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'Connie' Third Installment

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I received several kind comments on my first two contributions (refer to links below), which encouraged me to contribute at least one more true story of my masturbation experiences as a teenager. I hope you enjoy.


The stories above tell of my initial discovery of masturbation and share a little of my background and my physical appearance. I know, I can be a bit 'wordy'. I have always enjoyed the specific images and details of erotica and have attempted to duplicate that style in my contributions. I want to fill in a few more details on the 'lady' behind these words. For those of you that don't care for minor details or are not particularly interested in my background you may wish to page down to the more 'naughty' parts of this contribution.

A little more background

In my previous stories I described what I look like (I also left a more detailed description of myself in the June 'Specific Contribution' comments section.) If you saw me you would probably have an impression of an All-American, wholesome appearing female. I doubt that you would suspect me of being the person behind these stories. In fact, I'm certain people I know would be...shall I say...SHOCKED...if they knew I had written these stories. Wholesome, country-raised farm girl sharing her private 'depravity'...my goodness! You just never know about people, do you? I moved off the farm I was raised on, right after high school. I attended a college one state to the west, and settled down in a mid-size city.

I discovered the Solo Touch site a couple of years ago and have both enjoyed and been 'aroused' by many of the stories. It's not unusual for me to have a 'solo session' after reading a contribution I find to be especially erotic. I believe my favorite all-time Solo Touch story is 'The English Undergraduate' both 1 & 2 written by a female named Claire back on May eighth and June 26th of 2004. Excellent!!! If you happen to read this, Claire, THANK YOU!

I was a good student in high school and was involved in several extra-curricular activities. I was a cheerleader in my junior and senior years but not snobbish about it. I got along well with just about everyone. I enjoyed long, lazy summers around the farm I lived on, but also had assigned 'chores' and was familiar with hard work as a young girl.

My Developing Sexuality

I settled into a pattern of 'self-pleasuring' (I like that term) after 'My First Time'. Perhaps 2-3 times a week. Let's say Tuesday night, Friday night, followed by a Saturday morning similar to 'My First Time Sequel.' I was not obsessed with masturbation, it was just something 'nice' I treated myself to. I did enjoy it immensely.

My two closest girlfriends, who were one and two years older than me, were my sexual information 'mentors' during this time period. Almost everything I learned about sex during that time of my life was information that they were passing on to me. They were not at all shy about sharing their sexual knowledge and 'exploits' with their boyfriends. They were much more advanced sexually than I was and could make me blush furiously with some of their tales. They could be quite explicit! I would pretend to be horrified, but secretly would get very turned on by these conversations. I think they knew that. I must confess that I recall creating my own sexual fantasies from their 'sex stories' and using those fantasies to achieve some very satisfying orgasms when I masturbated. I could be quite creative in my fantasies..thank you...mmmmmmmmm!

Access to 'Erotic Material and Devices'

In the early '80s access to 'porn' and 'sex toys' was very limited in the small farming community I lived in. The Internet had not yet arrived and I can tell you a girl wasn't going to find a vibrator for purchase on the shelves of the local Mom & Pop general store on Main Street. You know what I mean? 'Naughty' books passed on to me from my two friends was about the only 'porn' I could get my hands on.

During this time period, one of my girlfriends, I can't remember which one, planted a seed in my mind that there were several 'household items' that could be used to simulate a 'boys' penis' if a gal so desired! I did put this tidbit of information to good use and eventually 'utilized' several items around the farmhuse to a use they were not intended. Should I confess which ones?? Not in this contribution, a lady has to keep some things to herself, don't you think? Perhaps in another story. Use your imagination for now. I will tell you that when I attended college in another state I somehow got up the courage to purchase a real vibrator at a Spencer's Novelty Shop at the mall. It was your basic 6' white plastic model that was battery operated. I had noticed it on a previous visit to the store. It took me a few weeks to get up the courage to go back and purchase it. I'm sure my face was several shades of red when I was at the check-out counter. I bolted out of the store immediately after paying for it. I must say it was a worthwhile purchase and my first experience with adding a little 'vibration' to my self-pleasuring. A nice enhancement, if you will.

Okay, then...here I've gone and rambled on much too much...huh? I'm not this much of a talker in person...honest. Now, for the experience I thought I would share this time..Where to begin??

Above, I alluded to my two closest high school girlfriends. We had been friends since early childhood. Their families lived on the next two closest farms. Friendships where I was raised were quite often based on who lived nearest to you. That is how our friendship began. For purposes of this experience I will call my two friends 'Jane' and 'Sue'. (My real name is Connie, however, it doesn't seem quite right to share my friends real names, I trust you understand).

Jane was older than me by two years. She would have been 17 and a senior in high school when this occurred. She was the friend I mentioned in 'My First Time' that prompted my first masturbation session. Jane was the tallest of the three of us. Perhaps 5'8' with a slim figure, full medium sized breasts, long legs and a nice ass.(It feels a bit strange describing the physical appearance of another female.) Jane had brown hair which she wore straight and cut to about the middle of her back. She had brown eyes. She was quite extroverted and fun to be around. She had a pretty face, with a smile that could light up a room.

Sue was a year older than me. That would have made her 16 at the time. Sue was a jet black haired Irish girl with sparkling green eyes. A couple of inches taller than me at perhaps 5'4'. I'm going to say that our breasts were about the same size, a 34B. She weighed about the same as I did, 110 lbs. She also had a shapely ass (must have been something about being corn-fed!) Sue had a very pretty, slightly freckled face with a bit of sassiness to it. She was the most extroverted of the three of us, with somewhat of a rebellious attitude. Much different than me. Perhaps, that's why we got along so well. She could be quite outspoken. Both Jane and Sue were very special friends to me and I cherish the years we shared way back when.

I suppose you will have to trust the descriptions I've given about my two friends and me. These physical descriptions are factual. All three of us received our share of male attention in high school. I realize this sounds vain and immodest as I write, but I truly only want to provide as vivid a picture as possible to anyone reading this. Okay?

The three of us had many sleep-overs during our high school years. We would rotate houses and our parents were okay with it as long as we 'behaved' ourselves and didn't make too much noise. It was at one of these sleep-overs that the following 'escapade' occurred...To the best of my recollection this is what happened...

It was a Friday in late summer. School would be starting in a few days. Jane was going to be a senior, Sue a junior, and I was entering my sophomore year of high school. We were at Jane's house on this particular night and her parents were out of town visiting relatives. It was unusual to have the house to ourselves. We were excited about that. We did our normal routine. A light dinner, some TV watching, lots of popcorn and chocolate, and overkill on the 'girl' talk and giggling. About 10 PM Jane suggested we go up to her bedroom because there was something she wanted to share with us. She was quite mysterious about what. When we had these sleep-overs we always stayed in the girls' bedroom of the house we were at. Nothing unusual here. We proceeded upstairs to Jane's bedroom...

Jane's bedroom was large with the typical set-up you would find in a teenage girls' room. She had a large double bed, dresser with mirror, night stand, etc. She had a large collection of stuffed animals scattered around the room. When we had our sleep-overs the two of us that were visiting would bring sleeping bags to use. For our 'girl' chats, all three of us would typically sit on the bed together. On this night, Jane went to her dresser and removed a paperback book she had hidden under some other items in the drawer. She came over and sat down on her bed with Sue and me. (I would truly like to reconstruct the dialog of this experience, however I don't feel I can do that with any accuracy. I will continue to write in my normal non-dialog style.)

Jane had a book titled 'My Secret Garden' by Nancy Friday. It was a book of contributions from females about their sexual fantasies. I don't know where she had gotten it. It was very erotic and to this day one of my all-time favorite 'arousing' books. There were female fantasies in this book I had never dreamed of, at that point in my life. Jane told us she had, had it, a couple of weeks. She shared with us that she had 'played with herself' on several occasions after reading it. Jane really didn't have an embarrassing bone in her body. I blushed profusely when she mentioned this. Sue took it in stride without blinking an eye.

Although, by this time in our life, all three of us had divulged to each other that we 'played with ourselves', it had never been quite in this context. Jane had asked me if I had tried her masturbation suggestion shortly after my experience in 'My First Time.' I had reluctantly admitted to her that I had. She smiled at the time and I think she was quite pleased with herself to have shared this information. On another occasion, during our 'sex talks,' Sue had confessed to her 'self-pleasuring' practice, also. However, this subject had always been very briefly alluded to in our previous conversations, and never quite as blatantly as Jane was sharing this time.

Despite my discomfort with Jane's remark, I was curious about the book, as was Sue. My discomfort from Jane's remark quickly subsided. Jane had a suggestion. Why not take turns reading out loud different fantasies in the book? There were some nervous giggles and I expressed some reluctance to participate. It didn't take Jane & Sue long to convince me to go along. Had I been set-up? I never really figured that out. I was the youngest of us three, and normally took their lead on anything we did. This night was not an exception.

The three of us were sitting on Jane's bed in a triangle, like you would sit around a campfire. I honestly can't remember which fantasy Jane read first, but it was a 'juicy' one. It took Jane two or three minutes to read the first fantasy. Most of the fantasies in the book were relatively short. I began to feel a 'stirring down below' as she read. All three of us were wearing just T-shirts, with no bras underneath, and light cotton gym-style shorts. This was our normal attire at our sleep-overs. Sue and I giggled a little, and 'oohed' and 'aahhed' some as Jane read. Jane finished her 'fantasy' and passed the book to Sue...

Sue rifled through the pages and settled on one quickly. As Sue read I could feel myself becoming aroused and 'moist.' I felt my nipples begin to stiffen. I stole a glance at both Sue and Jane's breasts and noticed that their nipples had also become erect and were 'poking' underneath their T-shirts. I don't think they caught my quick glance. In a few minutes, Sue finished her story. I recall Jane remarking how 'hot' that one had been. Sue handed the book to me. I briefly attempted to beg off. I was finding this arousing, but I also was still somewhat uneasy. With a little prompting from Jane, I took the book...

I randomly opened the book and glanced at the pages. I wanted to find a fantasy to read that would not be too embarrassing. If memory serves me right, I found a Male/Female fantasy and began to read it softly. As I read the words I could feel my face flush and I know there was a nervous pitch to my voice. I had previously read 'dirty' novels, but never out loud, and never with anyone else present. The bedroom seemed to become warmer, a perception of sexual tension had become noticeable in the room. I was becoming wetter between my thighs. My nipples, which did not normally become very erect, were hardened at the tips of my breasts. I sensed that Jane and Sue were in the same state of arousal as I was. I finished reading my fantasy...I handed the book to Jane...

The sexual tension in the room was now palpable as Jane read her next selection. I recall it being more risqué and Jane was emphasizing the more 'naughty' words and phrases. The inflection in her voice had taken on a subtle sexual tone, which I'm sure was her intent. Sue and I stared at her intently as she read. It was obvious that Jane was aroused. I glanced at Sue and saw her face was flushed. She caught my gaze and briefly stared back at me. She gave me a quick smile and a wink. I shyly returned her gesture. I was very nervous, and my stomach was in knots. Despite this, I was becoming increasingly 'wet.' We were headed in a direction we had not previously been...

Jane finished her fantasy story and glanced up at us. She looked pleased with herself, most likely from the verbal 'theatrics' she had added to the story. I'm sure she sensed our growing arousal. She passed the book to Sue and indicated we were going to continue our 'readings.' Sue selected another written fantasy and began to read...

For the next twenty minutes or so the book was passed around and each of us read several 'selections.' The bedroom was filled with 'teenage sexual tension.' My furtive glances at my two friends, as the stories continued, confirmed to me that they were as turned on as I was. It was obvious that all three of us had engorged nipples, erect beneath out T-shirts. The bedside lamp on the night stand cast enough light to both read and see each other clearly. I was becoming 'soppy' between my legs, and I know that Jane and Sue were in the same state of arousal. Not surprising at all considering the 'material' being read. A couple of different times I observed both Jane and Sue tracing their fingers quickly across their breasts, or 'copping' a quick feel of themselves between their legs. I pretended not to notice. This was arousing me even more. Several nervous giggles and clever remarks were exchanged as the stories were read. The book was now back in Jane's hands...

To this day I am convinced that the next 'selected story' Jane read was with purpose and forethought, although she never admitted to it. Jane began to read a story about two females masturbating together in each other's presence. The women were not lesbians, however, they had lost 'control' under an unusual set of circumstances, and masturbated, while they watched each other. The bedroom became eerily silent as Jane read. The sexual tension/electricity in the room increased. I don't think I had ever been that nervous or that turned on at the same time in my young life. Jane's words, a trio of pounding hearts, and small audible gasps and breathing hung in the air. I was now 'throbbing' between my legs and I wasn't alone. The story ended, with the women in it reaching their orgasms at the same time. Jane's story was finished. She put the book down...

Dead silence in the room...Who was going to speak first? The three of us exchanged silent glances. We knew each other well; there was not a doubt in any of our minds that we were all very 'turned on.' What in the world is going to happen next, I thought. I waited for Jane or Sue to say something...

Jane broke the silence with a deep breath and a nervous giggle. When she finally spoke, she chose her words carefully. 'Whew, that story was kind of weird, huh?' she asked, rhetorically. Sue and I both nodded in agreement. 'I'm going to be very honest with you both,' she continued. 'I am so aroused, right now, that I absolutely need to do something about it. This has really gotten to me.' Sue and I remained silent, considering her words. Neither of us responded. Jane spoke again. 'I want to tell you something I never thought I would share with anyone. When I 'play with myself,' I sometimes fantasize about both of you masturbating and what it would be like to watch you have your orgasms. I know that sounds 'depraved' and you probably think I'm horrible.' My mind was racing as Jane spoke, as I'm sure Sue's was, also. (So, I wasn't the only one that had thoughts of other females masturbating?) I was both relieved and very curious about Jane's words. Sue and I still did not say anything. Jane plunged forward with her words. 'Okay, tell you what,' she glanced at Sue, she glanced at me, 'I am going to 'play' tonight, in fact I can't wait much longer. I need to start soon. If you want to join me, I would be thrilled. If you don't and just want to leave the room that would be okay, also. I truly do not want either of you to do something you would rather not. We're still going to be best friends, either way, you know I love you both.'

My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest as I listened to Jane's words. I glanced at Sue and I knew she felt the same. What to do? I was torn. What Jane was suggesting seemed so 'bad', but so intriguing. I was so scared...I was so horny. Once again, I glanced at Sue, she was deep in thought. I looked at Jane and she returned my gaze with a hopeful expectancy. A minute or two passed, still silence. Then Jane lowered her hands to the bottom of her T-shirt, tugged at the edges, and pulled it up over her head, and removed it. She sat on the bed, bare from the waist up, and demurely waited to see what Sue and I would do...

In the past, I had seen both Jane and Sue unclothed. In the locker room at school and the school showers. When we had gone clothes shopping in the past I had also seen both of them in various stages of dress. Never in a situation like this, however. There was sufficient light in the bedroom to clearly see each other. Jane's bare breasts were clearly visible, and, yes, lovely. She was about a 36C with half-dollar size dark brown nipples. Her nipples were erect and hardened to about the size of a pencil eraser. She was obviously very sexually aroused. She brought both hands down to her breasts and gently began to pinch and tug her nipples as she watched her own manipulation. She then raised her eyes and looked at Sue and me...what would we do?...

Sue made her decision, first. She hesitated a moment longer. Sue, then lowered her hands and in one swift motion pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it aside. I mentioned above that Sue's breasts were about the same size as mine. Her breasts were about a 34B with a soft, supple look. Her nipples were a pale pink, that matched her light Irish skin. Like my nipples, they were about quarter-size, and like Jane, the tips of her nipples were in an aroused state and erect. Almost pouty looking, you could say. She had no sooner removed her T-shirt, when she looked Jane straight in the eyes and also began to fondle her own breasts. They watched each other, as I watched them both. I contemplated the situation a moment or two longer...I was shaking...What to do?...I made my decision...I dropped my hands and removed my T-shirt...

'Thank you,' Jane whispered softly.

'Let's not talk, let's just enjoy,' Sue responded.

I silently nodded my head in agreement.

We sat on the bed, all three of us, with our legs folded in front of us Indian style. I normally laid on my back on my bed at home when I masturbated. I dropped my hands to my breasts and also began to fondle them (when in Rome?). My nipples were harder than usual and sensitive to my touch. I looked at Jane and stared into her eyes. She held my gaze with a mixture of fondness and excitement. I looked away from Jane and captured Sue's eyes. She had the same look in her eyes, as Jane. There was no turning back. I settled on alternately observing Jane and then Sue. This very well could be a one time only experience. A minute or two into our 'mutual' Jane dropped her right hand down from her breast, slid it into her gym shorts, groped around a little, and then brought the moisture from down below, back up to her breasts and spread a little of her female moisture onto each of her nipples. Hmmm...never thought of that. Interesting! The light in the room was perfect for watching. Not too bright, not too dim. Sue dropped her right hand down and underneath her gym shorts. She commenced a gentle hand motion on her genitals. I found the movement of her hand, covered by her gym shorts, to be stimulating. There would be no way of describing my state of sexual arousal at this point. Never, I mean, never, had I been so sexually turned on. But I wanted this to last as long a possible...

Jane was the first one to remove her gym shorts. A quick pause from fondling her breasts and she took a moment to quickly remove her shorts. She then moved to the head of her bed, arranged two of her pillows to lie against, and settled half sitting and half lying at the head of her bed. We were all on top of the covers. 'Time to get serious,' she whispered. Jane spread her legs and raised them with her feet braced flat on the covers. Her pussy was clearly visible to us. Jane's pubic hair was dark brown and medium thick. It was somewhat matted from the moisture that had been seeping from her pussy. Her labia were puffy and thick. Her clitoris was enlarged and the size of a small grape (larger than mine, I realized, and mine's a little larger than the norm.) Her clit was 'poking' out prominently from under its hood. As she lowered her right hand down, she whispered, 'You too, before I start.' We knew what she meant...

Sue and I took a glance at each other and in unison removed our gym shorts. Nothing more to hide. By this time any hesitation on our part had been removed by our raging lust. We were still sitting on the bed. 'Let me get a better look at you,' Jane requested. Quite the bold one, Jane was. She was watching us from the head of her bed. All caution was now put aside. Sue went first. She dropped both her hands down and with a hand on each side of her pussy she spread herself. Sue had jet black pubic hair, just like on her head. Less thick than Jane's, with a soft, downy look.

What was striking about Sue's pussy was how pink it was, the color of very pale bubblegum. She also had the tiniest labia lips you could imagine, and her clitoris was no bigger than a very tiny pea. She looked so delicate. She expressed a little self-consciousness. 'I look like a little girl down there, compared to you, Jane,' she whined.

'You look just perfect, Sue, I like it,' Jane replied. I liked it too. So different. I could also detect the moisture that Sue's arousal had caused in her. She appeared to be absolutely drenched.

My goodness, I thought. 'Your turn,' they both said to me...

I dropped my hands and spread my pussy for them to see. Young Connie wasn't so shy after all! Interesting what a little lust will bring out in a girl. I've describe previously, what I look like 'down there.' My pubic hair is medium brown, curly, and was sparse at the time. (As and adult I keep it neatly trimmed and short.) My labia lips were thickened and a little longer than Jane's. My large pea size clitoris was enlarged and sneaking its way past my labia as I exposed myself to my friends. Once more, Sue remarked, 'Oh, I wish I was more like you two down there.' Once again, we both reassured her she was just perfect. Okay, then...

Our 'leader', Jane, spoke once again. 'I'm really anxious to get down to 'rubbing off.' Are you two ready?' I liked the way she said that.

'I normally lie down when I do it, Jane,' Sue said.

'Me, too,' I added.

'Well, there's room for one more up here,' Jane responded. Okay. What to do? Jane had an idea. She suggested that either Sue or I join her at the front of the bed, and the other one would be able to sit and watch from the end of the bed. Sue spoke first, 'I'll join Jane and you can sit and watch, okay, Connie?' I didn't know about that. I had always lay down to 'self-pleasure,' never sitting up. Sue didn't wait for me to answer. She scrambled up to the front of the bed with Jane, arranged a couple of the other pillows that were there, and lay down next to Jane.

'No fair!' I blurted.

'Come on, Connie, it won't be so bad, you'll have a perfect view of both of us,' Jane retorted. I considered this. Maybe sitting and watching while I got myself 'off' wasn't such a bad idea. I agreed to the arrangement. 'Just one more thing,' Jane continued, (she could be bossy), 'Why don't we all try to have our orgasms at the same time?' What a novel idea! Sue and I quickly acknowledged our agreement. This should be special, I thought.

'No talking from here on,' Sue pleaded. 'I'm so 'horny' right now, I'm going to jump out of my skin.'

'Me too,' Jane said, 'We're going to have to go slow to make it last as long as we can...' And so we began...

The first thing I realized as we started, was that each of us had a different method to coax those wonderful spasms from our bodies. Jane immediately touched her left hand to her pussy and retrieved more of her juices, and then brought the moisture up to her breasts and spread some on each of her nipples. She alternated pinching and kneading the nipples on her breasts, constantly, as she masturbated. She dropped her right hand down to the center of her pussy, and with her middle and ring fingers she gently caressed her enlarged clitoris with the hood covering. She stroked slowly at first, and after each dozen or so strokes, would drop these same two fingers down to her opening and slide them in and out of herself several times, bring them back out and repeat this process. As we started, she did this very slowly, and as we continued, she did it a bit faster the next time around. Very interesting...very mesmerizing...

Sue's method was different, also. After initially fondling her breasts and toying with her erect nipples she moved both her hands down her body. She rested her left hand on her lower stomach and gently rubbed back and forth on it. She dropped her right hand and immediately inserted her index and middle fingers inside her pussy. She twisted these fingers inside herself so that her right thumb was in a position to commence a circular rotation against her tiny clit. She also went slow at first, and gradually increased the speed of her fingers and thumb as she continued on. Once or twice she brought her right hand back up, rubbed some of her female nectar on her breasts, and took a lingering smell of her fingers. (Yes, I thought, when she did that the first time, I'm not the only one that appreciates that smell.) Watching Jane and Sue had an inflaming effect on me...

As I sat and watched, I brought my right hand down to my soaking pussy. A little different, sitting, rather than lying down. There was a bed frame at the foot of the bed and I shuffled my body back so that I could take advantage of bracing my back against it. The frame felt a little hard against my back, but I hardly noticed. I raised and spread my legs and my feet settled on the bed mattress. Not at all uncomfortable, I must say. I commenced with my own frigging. I dropped both my hands, and found my wanting labia lips. I gently rolled and tugged at them with my thumbs and index fingers on either hand. I dipped my right hand down, gathered some of my copious moisture and spread it around my pussy. It was so slippery, I was so wet. My clit was begging for attention. I brought my right index and middle fingers together, placed them on the outside of my right labia and began to gently stroke my engorged clitoris underneath. I had a sense of it being more erect and hardened than at any time in the past. My 'little guy in the boat' was begging for some overdue attention. I was not going to disappoint. I never took my eyes off of Jane and Sue as I started my journey to what would be the best orgasm of my young life...

Jane and Sue were intently pursuing their own ultimate pleasure. Their eyes were also open. I could see them alternately watching me and casting glances down at each other's respective nether region. Jane's right hand at the top of her pussy, her two middle fingers gliding the slippery hood of her clit again and again, over her enlarged nub. Slow, then a bit faster...then pausing and sliding these same two fingers down to fuck herself, penetrating herself, eagerly. As she became more excited she finger-fucked herself with more enthusiasm. Almost with a crazed lust, I thought. Sue, also was becoming more animated. Her fingers were tucked snuggly inside herself, as her thumb worked its magic on her tiny button. I glanced up at her face and realized she was staring intently at the activity my fingers were performing on me. She glanced up, and our eyes locked. She never seemed more dear to me than she did at that moment. Such a pretty girl, such a 'bad' girl! What a sexy combination...

At first, I think, we made an attempt to stifle the sounds our ministrations were bringing to our lips. That didn't last long. Shortly into our session, I became aware of Sue and Jane (or was that me?), gasping and softly moaning in response to the pleasure we were giving to ourselves. I also became very aware of the squishing sounds being made as a result of three sets of flying fingers frantically racing on three very sopping wet pussies. That may have been the most exciting aspect to me. I find that sound to be soooo erotic. Multiplied by three was exquisite! Stereo, if you will...

We were several minutes into our mutual session. All three of us had started slow...then a little faster...then slow, again...and then faster. I was trying to pace myself. I could have cum within a couple of minutes of when we started, I was that aroused. I was delaying my gratification as long as I could, in order to have our mutual orgasm, per Jane's request. I realized that all three of us had settled into the same rhythm. We were slowing down together and then speeding up at the same pace, all in our own unique way. Our self-pleasuring sojourn had taken on a life of its own...

Jane, finally spoke. 'I am really close, I can't hold off much longer.' Sue and I both quickly confirmed we were also very close to the edge. 'Let's get real close once more, stop, and then go for it,' Jane suggested. Sue and I nodded our heads in agreement. 'Okay, here goes,' Jane said softly...

We started up again. In less than a minute Jane paused and ceased her finger movement...A very few seconds later I also paused, almost not in time..whew!!!...I was soooo close. Just a few seconds later Sue's hand suddenly froze to stop her impending orgasm...The stage was set...'Okay, girls, let's go for it, take a deep breath,' Jane instructed...

Jane went over the edge first. I watched as her furiously flying fingers brought on her orgasm. Her body froze for a moment and then she let loose. Her face went into contortions...her toes curled...she shuddered from the intensity of her spasms...nnnnnnggggghhhhh...she groaned uncontrollably. Watching Jane's body tumble into orgasmic bliss set Sue and me off at precisely the same instant. My first spasm literally lifted my body off the mattress...one looooooooooong SPASM unlike any I had ever experienced...more intense than any previous orgasm...an animal moan escaped my lips...the first long spasm followed by several more of almost equal intensity...I gasped...I shuddered...when I thought the last spasm was out of my body...a couple of more, coaxed their way out of me. Sue was in the throes of her own completion at the same time...My eyes never left her as my orgasm overtook me. 'Oh god, oh god, oh god!' she screamed. She had her two fuck fingers buried deep inside, as her rotating thumb brought her first spasm on...a long spasm, like mine...then a pause and she rolled her thumb once again across her clit...another spasm...another pause...each rotation of her thumb bringing on the next spasm...again, and again, and again. She shuddered and she moaned until the last spasm had escaped her body. Finally all three of us were spent. We collapsed on the bed. My body was utterly numb...I couldn't move...

We lay in the silence of the bedroom for several minutes afterwards, not speaking a word. No one seemed to want to be the first to break the silence. Jane finally spoke. She did not allude to what had just taken place. 'I am really tired and need to go to sleep,' was all she said.

'Me, too' said Sue.

'Me, too' I said.

Sue and I got off the bed, grabbed our sleeping bags, and settled on the floor for a much needed night's rest. As exhausted as I was from the night's activities, it took a while for me to fall off to sleep. My mind was racing with thoughts of what had happened. A really strange night, I thought to myself. My genital area never felt as spent as it was then. I finally drifted off to sleep. We talked about what had happened the next morning. We all were slightly sheepish but agreed that we had no regrets. We remained the best of friends, and yes, although it was infrequent, we did repeat this experience a couple of more times in the future.


And so, I come to the end of my Third Installment. I realize this might be entirely too long for this type of format. I suppose that's for the Webmaster to decide. [Webmaster's note: Uhhh, no complaints from me...] I welcome comments, negative or positive, from anyone who has taken the time to read this. You can leave your comments for me in the 'Specific Contribution' comment section of Solo Touch. I check there regularly. Once again, the feedback I receive will ether encourage or discourage me from submitting future contributions. I do not want to become 'stale' or wear out my welcome. I do think I have some other true experiences that someone out there might enjoy. Let me know. Take care.




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