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Corner Tutorial in Coming

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There is a great little restaurant not too far from the college of the university where I lecture. Often if I'm working late on a research paper I'll stop in for a late dinner before heading home. On this particular evening, just as I arrived I noticed a group of undergraduates that I teach joking at one of the tables. They waved and yelled 'Hi Professor' and I returned the wave, smiled and quickly went to my usual preferred corner booth, that was vacant. We have posted consultation hours that they sometimes use but many want to stop me whenever they can and engage in some mental masturbation that gets dreary. After a few minutes of this I remind them that I don't mark exam papers, 'so brown nosing won't help'.

After several minutes they paid their bill and noisily started to leave. I waved and smiled perfunctorily and returned to my salad. Suddenly I was aware of a pretty girl sliding into the booth that I recognized. She introduced herself as Rachel from one of my classes. She had never stopped by before but I could not place her in particular as either a poor or an outstanding student. I realized then how young and pretty she looked, busty but trim and tallish with shoulder length blonde hair. She apologized about intruding and asked if I was meeting anyone. I think the last person I met there was my ex-wife before our divorce. I said no and asked if she had questions about her studies, maybe she would want to make an appointment. She made a sad face and said she really was so sorry to intrude and now I was going to think badly of her for doing so. She said it with a little lower lip quiver, eye flutter and a blush that made my heart melt.

She brightened up as I finished my meal and grew more relaxed and animated as she talked about her initial insecurities about my subject, and how it had intimidated her but how in the last month it had all resonated in her head. She went on that it was all beginning to make sense and how appreciative she was for the clarity of the lectures. After this initial conversation she surprised me by saying that she really wanted to make a confession and that she was in love with my voice. She had bought a little tape recorder to record lectures and that she would play it back at night writing out her notes. Doing so had caused her to frequently masturbate.

She then had got so turned on during lectures as a result that she would sit in one of the upper wings near the speakers (the lecture hall holds 500) and she would slip down her jeans or lift up her skirt and frig her clit, on one occasion putting her feet over the backs of the empty chairs in front of her and then doing it again when she played back the tape at home. I looked at her incredulously and it was then I realized she was moving her arm under the table. She saw me and laughed and said she was jerking off as we spoke. She said 'Oh I'm so horny!' and then turned in her seat, falling against me with her head under mine. I could see she had pushed down her jeans and was stroking herself off under the table as she heaved and writhed against me. She grabbed my hand and pulled it into her crotch where I instantly recognised the feel of wet swollen labia. I fell into a funk and brushed her clit while feeling the inside of her vagina while she moaned and gasped. As I did that she came, biting my arm to suppress a cry and I felt her tremours as a serious orgasm or two spasmed and shook through her body. She hugged me and after a while reached down and redid her jeans.

She then sat very close and we continued to talk while she stroked the inside of my thigh. Eventually, she gently felt my rigid cock through my slacks and said she still wanted to play. I started to mumble about how sweet she was but that there were rules about faculty and students and that this was likely a code violation...blah, blah, blah.

She bit her lower lip and said 'Oh, does this feel like a good or a bad code violation!?' and unzipped my cock and began to stroke it slowly. She kept asking questions as she kept up the steady pace of her hand until she took one of my hands and brought it up to an erect nipple under her sweater, whispering that she wanted me to fuck her in the lecture hall after class and described where and how. She picked up the pace of jerking me off and I could feel my rigid cock twitch in her warm delicate hand.

I couldn't take anymore of it and shot a double blast of cum on to the bottom of the table. She kneaded my balls and pulled my cock inducing at least another three or so spurts before removing her hand, licking her fingers like a spoiled vixen and wiping them on my napkin.



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