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Constant Thoughts

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for B


Oh where to begin.

I don't remember ever starting to masturbate and by that I mean I don't remember the first time I did it. Nor do I remember a time when I didn't do it. It was always around. Always an option for filling in some time and relaxing.

When I was young I played everywhere at every time and in every way imaginable. Looking back I can see several phases of my life where masturbation has had had a different role to play in them and in my happiness. When I was a teenager it was every day and sometimes up to six times a day.

One of the most dramatic turns in my life was when I lived in a small town in Europe for a few years in my mid twenties. I was quite bored and lonely at times, so enjoyed masturbating often. This was a time of experimentation and I bought a small vibrator with some lubricant. With these I enjoyed evenings at home, sometimes playing for an hour. I would see how long I could go with out coming.

I would sometime cover my cock and arse with lubricant, before feeling everything with broad firm strokes of my hands. I experimented with running the vibrator up and down on my cock and balls, finally sliding it in my arse. I would then go back to stroking my cock with my slippery hands. I would hold myself at the point of orgasm for as long as I could and until I could not take it any more. Finally I would just let go and cum everywhere. On some occasions I would get so turned on after a hour of play I would just cum without touching myself. This I enjoyed the best.

For many years I have had fantasies about watching women masturbate. To watch a girls face when she goes over the edge is the most wonderful sight and I can't get enough.

When I was young (early twenties) I had only had one girlfriend who would masturbate for me. She was a little shy about it, but would only do it if I did it too. She looked so beautiful when she came. She would arch her back and sigh quietly. This would always make me come to.

Lately I have developed some powerful fantasies around women masturbating. Whenever I meet attractive women I think what it would be like to watch them masturbate and orgasm. To see their bodies tense and release in pleasure. Once I met a woman in my favourite pub and this fantasy became so strong I excused myself for a few minutes to relieve myself in the bathroom. I stood in the cubical and pumped my hard cock until I silently exploded. All the time I could hear the noise of the pub and the people in the next cubicles. Then I rejoined my company as if nothing had happened.

Recently I had a dream come true. I had a wonderful affair with B, a beautiful traveller from Europe who shared my interest in masturbation. We spoke about it often, sharing our stories and our adventures. We often masturbated together as part of, or as an alternative to sex. Sometimes she would text me during the day when she had had an orgasm at work. This would always send me straight to the bathroom for my own release. I loved returning to the office, full of girls, as if nothing had happened. It was our little secret.

Sadly she had to return to her home on the other side of the world. In more ways than one she could not be further away. I miss most the smell her skin, long nights of play and talk about our little travel adventures.

So now at the age of 34 I have complex and challenging fantasies around sex and masturbation. So many of them are unsatisfied and so many are still to look forward to. If she is brave enough? XX



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