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Country House Fun

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About two years ago, my friend (let's call him Ted) invited me and another friend (let's call him Jimmy) up to his country house for a weekend. We both agreed and took the three-hour car ride up on Friday afternoon after school. When we got there, we went swimming in his pond and played video games until it was near time to go to sleep.

We slept in the 'TV room,' which is a subsection of the living room. We did this because Ted's room didn't have a TV in it, and we wanted to watch it while trying to fall asleep. We skimmed around until Ted's parents fell asleep, then we put on some of the porno channels. After a while, we settled on one channel that had some stupid porno about this girl trying to become a model and having sex with everyone while trying to reach her goal.

After about 20 minutes I couldn't take it anymore, so I stuck my hand down under the covers and into my boxers and started playing with myself. At first, I didn't pump it because that would have been way too obvious, so I just fondled my balls and gently rubbed my shaft. About five more minutes went by, and I looked around and saw that Ted and Jimmy where both stroking as well. A little more time went by and everyone had realized that everyone else in the room was masterbating. When this happened, Ted said, 'Hey guys, I think we should take off our blankets and our boxers, and wank off together.'

After some deliberation, Jimmy and I agreed. We all got naked and started masterbating to this porno we were watching on TV. It was an incredible, slow build-up to orgasm because we would pump it during the sex scenes and just caress our cocks to keep them hard during the bullshit dialog. After about 15 minutes of group masterbation, my friend Jimmy couldn't take it any more. He got up and went to the bathroom to finish off, while Ted and I kept stroking our super hard cocks. When Jimmy came back, he knelt down in between me and Ted and started to lightly massage my thighs, then slowly he moved up to my scrotum and started rubbing it. I stopped and let him continue his work. A few seconds later I looked over and saw that he was doing the same thing to Ted with his other hand. After about two or three minutes of massaging my balls, he grabbed my shaft and started to pump it and squeeze it. I was going into climax and could not control it anymore. I didn't want to jizz all over his floor or onto my stomach (too much clean up), so I quickly rolled over on all fours, with Jimmy still pumping my super hard cock through my legs. I spread my hand under my dick and had an incredibly violent orgasm that lasted for at least six seconds (the average male orgasm lasts two seconds). It was the best orgasm I'd had up to that point in my life. I went to the bathroom to clean up and shortly after my return, Ted had what looked like an incredibly pleasing orgasm as well.

After that we sat in silence, still watching the stupid-ass porno movie on TV and recuperating from our marvelous orgasm session. We started talking and we all swore never to tell anyone about this for the rest of our lives. By no means are any of us gay. As of now, we all have girlfriends and, as far as I know, that was the only homosexual encounter any of us ever had.



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