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Cooking in the Kitchen

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I have been working in various jobs in restaurants since I was 16. I am now 30 and an assistant manager in a national chain family style restaurant. The best thing about working in a restaurant is waitresses! Depending on the waitress, I can get a good view of panty lines, or sometimes even their panties if they aren't careful about bending. Or sometimes (well actually only once so far) this can happen...
'Sara' is a 22 year old marketing major. A little taller than me (she's about 6'2') with a fantastic body. I would guess about 120 pounds, 34 C, 25, 34. She has been working with me for about two years now. I have often fantasized about her, but in my line of work you have to keep your hands to yourself. We don't work together all that often. Maybe once a week. She is, after all, a full time student. I think she was starting to send me signals about 6 months ago. Whenever we would work together she would often be right behind me when I would turn around sometimes causing me to brush her beautiful tits. I would usually apologize and she would say 'my fault'. She also would seem to be bending over to pick something whenever I came out front to check the restaurant over, something I do at least once an hour. This would give me a great view of her cleavage and usually give me a good stiffie. My favorite is when she would have to go into the freezer for something. When she would exit, she would be nice and perky and if I was in the area she seemed to make a point of sticking her chest out to make her nipples even more pronounced.
All of that led up to what happened about two months ago. I was working the overnight weekend shift with her. Usually there are very few or often no customers between 3 AM and 5 AM. I usually clean during this time. This night was particularly slow however and I had everything done before 4 AM.
By this time, the two of us were alone in the restaurant looking for something to do. I set up a chair just out of view of the dining room in the kitchen so that I could see anyone come in. Sara came back and without saying anything sat on my lap. I think I said, 'no chairs out front?' trying to tell my dick to stay soft. To no avail. She knew what she was doing alright. Her reply was, 'I like this spot better.' She slowly shifted her weight in my lap giving me a modest lap dance. When she could feel my erection increase, she turned around to face me and starting moving faster. I gently squeezed her luscious ass bringing her closer into contact with me.
After about ten minutes she said, 'Let's loosen this up a little' as she undid my pants and let my hard on free. It was oozing precum already. She reached down and started stoking me softly at first. Gradually she picked up speed. I told her I was about to blow. She hopped off and grabbed a nearby towel to catch my load of jizz. When she had milked me dry she lowered her pants and panties and said, 'now you do me'.
I moved her over to one of the counter tops so that I could have better access and still keep an eye on the door. I started exploring her clean shaven slit slowly. First just using my index finger to circle her lips. Then I gently massaged the inside of her labia. After a few minutes I used two fingers always spending extra time on her growing clit. Her nipples were harder than they ever had been coming out of the freezer and I was a little disappointed that she left her top on. This had to be done in case a customer came in though. Every now again she would give a little moan. After spending about ten minutes on the outside, I slipped a finger into her juicy pussy. She tensed and gave quick yelp of pleasure. I slowly explored her inner walls to tease her a little. Eventually, I started to give the familiar 'come here' finger motion to stimulate her G- Spot. A few strokes there was all it took. She bucked on my hand, writhing in orgasm. A couple of loud moans and my hand was coated in girl goo. She pushed my hand away from her sensitive mound and was slowly recovering. I licked her juice from my hands and found a clean towel for her to clean up with. She was just finishing washing her face to cool down when a customer walked in.
After another couple of hours, our replacements came in. We sat together in the break room to eat. When we were finished eating she said softly, 'I'm ready for more.' 'What do you want?' I asked, 'I'll make it for you.' 'Not food.' I mouthed, 'Oh.' 'Let's go to your place,' she added, knowing that I live alone. We left quickly and went to my house for an hour of sex before falling asleep together. Since then, we have gotten together at least once a week and on my off days. She now spends 2 or 3 nights a week at my house. At my request, after this term, she is moving in with me. I don't know if it will last, but I am going to enjoy it for as long as it does!



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