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Connie's Leather Jacket, Pt. 1

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I worked at a department store while I was in college. From time to time I had to work security at the front door so I would see all the other employees entering and leaving the store at shift change. This was great as I got to see all the women in the store, young and old. As a college student without a girlfriend, this was also great for my masturbation habits.

There was one lady who worked in the back office named Connie that always piqued my interest. She was in her late 30's, small and thin. She had a couple of kids but wasn't married. She had a hard, weathered look to her face. She wasn't a good looking woman really, but there was something about her. It was what she wore.

Everyday when Connie came to work she wore a black leather jacket. Not a biker type, but one that looked like a blazer. I always had a thing for chicks in leather, going back to high school in the early 80's. It made them dirty and hot to me. Anyway, each day after I saw Connie in that jacket, I would jerk off to her. Sometimes at home, sometimes in my car at lunch or sometimes in the bathroom of the store. One day though I was particularly fired up. I saw her in the morning when she came in and all I could think about was touching my cock.

On my break, I decided I was going to go jerk off in the store bathroom. On my way, when I was walking through the employee locker area, I saw Connie's coat on a hanger. I looked around and didn't see anyone there so I walked over to it. I touched it and as soon as I did I got the biggest hard-on of my life. I had to do something...so without thinking I picked up a empty box from the floor and slipped the jacket off the hanger and into it. I was so scared that someone would see my because the would think I was stealing it, but I was too horny to care. I walked into the boiler room nearby and hid behind the giant store furnace. I pulled Connies jacket out and laid it on a table. Then I reached the point of no return.

I pulled out my cock and began rubbing it on the coat. Then I started furiously pumping my cock. I was so nervous and scared but so turned on at the same time it was like an out of body experience. I HAD to get off. As I imagined Connie standing in front of me in the black leather, I shot a huge load all over the jacket.

I couldn't believe what I had just done. I had to clean up and get out of there before someone saw me or before Connie found out her jacket wasn't there. I had shot so much cum that I had to use three handfuls of paper towel to mop it up. Then I wet some of the towels with water to wipe off the jacket so there wouldn't be a stain. I must have used half of the roll. I put the coat back in the box, went to the door to see if anyone was around. I then gingerly walked back to the locker room, put the jacket back on the hanger, and went back to work. All day I was waiting for the manager to tell me that I was fired. But he never did.

When Connie punched out that day, I saw her at the front door on her way out, 'How was your day?' she asked me. I said, 'Well I thought I was going to have a bad day, but everything came out just fine'.

She thought I was making conversation, but I know what I really meant.



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