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Happened when I was 16


I was always a small kid, skinny and short. I became aware that most of my friends started puberty before me as I had heard them mentioning having pubes. But the frustrating thing was that I was the oldest-10 months older than my next closest friend in age. They were all getting taller than me and bigger and this made me very conscious of my body. When we had sleepovers I would be very careful that they wouldn't see the areas of my body that revealed my lack of pubic hair-obviously my pubic area, but also my legs and underarms.

I eventually got pubes just before I reached 14 but by now my friends were all way ahead. I kept trying to secretly see how much hair they had and really became nearly obsessed with it. I found that when I was looking at them and trying to see how much armpit hair they had or how much hair they had on their lower legs that it would turn me on so this naturally confused me.

One or two of my friends were very confident with their bodies and would think nothing of being completely naked in front of me while they dried off after a shower when I'd call to their house. Luckily there was no pressure on me to ever be naked-I think they knew how much my lack of development effected me.

When I did eventually start to develop it all happened very slowly. I started wanking way before I got pubes and often wondered, in my innocence, if this had caused my delayed start. My first ever orgasm was when I was having a wank in the bath, as recommended by a school friend who explained what wanking was on the walk home from school one day. I nearly passed out with the sensation. I was hooked. Of course there was no cum but it didn't matter because at the time I knew no better.

I remember on one sleepover there were three of us lying in our sleeping bags in a tent. It was dark so I moved my hand downwards and pulled my pants down and started rubbing my penis. I quickly got hard and knowing that two of my friends were in the tent beside me made me very horny. I wanked off under the cover of my sleeping bag but went undetected as my legs were bent at the knees with my feet flat on the ground. I orgasmed very quickly but as I didn't produce any cum yet I didn't have anything to clean up so it was perfect.

When I was 16 I had at last got some amount of body hair-not as much as some of my younger friends but it gave me some confidence at least. One of my friends, Jack, who was 14 was staying in my house one night and I thought it would be an opportunity for me to quietly compare our bodies. We were both sleeping in my room as there were two beds so we started undressing. I took my tee-shirt off first and revealed my skinny chest. Then I took off my tracksuit bottoms and knew that he could see my bare legs.

I noticed that he hadn't removed any clothes so just thought maybe he was too embarrassed. I was in my boxers now and was hoping that he would start to undress. After I threw my bottoms on the floor I turned round and saw that he was looking at me.

He said 'what's the story with you?'

I said ' what do you mean?'

He pulled off his tee-shirt and revealed a nice chest and a lot of armpit hair. Then he dropped his tracksuit bottoms and I could see that his legs were way hairier than mine so needless to say I looked very silly. Only the bottoms of my legs had any hair.

He laughed and said 'don't worry, when you get a bit older your dick will start to grow too' which crushed me and blew any confidence I had away.

I said 'there's nothing wrong with my dick'. In actual fact, there wasn't as I felt a tingle down there when I saw his body!

He was still smiling and approached me and pushed me backwards so that I fell onto my bed. He was stronger than me so it didn't take much effort.

He said 'yeah right, bet its tiny'

I said 'no it isn't'-I was actually happy enough with my dick size. And as I lay there looking at him I could feel the tingle in my dick again.

'Well', he said, 'bet it's not as big as this' and he proceeded to pull the front of his boxer shorts down to show me his very well developed but flacid cock nestling a very large patch of pubic hair. His cock was quite long, although soft and he had plenty of foreskin.

'No', I said, 'my cock is bigger than that'.

'Prove it', he said and reached for my boxers. I wasn't in the mood for resisting him, as firstly, I felt he would beat me in a wrestle anyway and, secondly, I honestly felt that I had a bigger dick and needed to restore some dignity at this stage. Before I knew it my boxers had been pulled down and my semi-hard cock was now on view.

His expression changed because he didn't expect what he saw.

'See what I mean', I said proudly.

'Well, I bet I can cum more than you' was his weak reply.

Not knowing who would win that contest I quickly returned with 'I bet I can cum quicker than you' and proceeded to grab my cock in a wanking motion.

He said 'hang on, let me get hard first'.

I couldn't believe this was happening. He pulled his shorts down fully and started rubbing his cock to get it hard. I was hard in a flash and it didn't take him too long to catch up. He lay down on the bed beside me and we both wanked frantically.

I was so horny and confident that I'd cum first. He was moaning quite a bit, his face was red and his cock was very stiff. But all I can say is that my cock had never been harder and felt absolutely massive in my hand as I stroked faster and faster. Neither of us used any lube and seeing him wanking and seeing his cockhead peaking through his foreskin on every stroke was enough to send me into an unbelievable orgasm. I groaned as my legs stretched straight out and stiffened, by ballsac tightened and my cock started to shoot round after round of cum on to my belly.

I knew Jack had seen me unload and within moments he too sighed out loud and lifted his head up to watch himself spurting loads of cum onto his belly.

He turned to me and laughed and said 'ok, you beat me there alright, haha...'

Oh, and for the record-I did cum more than him...'haha'!



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