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Couldn't Wait To Get Home

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A female friend and I decided to both submit stories and then read each other's. I hope she enjoys it. I've read the site for a couple of years and this is my first submission.


A couple of years ago I got my driver's license and could finally drive all by myself. I had been reading this site for a few months by then and I remembered reading a story about someone jacking off while driving and thought that he was crazy and would have risked crashing, and never thought that I'd be doing it myself.

Well, it was my first time ever driving by myself and I went to the mall to buy a book. While I was in the book store I encountered a very attractive girl (lets call her Janice) I had known the previous year from school who moved away. I had a thing for her when I knew her but we were really just acquaintances so I really was only attracted to her body. We chatted for a little bit and talked about how she liked her new school and stuff. She was wearing a very tight shirt and her boobs looked gorgeous beneath it. I could hardly take my eyes off of them. She was also wearing very short shorts and had a very nice pair of legs and butt. I started getting hard while talking to her and had trouble following the conversation. After a few minutes we ran out of things to talk about and parted, and I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous ass as she walked away. By this time I had a raging hard-on and had to stick my hand down my pants and adjust it so that it wasn't so obvious. I had completely forgotten what I had come to the bookstore for by then and just left; I was dying to cum and relieve myself.

I walked out of the bookstore and through the mall, painfully aware of my boner and how obvious it probably was as I walked out of the mall and to the car. All I could think about was Janice's body and how perfectly formed it was. I was drooling at the thought of being able to suck on her tits. Once I thought I was out of sight of anyone I stuck my hand in my pocket and began to rub my dick through my boxers until I got to the car. It felt so good and I couldn't wait to finish.

I opened my car door and wanted to jack off right then and there but the parking lot was pretty crowded and I knew someone would see me. Nobody was there right then though so I unzipped and pulled down my shorts, throwing them on the floor by the passenger's seat. I unbuttoned my boxers and took out my very hard cock. Its head was glistening with precum. I left it there hard as a rock as I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way to the back-road route home; I didn't want to risk jacking off while on the highway. Once I was on the road I moved my seat back and laid back a bit so I had plenty of room to stroke my cock. I couldn't see the road very well but I didn't care, I HAD to cum! I started stroking very quickly because I was so incredibly horny. I was spending as much time staring at my long hard cock as I was spending looking at the road. At the time I didn't know how great precum tasted and was almost annoyed at how much was coming out (but now I'm hard while typing this and am tasting the precum as it comes out!). A car came by in the other direction and I LOVE to show off so I was hoping they'd see me, but I don't think they did. I started stroking faster and faster and my breathing became more and more heavy. I noticed that my music was playing and turned it down so I wouldn't be distracted by it as I was having a hard enough time just stroking myself and concentrating on the road! I was getting close to cumming and could feel it building up, ready to explode. Then it happened, I was on the edge of cumming so I took my hand off the wheel and tried to lift my shirt up but it was too late, I was so hard and horny that my first shot above my shoulder on the seat belt! I kept on cumming, sending 4 or 5 more strings all over my shirt! Now there was cum all over the car and my shirt. Luckily my shirt was white. Even the cum that got onto the seat belt began to drip down onto my shirt. After a minute I pulled onto a dirt road and stopped on the side so that I could clean up and put my shorts back on. Even though it was messy I felt so much better afterwards. I did have to change my shirt once I got home though. Oh bother.



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