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Consulting Room

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True story


A few years ago, I was a medical practitioner in solo practice in a small town. The practice was next to a pharmacy. The chief pharmacist, Elize, and I got to know one another well, as most of the prescriptions for my patients were dispensed in her pharmacy.

One afternoon, she phoned reception and asked to speak to me personally. Thinking it was about a script, the receptionist put her through. On answering, she burst in tears and asked if I could see her as soon as possible. She had discovered an irregularity in her left breast and was terrified that it was cancer. I arranged to see her at close of office hours but warned her that the staff would not be available to chaperone the examination. She was happy with this arrangement stating that we were both professionals.

Elize was obviously tense as she came in to the office. I asked her to go in to the examination room and strip. She was wearing a front fastening uniform and had to strip to her panties and bra. I asked her to sit on the edge of the couch and to remove her bra. I could not help noticing that she had near perfect 34C breasts. I could not detect any skin retraction or dimpling or nipple retraction indicating a deeper cancer. I asked her to lie down and place her arms behind her head. Examining the breasts in four quadrant, I again could not palpate any abnormalities. I had to palpate her areola and nipples to see if there were any masses behind. I thought I could feel something behind the left nipple and moved the tips of my index and middle fingers around the areola. I was taken aback when Elize gave a deep sigh. 'Am I hurting you?' I asked. 'No, that just feels so nice' she said, 'please don't stop.' 'Elize, I should not be doing this' 'I know, but I really need someone to be nice to me' she replied. She started crying, saying that she and her partner were going through a rough patch and that she had not had sex for six months. She was feeling ugly and unwanted and low and the thought of breast cancer had scared her. Hearing that her breasts were fine had pushed her to a level where she wanted to feel loved and the touch of my fingers on her breasts made her feel sexy. 'Please do it again' she said in a small voice.

Yes, I should have been professional and stopped but my hard erection was not helping my thought processes. I gently stimulated her breasts and then concentrated on her hard nipples. Her eyes were closed and she was whimpering in pleasure. She opened her legs and moved her arms from behind her head. Her left hand went down to her panties and her right hand cupped my erection.

'That feels sooo good' she said. Was she referring to my hands, her hand or my erection? By now, I did not care. A wet patch was visible on my trousers and I was getting really horny. Elize was rubbing her mound hard and breathing even harder. I bent down and kissed her right nipple and she gasped in pleasure. Getting some saliva, I wet her left nipple and stimulated it by rubbing the tips with the fingers of my left hand over the whole nipple/areola complex. I moved my right hand down to her vagina and pulled her panty down. She was sopping wet! I immediately felt the most prominent clitoris I have even encountered. It was like a miniature penis! 'O my God!' she shouted as I curled my index and middle fingers around her clitoral shaft and masturbated her, still kissing and sucking her right nipple and rubbing her saliva lubricated left nipple. Within what felt like seconds she arched her back, clamped her legs against my fingers and shuddered to a very noisy climax that just kept on and on until she collapsed back against the couch in a near comatose state. It took her a few minutes to regain her composure by which time we were both slightly embarrassed.

'Thank you, I needed that,' she said and explained some of her marital problems including her partner's infidelity. We had a long chat after which she said she felt better. During this chat, she was still naked and I was still very aroused with an obvious wet patch over my erection. I suggested that she should leave as my wife might start to wonder where I was and phone the rooms. As she got up, she reached for me and gave me a big hug. Well, I had to hug back and she started grinding her mound against my erection. 'Can I touch it please, it's been so long,' Opening my trousers, she eased my erection out. It was dripping precum and she used this to massage my glans. She then lent back against the couch, gripped the shaft of my penis and masturbating me and rubbing her clit at the same time. Her eyes were glazing over again and she was panting. 'I want to come again!' Well, so did I and I spurted over her, sending her to another climax. This time we both collapsed on the couch for a while before we used some hand towels to clean up. Soon after, I let her out of the rooms but have to confess that I masturbated again just before locking up as the whole episode was so sexy that I could not get it out of my mind.

We never repeated any intimacy but I always got a lovely smile when I saw her in the pharmacy.

(PS I never sent her an account for the consultation)



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