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Corrupting Sarah, Part I

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In the last story I wrote, I talked about the first time my sister and I ever got naked together. I promised more stories to come, and a few people have written to me asking when I was going to share them. I ended the last story right after she had done a striptease dance for me, letting me see her totally naked. She had little puffy breasts that were just starting to develop, and the faintest whiff of peach fuzz over her little pussy. What happened the next few times we played together is a great story, and I'll share it sometime. But right now I want to fast forward a few months to when we involved her friend Sarah. Or at least, how my sister and I made plans to involve as we gave each other multiple orgasms...


Sarah lived directly across the street from us, and she spent almost as much time at our house as she did at hers. Sarah was also cute, and I'd wanted to see her naked for a while. She was naturally dark skinned like Polynesian or half Asian not sure exactly. Long jet black hair, big brown eyes, slender body, long skinny legs, and a perky round little ass with firm butt cheeks that gave me a boner every time I saw her in her bikini.

So, one Friday evening when my parents were out, my little brother was already in bed, and my older sister was working at her part time fast food job, my little sister came to my bedroom door. I was doing homework, but was ready for a distraction. I looked up and saw her in my doorway, and she had that look on her face. I stood up and started to undress, and she did the same. In a matter of seconds, we were both naked.

"I'll do you first" she said.

So I laid on the floor, and she sat indian style next to me. She took my erect shaft in her hand and began to stroke, just like I had taught her, gently, letting her hand glide up over my head, then back down the shaft. Slowly, steadily.

So I said, as she slid her hand up and down, "I've been thinking, or, wondering".

"About what"? she said, not looking at me, but at my penis in her hand.

"I was just wondering do you think", I wonder if It was getting harder to focus because of the sensation building in my penis was growing intense.

"What"? she said, without missing a beat.

"I'll tell you after". Then I closed my eyes and relaxed. As usual, it didn't take long. Within about 20 or 30 strokes, I felt the tension start to build, and then the sweet release, the eruption, followed by the steadily declining drizzle, until the last drop had been ejaculated. My cum was all over my stomach, my balls and her hand.

"What were you going to say"? she asked as she wiped cum off my balls.

"I was thinking about Sarah".

"What about her"? she asked, wiping my stomach now.

"I was wondering do you think she would ever do stuff like this with us"?

My sister stopped cleaning me up and stared at me, her eyes huge. "Are you serious"? she said, with a smile on her face.

"I was just wondering. I thought it might be fun to have another person".

"Oh wow" she said, and I could see the wheels turning behind her eyes. "I have no idea if she would or not. She's pretty....."

"Shy"? I said. I took the t-shirt from her and finished cleaning myself up. Some had dripped onto the carpet, and I wiped it up the best I could.

"No, not shy" said my sister, and she laid down on the floor and opened her naked legs to me. I say indian style just in front of her little peach fuzz pussy, and she relaxed her legs onto mine. "Well, ok maybe shy, but just, I mean, she never talks about guys, or sex, or anything like that. I just don't know. Do you WANT to fool around with her"?

"Yeah, kinda" I said. "Might be fun".

"Huh" she said, leaning up on her elbows. "I'll have to think about that. What do you want to do with her"?

"I dunno" I said, as I began to rub the insides of her thighs. "She's got an incredibly hot ass, and I'd love to fondle it".

"Yeah I bet you'd love to do more than fondle it" she said, chuckling. "I bet you'd want to get your penis between her cheeks and slide it up and down until you cum on her back"!

She was right, of course. And I'd done this a few times to my sister. But all in all, I preferred a good old fashioned hand-job. Less work on my part.

"But" said my sister, laying back on the floor now, "she does have a cute butt. I've thought the same thing myself".

"Really"? I said as I teased a finger over her slit and felt her shudder a little. "Do girls do that kinda thing? Check each other out"?

"I dunno" she said, closing her eyes. "I just noticed that her butt is nice and round, you know"?

I didn't answer. Instead I just slipped a finger gently inside her, and listed to her moan softly in response. Out of the nine or ten times we'd tried, I'd so far only managed to bring her to orgasm twice. But we kept trying.

I began to get into the pattern we'd developed. With one hand, I massaged just barely inside of her. With the other, I rubbed the top part of her slit. (Neither of us knew the word clit yet, although that's what I was rubbing.) In my inexperience, most of the times I'd try this I would rub her too much and too hard, and she'd get raw before she'd have an orgasm. It had been only recently that she'd taught me to go more slowly, rhythmically, gently, and lightly. With that adjustment, she'd been able to finally have a couple orgasms.

This time, I could tell things were going well. It wasn't long before her juices were running down my finger, and her little wisp of a naked body started to buck. She arched her hips and her breathing became shorter. I kept up the same pace and resisted the urge to start rubbing faster and harder. One thing that I always fought against when doing this was that my arms would get tired before she would have an orgasm, and this time was no different. The angle to get a finger inside her and rub her slit at the same time was a little awkward. But this time, I could tell that she was probably going to orgasm before my arms were to tired to keep going.

And I was right! Even before I expected, her face scrunched up tight, her hands clenched into fists, she lifted her ass way up in the air, and I felt her pussy tighten around my finger. Her breathing stopped altogether for a moment and I knew her orgasm was peaking. then she slowly began to relax. My hand was now wet with her juice, and I reached for the same t-shirt that had cleaned up my cum. I dried off my hand as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes.

"I know how we can try it" she said. "We do it just like you did to me the first time. You let her see your penis accidentally, and we see how she responds".

"Yeah, I don't know". I said as I gently rubbed her legs, just next to her pussy. "I didn't think that all the way through very well. What if she freaks out"?

"Well then, how"? she asked, as she rolled over onto her tummy. I sat next to her and ran my hands up her legs, over her butt, up her back, and down again, resting them on her ass cheeks and squeezing gently.

Maybe we could do something like play truth or dare, and we could build up to getting naked, and see how she responds. I felt my penis get hard again. It had never gone fully limp, but now as I groped my sisters cute little ass, it grew rock hard again.

"Hmmm" said my sister. And she took the clean-up t-shirt, stuck it between the floor and her pussy, and started to grind against it. Maybe. But that might freak her out too. "My pussy isn't done yet". She wants more. "Lie down on your back".

I did as I was told, and she mounted me, setting herself down so that her vag was resting on my rock hard shaft. She was sitting on her knees, and she started to rock forwards and back, putting penis pressure on her slit. I grabbed her hips as she did this, fingers reaching around to her cheeks, and looked down to watch the action. Her pussy was still wet, and slid easily over my cock. It felt awesome, and looking at her slit siding over my shaft gave me a surge of hormones.

"I think my way is best" she said. "You just have to play it off as a total accident. If she tells her parents, which she might, you can just say it was a total accident, and apologize like crazy. I'll back you up. I'm a good liar. Mom and dad believe anything I tell them, and I'll tell them you would NEVER do anything like that"!

We both laughed as she kept gyrating. I could feel the early signs of another orgasm building, slowly.

"Okay" I said. "Let's try it".

"Are you going to have another orgasm"? she asked.

"Yeah, I think so. Are you"?

"Maybe. It's feeling like maybe".

Just then my pending orgasm sped up, and I looked down just in time to see my penis shoot out a stream of cum straight up at me. I don't usually watch this happen, and its fun when I do. As I shot, she kept grinding, even going faster. Just as my orgasm was subsiding, hers started. She kept sliding her pussy over my shaft the entire time, but her face did the scrunch up thing, and her hands went into fists. I smiled as I watched her, and when her orgasm was over, she opened her eyes and said, Whoo! That was better than the first one! She rolled onto the floor and collapsed next to me.

The cleanup t-shirt was too full of my cum and her pussy juice to be of any use, so I used my boxers. They didn't work as well because of the kind of fabric, but they would have to do.

When should we try it? I asked.

Well, mom and dad usually run errands on Saturday! And that's tomorrow!



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