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Cottage Whacking

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A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to go up my friend Tim's cottage with our other friend Nate. I jacked off the morning before we left, to avoid being horny on the weekend. We set off for the long drive along with Tim's dad and sister.

When we arrived it was quite late. Tim's father and sister decided to go to bed, as it was very late. Us boys decided to go to the lakefront and relax for a bit. We lay down in the grass looking over the flat water and up at the stars.

'We should go skinny dipping!' shouted Nate, 'It's so dark we won't have to worry about seeing each other naked!'

I ripped off my shirt and pulled down my pants as Tim and Nate scrambled to do the same. We throttled toward the end of the dock and fearlessly jumped, dove and hopped in.

The cool water felt soothing on all my parts. I rubbed my chest and my legs, letting the water cool me. I could weakly see the silhouettes of my friends next to me. I bumped into Nate, who laughed as I did so.

We decided to exit the water, and went back to lying on the grass. I went to lay down, but accidentally landed on Nate. I felt his pulsing cock on my cheeks. I quickly got off him and teased him for his erection. Tim said he had one too, which sturdied my little friend.

At this point, we all knew each other watched porn and jacked off, having found porn in each others' Internet history. We had never jacked off together though I constantly fantasized a situation as such.

'Aren't we a whole bunch of horn dogs,' stated Nate.

'Shall we rub it out?' asked Tim.

This gave way to the sound of three hands clapping against their thighs. I stroked quickly, tightening and loosening my grip slowly. My hand fisted up and down my shaft.

Tim decided to try to be funny by tackling us while we were masturbating. He stopped his beating and jumped onto us. I slapped his butt cheek, which made him moan. I could feel his throbbing member on top of mine.

Nate Jumped onto of Tim, which nearly squished me. I tipped my body over, so they fell onto the ground. I pinned Tim, and grabbed his cock.

'Aah! Don't hurt me!' shouted Tim.

Instead I started stroking it. It felt around the same as mine, six and a bit inches long. Mine was a lot thicker, but he still had the length. Whack after whack I went up and down his shaft. Nate joined in, grabbing my cock. He pressed his groin up next to Tim and demanded I release him. I unpinned Tim, and continued to stroke him. He stroked Nate. Nate moaned very loudly which nearly sent me to orgasm, but I held on. I began to stroke Tim faster. He began to moan and soon was almost grunting with pleasure. We continued to stroke when Nate moaned and four ropes of cum went sprawling around. One landed on my chest, while the others' whereabouts were unknown. I used it to lube up Tim's cock. He groaned with passion and then he too ejaculated. This sent me over the edge. I shot seven heavy ropes of cum onto my mates.

We ran into the water to wash off, rubbing the sticky cum off each others bodies. We got hard again, but knew we shoul get to bed. I whacked to orgasm I'm bed, thinking of my fresh new experience.



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