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Country Kid Life 2

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I just happened and she was so good about it.


Being so horny all the time made me believe I had an above average sex drive. My desire for sex with women was huge, as was my want to be masturbating with anybody, after that day I got caught by my sister as I described in my last story. I would masturbate just about any chance I got and sex was always on my mind. Back then I remember having erections very often and some days I think it was up more than it was down.

I got a job at age 19 with the railroad. It was about an hours drive into the city. After I was accepted for the job I had to first go through a company physical again, all the way into the city.

My appointment was first thing in the morning. I set my alarm very early that day and after a quick shower and bite I was in my car heading for my check up.

That morning I did not masturbate because I did not want the doctor seeing my underwear showing sperm spots plus I was really pressed for time.

I thought once I was back home I would have an extra good jerk or even a few to make up for it.

Once I was there and waiting for the doctor to show I was as always thinking about sex. It was a large building with hot women everywhere. I did not see this in the country where I lived. I saw more ladies that day than I would see in a month back home.

As I sat there my penis started to grow into a very hard erection as normal. I thought of all these lovely ladies walking around naked and how nice it would be to have sex with them or too just see them naked. I had only one girl in my life up to that point and after a month she broke up with me saying it was because I wanted sex all the time.

A few moments later my thoughts were broken by my name being called out. I stood up and walked with an older not so good looking lady into an inner office. I was told the doctor would be right in. I started to panic because of my erection so I started to think about anything other than girls.

Within a few minutes a very good looking lady walked in introducing herself as my doctor. I can't remember her name but I sure remember how she looked. Fairly tall with long dark hair and a hot body, maybe 28 to 30 years old.

After some questions she told me to go through a door to the exam room. She said take off your clothes and hop onto the exam table and I'll be right in.

Wow was I nervous now. In I went then as I started to strip down it happened again. My erection was coming back. I thought oh no this can't be happening but it was. I stripped down nude and sat on the table. Now my erection was full and hard. I thought that the doctor would give me heck. I saw a kleenex box there so I thought maybe I could quickly jerk off and put it in the trash can before she came in. I started to stroke my penis for about 30 seconds as fast as I could and just as I could feel my orgasm building up the door swung open. I jumped a bit and she said sorry I did not mean to scare you as she walked in. I don't think she saw me jerking off I I leaned forward trying to hide my erection. I'm quite tall and then I had not a bit of fat on me so my erection stuck way out tall and long.

The doc asked a few more questions then turned out the lights to look in my eyes. As she shined the little light in my eyes I got even more excited with her that close and with me naked. Now I was feeling less stressed and more horny.

On went the lights and I was asked to stand and read the eye chart. I stood up with my cock pointing straight out. She never said a word about my erection so I was feeling much more comfortable and was now enjoying giving her a show.

As I read the chart I kept squeezing my inner cock muscles to move it up and down plus it kept me harder that way. She then told me to sit down and did the cold thing on my back while she listened.

When she went to my chest she had a real good view of my hardon.

I was told to then lay down and as I did my cock slapped against my body with a loud thud. As she started to push around my belly my hard cock was in her way and she gently picked it up moving it to one side. A huge rush ran through me and my insides fluttered hard. Without trying I stiffened my cock and it came right back hitting her hand. She finally mentioned my hard cock. She said, I know you are normal and healthy in some ways. Again she took my cock and moved it aside but it came right back. She then said I should not be embarrassed and it happens to many healthy young men. She then held my cock down at the bottom only with one thumb as she pressed using both hands.

I was now in my glory that this beautiful woman was touching my cock while it was about as hard as it could ever be. As she moved around pushing within seconds I could not believe what I was feeling. I could feel I was going to cum then it hit so fast! I squirted two huge strings of cum about a foot into the air and then she dropped my cock right away. It felt so good but I thought for sure I was in trouble now. With my body still pumping a bit and lots of cum on me she reached for the kleenex box. She said again don't be alarmed and that sometimes this happens when a man is nervous or has not relieved himself in a while. She handed me the kleenex then washed her hands off in the sink.

I felt so good that she was telling me how normal I was having an orgasm without stimulation and only through her touch. I did not feel I was weird at all.

We finished up soon after and she said I was in perfect health and how nice it was to meet me.

Even to this day I think about her sometimes as I masturbate. It was great as a young man for her not to make a big deal about my erection or sudden unwanted orgasm. If she had shamed me I may have thought I was not normal since that day.



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