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Country Kid Life

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15 then. Two different friends, two different times, jerking off while talking about girls.


As a young guy living in the country I had a small group of friends. For me, girls and jerking off were always in my thoughts. Girls were only still a dream for me. My only source of viewing pleasure was two playboy magazines that I found one day in a bag in the school yard.

I was always the first to rise in our house. One of my favorite things to do was listen to music on my headphones with hot women singers while I masterbated. One morning when I was 14 years old I was lost in my music laying nude and stroking my cock when I felt my bed jiggle. I opened my eyes to my older sister standing at my beds end where she had just nudged it. Instant terror came over me as I scrambled to grab the sheets. She quietly asked, are you having fun? I just motioned her to go and she did while softly laughing.

Sis and I never did talk about that day ever. For me though it was now a huge turn on to think about jerking off with sombody watching. My thoughts after were, who can I jerk off for or with.

I only had two buddies that I thought may jerk off with me because girls were out of the question still at this time of my life and living in the more remote counrty.

I invited Mark who was my age to spend a summer night at my house hoping that if I spent alot of time talking about girls and sex maybe he might jerk off with me.

The day he stayed over I started with girl talk and sex. Mark wanted to talk a lot about sex. Later that night in my room I thought I should just be very bold. We had two sleeping bags on the floor across from each other. As we got ready to climb in I stripped nude and stayed outside my bag sitting cross legged. I said don't mind me I never were clothes to bed. My cock was half hard at this time. Mark was undressing and left his underwear on saying he sleeps like that.

I started talking about girls again but now Mark seemed not so interested. I asked him how often he jerked off and he said he did not do that. I asked if he had ever seen anybody else jerk off and he just said no. Now my cock was at full size hard like a rock. I leaned back and said I stroke it two or three times a day. He still said nothing. I then said I always do it before going to sleep and I was going to do it now. Still he said nothing. I reached under my bed where I kept a towel and a small bottle of olive oil that I would top up from the kitchen ever now and then. I layed out the towel and sat back down on top. I opened the bottle dropped some into my palm I held it out to Mark and he just said no thanks.

So, I started to stroke my cock while he watched. I could see that his cock was now hard so I asked why don't you do the same? He just said not right now. I stroked for about 10 minutes stopping just short of cumming three times. Mark just sat there watching me stroke my oiled cock and then I leaned back and said I was going to cum now and boy did I ever. My body heaved hard as I slammed my cock in and out of my hand. It was the most horny and exciting thing I had ever done in my life up to that time. I remember feeling a bit awkward after I caught my breath as I sat there with cum all over my chest with one squirt that made it onto my face.

Mark never said much at all so I did not know what to do or say now. As I stood up wiping myself off I said was that alright? He said oh sure, it's your bedroom. I was not sure what that meant but I took it as a yes.

The next few weeks I jerked off as often as I could just thinking about that night. I only had one other friend I thought may be ok with my new desire so I invited Allen who was a year older than me.

After I again primed the converstaion all day with girls and sex I added jerking off to the subject. I asked if he ever did it and he said every day. Great I thought to myelf. During the converstion Allen said I could cum any time even now. We were walking down the road toward my house at the time so I blurted out we can jerk off in my room tonight. He said ok and I knew my plan was working.

That night I made sure I had two towels and lots of oil in the bottle. We were naked as soon as we got in my room that night. We comparerd cocks and then sat across from each other to jerk off. I said lets make sure we last for a long time. We must have stroked for about 90 minutes before Allen said he really wanted to cum now. I said you first. Within 30 seconds he was squirting cum all over his hands and belly. I waited until he was finished and said now my turn. I got a bit more oil and got up on my knees, leaned back and stroked my cock hard and fast. I came so hard I thought it would never end. As I finished Allen said wow that was a lot of cumming and it lasted a long time. I could see that I had ejaculated almost over to Allen's towel. The orgasm was one of the best I had ever.

The next morning I woke up first and instantly started to oil and stroke my cock again. Allen woke up and said are you at it again? He joined in and we came again but we only jerked for about 15 minutes.

That was the only two masturbation sesions I had with friends. The memory is still like it happened last week. I just wish we could have had some girls to masturbate for.

I hope you enjoyed my story of my youthful masturbation with friends.



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