pre-teen' section for girls clothes, and we poured over the pictures of girls our age or even younger in just their underwear, pajamas or bathing suits, commenting the whole time on who was hot, who was ugly, who was fat, etc. I became hard while looking at the pictures, and hid myself with my hands and the catalog I was holding so Jimmy couldn't see. I glanced over to see if he might be having the same problem and sure enough, his pajama bottoms were definitely tented up! I couldn't believe it, and in a second he shifted so he was covering himself too.
We kept on looking through the catalogs (we laughed at the special bras for nursing mothers) when I asked Jimmy if he had ever seen woman's underwear for real. He said not really, just when he saw his Mom in her room getting changes. I said I can get some of my sisters or my Mom's and we could look at them to see what they're like, and he was VERY interested in that. My mom had laundry all over the house (she washed in the basement but did most of the folding upstairs in the den) so I told him I would go get some from the laundry. I tiptoed again down the hall and flipped on the light of the den. Sure enough there were 2 baskets full of clothes (neither folded) and I quickly picked through until I found a pair of my Mom's bra and panties (they were actually a girdle) and a pair of my sister's underpants. I turned off the light and went back to my room and Jimmy was in his bed and under his covers. I asked him if he was tired and if he was 'gonna be a fag' and fall asleep and he said he just wanted to be in bed, is all. He was sitting cross-legged and had the Sears catalog out in front of him, and I noticed one hand was under the blanket and sheet. His eyes lit up when I threw him my Mom's underwear.
He checked it out, laughing, and told me she had 'big tits' (he read the tag and told me it was a 36C bra). Then he inspected her girdle and told me it was 'SOOO cool to actually touch girls underwear'. Since he was under his covers I decided to do the same, and after I got comfortable I inspected my sister underpants, and even though they had bears on them they were lacy and smelled so 'feminine' and I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute holding them. We were a lot quieter then for a few minutes, looking at the underwear pictures and trading the stolen bra and panties back and forth. Finally Jimmy said, 'Hey, do you ever jerk?'
I said, 'Yeah, sometimes. Do you?'
He replied, 'Oh yeah. Sometimes I can even get stuff to come out the end. Like sticky stuff. Here.' He turned his back to me momentarily and I could tell he was ruffling around under the sheets. In a few seconds he sat up and leaned over towards me with his finger extended. 'Here, see?'
The tip of his finger was coated with clear fluid, and it definitely wasn't pee. It was pre-come (although I had no idea what it was called back then). He held it right up to my face and I said, 'Cool. I get sticky stuff to come out sometimes, too. It feels really good.'
He looked at me and said, 'Wanna do it now? I mean under the covers. There's nothing else to do, and I'm really horny and stuff'.
Now I was in a pickle. I had kind of/sort of told him I masturbated, but I really didn't know how. I just humped the bed. Even though I was extremely horny at that point I didn't think I could that in front of my cousin. I decided I would fake it. 'OK, cool.'
'First so neither one of us is tricking the other we both have to take off our pajamas and put them on the floor,' Jimmy said. He was always a smart kid, and methodical. Five steps ahead of everyone else. He started moving around under the sheets and in a flash he was holding up his pajama bottoms and tossed them on the floor between the beds. I followed suit, and the feeling of being naked under the sheets only feet from my cousin was awesome. He leaned forward and flipped through his catalog, and stopped on a page featuring a half page picture of an older woman with gray hair in a white bra and girdle, with her hands on her sides 'posing'. Jimmy's left hand was flat on the bed beside him, his right was obviously doing something to his crotch under the sheet and blanket - but I didn't know exactly what.
'I would love to see her take her bra off, and then her girdle. I'll bet she has a really hairy pussy,' he said to me. He was giggling a bit, but was also flushed.
'Yeah,' I said, 'and I'll bet she would like me to play with her tits' I said.
'Hey' Jimmy said as he looked over, 'You have to do it too. Come-on, it's not fair if you don't!'
I hesitated, and finally decided to do it 'my way'. I took my catalog and placed it on my pillow and flipped onto my stomach (a position I had come to know and love over the past several months.) I found a page that had 3 young girls modeling different types of panties and training bras standing in a room filled with flowers. I placed one hand underneath me (to pretend I was 'jerking') and slowly began to hump the bed. Jimmy looked at me and laughed and said, 'What the hell are you doing?' I told him that's the way that felt best for me and he said, 'Oh, OK cool. Does it feel really good? Do you actually shoot that way?' I told him I did.
He started asking me all kinds of questions, like how often did I do it, did I always shoot, where did I shoot, what did I think about - all kinds of stuff. Then I asked him the same. He said he does it almost every day that he can and he shoots almost every time. He told me he thinks about sticking his dick in different girls pussies or them being naked and jerking him. I told him that sounded cool and then he said, 'I always wondered how another guy did it. Jerk off that is. Do you ever think about that? Or about how he shoots and stuff to see if you're normal.?'
I told him yeah, I guess I did, and then he unloaded the bombshell. He said we should do it without the sheets on so we could see each other. I was so completely horny I agreed that it would be cool, but we both had to pull down our sheets at the same time. By this time I had turned over and was on my side, so he counted to three and we both pulled them off. Amazingly our cocks were very similar. We were both tall and pretty skinny, and our cocks were long and skinny as well. Mine bent up towards my belly as did Jimmy's, and we both had modest tufts of black pubic hair while the rest of our bodies (except under our arms) were for the most part hairless. We stared and gawked at each other for a minute, and then he lay down on his back. His erection pointed straight up towards the ceiling, and I took my Mom's panties that were on my bed and tossed them at him, and they landed right on his cock. He laughed and twitched his cock, which made them sway back and forth like a flag. When he went to take them off, he rubbed them up and down his erection a little and said to me 'WOW that feels REALLY good'. He bunched them up around his cock and kept moving them up and down. I flipped onto my stomach again and began humping the bed. He tossed me my Mom's white girdle and said, 'Here, see what it feels like.' I put them on the bed beneath me and the feelings that rushed through me as my cock slid up and down the nylon material were indescribable. As I humped the bed (and my mother's panties - weird, I know) I looked over and saw Jimmy actually 'jerking off'. His right hand was moving up and down his erection, and his left was playing with his testicles. I now understood EXACTLY what 'jacking' and 'jerking' was all about. We continued this way for several minutes, til I turned over to take a break.
That's when Jimmy suggested we 'buddy jerk'. He said he heard some kids in high school say guys do it a lot, and that it's not queer, and that instead of jerking yourself off you jerk someone else while they jerk you. Without me even being able to protest or ask questions he was sitting on my bed, and he told me to swing my feet down to the floor. So there we sat, side by side with our feet on the floor, thighs touching and laughing (nervously). He went first and grabbed my dick and man did it feel AWESOME. He jerked me a little bit then told me to do him, and I reached over and held his dick for a minute. It was warm, and pretty slimy with pre-cum (so was mine) and then I just started pulling up and down. I only lasted for about 1 minute, and when I was about to ejaculate I fell back on my bed and Jimmy just really started moving his hand fast and I shot was must have been a pint of come all over my chest and stomach and his arm and hand. He barely gave me any time to recover and he was saying, 'Come-on, do me man. I want to shoot too.' He started humping his cock against my leg and hip and I told him to hold on I had to get some tissues to clean up. As I leaned over to get the box from the nightstand my ass was right next to his cock, and he turned his body so his cock was pressed against my ass. He started humping me and it felt kinda weird but in a matter of seconds he was breathing really heavy and saying he was going to shoot. I felt the first squirt land on my ass and back and then I turned around to see him pulling his cock and semen landed all over my hip and thigh and my bed and his hand. We had both made quite a mess.
We took turns going to the bathroom to cleanup (quietly) and then got back under our covers. We were exhausted and fell to sleep almost immediately (it was probably close to 3:30 at that point) and the next day we talked about how cool jerking off is. We had 3 more sleepovers that summer and played with each other each time (one time we spied on my sister getting changed and that was SO cool) and remain good friends to this day.



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