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Copenhagen Hostel

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Horny guys in a dark hostel dorm room


A year ago I was backpacking in Europe for a couple of weeks. One night I stayed in a hostel in Copenhagen that had separate dorm rooms for men and women. Like most youth hostels in Europe, this one had a very international clientele. In my dorm room there were three Italians, a couple of Germans, and another American or two.

It was a Friday night but I had been travelling a lot and was pretty tired, so I only went out for a little while and figured I'd go to bed early. Before I went to bed I ended up sitting in the common area of the hostel talking to a few other travellers, including a cute Asian-American guy who was a few years younger than me. I was getting really sleepy so I went to the dorm room, brushed my teeth in the adjoining washroom, and got in bed.

When I had opened the door to go in the room, the lights were off and it looked like most of the guests were still out on the town, but the Italian guy in the bunk above mine was lying under the covers. I got in bed and was drifting off to sleep when I thought I felt the bed moving a little. After a minute or two, I was sure of it. Something was going on in the bunk above, and it wasn't just the usual tossing and turning!

I got an instant hardon and wondered if it would be okay to join in. Just then, the door opened and the shaking stopped. I squinted over and it looked like the Asian-American guy coming in. He got his toilet kit and left. Nothing happened. Then he came back in and closed the door. I could hear him taking off his clothes and getting in to his bed, which was the bottom bunk at the other end of the room.

Just a couple of minutes went by, but it seemed like forever. I was hard, but I wondered if I should risk doing anything about it. Just then, I felt the bunk start rocking again. Then I heard the unmistakable sound of skin on skin coming from up above. It seemed like the Italian guy had just decided to get it over with, not caring who heard him. The sound his fist made pulling his foreskin back and forth over his cock was really loud.

I was so hard at this point there was really no choice. And besides, it's not like the guy above me was keeping his jacking a secret. So I hitched down my boxer briefs and started furiously stroking my rock-solid dick. In no time I was on the edge of coming, but the guy above me was still going and I was enjoying listening so much that I decided to slow down. Over the next five minutes he got more intense until the smacking sound was really loud and the bed was really rocking. I lay into my jacking again and started thrusting my hips. Within 30 seconds I went over the edge, coming all over my chest and stomach. The guy above me grunted just after that and stroked just a couple more times.

God, that was so hot, I thought. But then I heard a sound coming from the other end of the room. The Asian-American guy was jacking, too. The room was too dark to see anything, unfortunately, but I listened to his stroking, which he was trying to keep quiet. Within a minute or two I was hard again, so I started up again, using my come as lube but trying to keep quiet enough to hear the other guy. This was really hard to do, and I ended up going really slowly on myself, so slowly that by the time I heard him speed up, breathe heavily, and then suddenly stop, I still hadn't come. By then there were really no secrets in the dorm room, I figured, so I really laid into it, my fist making squishy sounds on my come-covered cock. I came a second time, mopped up as best I could with my underwear, and I could already hear the Italian guy snoring as I drifted off to sleep.



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