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Continuation Of My Best Times...

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I had already told you about Lisa and our sleepover experience together. (Please see my first post 'Ah, To Be Young And Innocent...')I wanted to add some more of my experiences when I was younger.
After my licking session with Lisa I was addicted to having orgasms. Up until than, I had just masturbated by using objects against my pussy pressing down and rubbing. I would pretty much just stop when I got tired thinking that's all there was to it. Now I knew there was something more.
I experimented every way I could think. I would pull my little panties down and straddle the corner of my bed grabbing onto the sheets (something I still do only now I put a vibrator underneath my pussy...GREAT FEELING AND INSTANT ORGASM!!) Anyway, I would fix my position so that the absolute corner of the bed was directed right under my clit. I would lift up my little legs so that all the pressure was in the right place and hump away! This felt so good to my darling young pussy. I thought it was so cool how after I would orgasm I would feel my pussy and it would be all wet.
One time not long after my first licking session with Lisa our other friend Tiffany was having a b-day party sleep over. She had invited 10 girls. We had a good time doing each others hair, painting each others nails and watching videos. About 2am Tiffany's mother yelled into the rec room that it was time for sleep. We all got into our sleeping bags and shut the lights.
I was feeling so horny as I layed there remembering what had happened with Lisa about 2 months before. Still never having seen a cock I was so curious. Of course as little girls do, we got on the subject of boys. Tiffany had a brother who was 3 years older than us. He was 11. (I believe he was turning 12 the following week) Tiffany asked if any of us had ever seen a boys PP (is what she called it) Some of the girls said yes and some said no. Tiffany went on to tell how she and her brother Mark had 'played Dr.' several times from the time they were little. She went on to say how it was really cool because she could make her brothers PP grow real big and get real hard.
Marks room was off of the family room down the hall while the parents room was upstairs along with Tiffanys. Tiffany said she wanted to see if her brother would come show us. She was gone for about 5 min. and came back with Mark who looked to be 1/2 asleep. Tiffany said, 'Mark said he'll show us but we can't tell ANYBODY'. We all agreed. Mark sat on the couch infront of us and we all knelt down infront of him with our eyes wide open. I couldn't believe I was finally going to see a real live cock right infront of me. I could feel my panties getting wet with anticipation.
First Mark pulled it out throught the hole in his boxers but it was kind of small and hard to see. Tiffany said, 'No Mark! Show them the way you show me.' So Mark pulled his boxers down to his ankles and here was this little limp piece of flesh. To be honest, I wasn't very impressed. Tiffany asked if any of us wanted to try to make it grow. I said that I would and 2 other girls said yes also. The rest just sat back and watched.
The three of us leaned into Mark and began rubbing his cock and it started to grow. Mark asked if any of us wanted to lick it. I and one other girl said yes. So we both leaned in and using out little tongues began licking his cock like an ice cream cone. She took one side and I took the other.
We were going to town and Mark was really enjoying what we were doing. He asked us to suck. So I went first and put his whole cock into my mouth and sucked it like an ice pop going up and down real slow. After about 5 min. Mark said to pull away because he was going to cum. Cum? Huh? What? What was cum? So I leaned back and he began to jerk himself off and with an exposion Mark Jerked his body almost off the couch and shot a huge stream of white stuff right onto my face. I didn't know what hit me. The girls all sat there with stunned looks on their faces and Tiffany had a big smile. Obviously she had seen this before.
What an experience that was for me. I'll never forget seeing and sucking on my first cock.
I spent many afternoons over Tiffany's house after that night and many fun experiences between me, Mark and Tiff and I'll make sure to fill you all in.



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