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Contempt Leads To WOW

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Puritanical parents, no locks on the doors.


My sister and I had our own rooms, not that it mattered, because our parents, both of them, were either terrified of Anna and I growing up into women, or just hated the idea of us becoming in any way sexual. Sadly, like so many, they hid it behind a facade of 'religion'. So we had no locks on our doors, and we were only permitted to shut them for brief periods of time while dressing and even then, mom was usually about.

And the lectures... 'Its sinful'...'God despises sex outside marriage'.....'Never give in to Satan'. Our mom would go further refering to our clitoris as 'Satan's bud'. I really don't know why...perhaps they were just scared. Either way, my sister and I learned about masturbation outside of the house. And we talked about it often. Anna, always more adventurous than me masturbated in the school toilets, even on the bus. She once did it right there in front of me on the school bus by squidging her thighs together. There was no doubt that she had cum though.. her blotchy face and trembling breath were enough! (She even opened her legs and showed me the literally soaked crotch of her panties.

But this is not about sister/sister. (Although that happened).

One day, I was feeling two things. One was decidedly pre-menstrual, and the other was, as usual at that time of my cycle horny as all get out.

I was lying on my bed, (door open as per the 'rules') feeling randy and I guess my thoughts were inside rather than outside because I had let my legs part and my hand had strayed into my panties. I was ticking my clit, loving the feeling of wetness that was spreading into my panties. (I TOTALLY love having a wet crotch) I had even pushed a finger in and was enjoying a nice little finger fuck when I heard 'GOOD GOD,.. JAYNE!!' I looked towards my door. There was my dad with a look of utter contempt on his face. He was angry too and started to call me all kinds of names.

'You dirty little whore!'

'Look at yourself...masturbating like a bitch in heat'

'You disgusting little tramp...you dirty, DIRTY little bitch'

And you know something? My dad, sneering at me like that and calling me all kinds of dirty names made me cum in my panties so much that I peed myself. But even as the orgasm started, (well just before) I decided enough was enough and I answered him back.

'You dirty little whore!' (dad)

'Yeah, I could charge money for my pussy.'

'Look at yourself...masturbating like a bitch in heat'

'Oh dad. I'm such a slut... I would let ANYONE fuck me.'

'You disgusting little tramp...you dirty, DIRTY little bitch'

'Do you think about me when you fuck mom'

That was the most tremendous orgasm I ever had.

Strangely the next day, locks appeared on our doors and nothing was said.

Anna and I jill off in our rooms as and when we want to.

I said earlier that we have had some fun with each other, but I don't want to talk about that right now.



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