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Connie's Leather Jacket, Pt. 2

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After about six months at the store, management needed help in the stockroom, so I was moved there. Connie had been sent there too to coordinate the returned merchandise for the office. As we were working together often, Connie and I got to know more about each other. She would tell me stories about her boyfriends and the fathers of her kids and what she did on the weekends; this re-enforced the notion of what a 'dirty girl' she was. This only increased my jacking off to her.

During inventory, Connie and I worked together for a whole week in a little office at the end of the stockroom. It was at this time that I started to get the vibe from Connie that I could get in her pants if I wanted to. Also, as we were more comfortable with each other, we started using sexual innuendo in our conversations. Our talk gravitated to sex more and more often and later in the day near the end of that week, I asked her what the weirdest thing that she had ever done sexually. Quickly and honestly she told me that she had had sex with four guys at a bar three years ago. I was stunned not only with her honesty but also that a 39 year old mother of two would do that! But then she asked me the same question.

Now I had been with a few girls at the time, but nothing really weird. The strangest thing I ever did though was jerk off on her jacket, but if I told her, what would she do? I could get fired or branded as a pervert. She said 'I was honest with you, be honest with me. I won't think any less of you' 'Really, you promise you won't, and you won't tell anyone - I mean anyone?' I said. 'Yes' she said as she touched my arm. I then proceeded to tell her of how I beat off on her jacket, the very jacket that was hanging in front of us on the back of a chair. After I finished she said 'Wow, I did that to you?'. 'Yes and I am so sorry. I can understand how you would think that I am a freak'. She picked up he coat and started looking at it. 'Where did you cum on it, I don't see any stains'. I showed her where it was and told her how I cleaned it up fast so it wouldn't stain. 'Well that was nice of you because cum stains real easy'. Then she put the jacket on and started to walk to the door. I thought I was in trouble. But then things got weird.

Connie looked outside the door and turned around. She walked up next to me and said 'So I turn you on that much that you jerk off to me?' I told her yes, that I couldn't help myself. 'So how did you do it?', Connie asked. I said that I had just told her. 'No', she said, 'I want you to show me how you did it'. I said 'you mean you want me to...'. She just nodded her head.

Now in the stockroom I could where sweatpants to work. Sweatpants could not hide the enormous boner that I got. 'It looks like you're ready...' Connie said, '...show me how you jerk off to me'. I pulled down my pants and started to stroke my cock. I couldn't believe what was happening. 'Does that feel good?' she asked I closed my eyes and nodded. 'Open your eyes and look at me...' she said. Seeing her in front of me in that jacket was unbelievable! Then she sat down on the chair in front of me. 'That looks so good now I have to do it' she said as she pushed my hand away and started to stoke my cock.

It wasn't going to be long now and she felt my cock tense up. 'Do you want to cum on my jacket again? Show Connie how can cum' she said. I just nodded and leaned back. I shot 4 or 5 jets of thick cum onto her right shoulder, lapel and arm. 'Yeah.. shoot it' she whispered. I almost collapsed.

'That was big!' she said. She then took off the coat to clean in. First she scooped some of the cum with her finger and swallowed it. Then she kissed me, with her tongue. 'You should have told me you were interested sooner, we wouldn't have fucked around for so long' she said. She grabbed a returned beach towel and wiped off her jacket.

A few minutes later we punched out and went back to her place.



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