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Congratulations, Katie!

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I love this safe site for sharing experiences and asking questions in a safe environment.


Congratulations, Katie for talking about 'parental responsibility' to teach children how to pleasure themselves. The only sex training I received from my parents was after my sister was born when I was 10 and my mother showed me when changing her diaper that 'girls are different than boys' and that is all that was ever said. Gratefully, in gradeschool I learned how to pleasure myself from an older boy -- and will write a story about that sometime.
As a young girl, my wife ran crying to her mother when she had her first menstrual period thinking she was going to die. Her mother admitted that she should have told her about that before it happened. And that was all that she was ever taught.
About a year after we were married, we bought a book entitled Love Without Fear and learned that females can experience as much pleasure as males and it even described how husbands can please their spouses by licking and sucking their clitoris. Wow! That opened up some new doors for us! However, having learned at an early age how to achieve exciting thrills and extreme pleasure by playing with my love wand until love juice gushes forth, my wife and I both know that I feel the need to experience orgasm much oftener than she does because she never made it a priority in her youth.
Oh, she really loves it when I hold, fondle, squeeze, knead, stroke, lick, and suck her breasts and also hold her Love Nest loving in the palm of my hand, start massaging her crotch on the outside, slip a finger between her vaginal lips to explore her most private possession, start tickling her clit, slip in and out of her Love Canal, lick all around inside between her vaginal lips, and focus on her clit by licking it, and sucking it while doing the A, B, C's with my tongue! Usually, she can't wait to orgasm as long as I'd like to continue loving her and say's, 'Let me finish.' Then tickling herself while I stroke my shaft, she explodes in a few minutes! Once she orgasmed so hard she raised herself up with her knees bent until her buttocks were high in the air and just held that position a long time while the passion coursed through her body creating pleasure from top to bottom! I loved watching her be so excited and wish I could repeat it every day or twice a day, morning and evening.
But that's where the crunch comes in. She doesn't want nor need to orgasm but only every month or so. Sob. She doesn't even feel the need for hugging, kissing, touching our naked bodies together, or any other sexual activities frequently at all and can go 3 to 6 weeks in between. I can't and for the nearly 40 years of our married life have stimulated myself to orgasm several times a week when she is not home or watching TV or sleeping.
For years, when she was aware of my erection throbbing in anticipation of excitement, she would say, 'Oh, no.' or 'Not again.' or 'Down, boy.' or 'Put it away.' Every such put down felt like an ax chop to my favorite tool. With all those putdowns for nearly 40 years of our married life, all those putdown were gradually taking their toll on my ability to achieve erections and maintain them and occasionally have not even been able to bring myself to orgasm.
In more recent years, my wife has actually taken a bit more to being helpful when I lay my erection in her hand first thing in the morning and squeezes it playfully, sometime rubbing up and down, and occasionally asking if it's 'chapped' meaning 'Do you want some lotion?' Of course, I never say no! It feels like I'm in heaven when she plays with me, but usually tires before I ejaculate and says, 'My hands tired. You take over.' She will lay her head on my chest and watch till I spurt, but at my age it doesn't have enough force anymore to hit her in the face.
For years, I always felt cheated when she chose not to participate in the pleasure, but I've gradually gotten over that and simply enjoy any touch from her and any ejaculations I can. Since pornography does not turn me on, I am so grateful that I found this site when searching for 'masturbation stories.' Now I simply type in SoloTouch first thing in the morning and go excruciatingly slow for an hour or more until I simply have to speed up and explode my volcano, mid-afternoon when I'm ready for another orgasm, and late evening when my wife is watching TV or snoring and I slip out of bed quietly for another pumping session! What I feel is her main problem is that her parents never instructed her in how to achieve pleasure so she could make pleasure a priority in her youth. To this day, I feel cheated because as her husband I'm not receiving all the joy I could from mutual pleasuring in our marriage, but have never treated her roughly. I have to believe that because her parents were from the 'old school,' they didn't know how either. Her dad always had long, dirty fingernails, so I know he never tickled my mother-in-law.
One last bit of info: as a health professional, my wife had learned all the body parts in biology and physiology, but was never taught that the clitoris can give females as much pleasure as a man is capable of achieving. That little book was a real education, but my wife did not learn about tickling herself soon enough to enjoy it frequently in her adulthood. So I heartily congratulate all parents who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and teach their children about what feels good. As embarrassing as the topic may seem to adults who were not taught by their parents, love and respect your children enough to teach them, but be careful not to get involved in what the courts call incest and result in prison time.
You may notice that I have chosen not to use the word masturbate. That is deliberate because the dictionary defines it as 'defiling by hand,' and I do not believe that self-pleasuring and self-stimulating or auto-eroticism is defiling one's own body. I used to think of it as sin until a massage therapist asked 'What wrong with it?' (See 'Great Massages.')
Working onself up to orgasm is as important as other self-pleasuring activities as eating, putting on nice clothing, etc. The best part about this activity is that it is safe from contacting disease, inexpensive, does not cause pregnancy, feels great, and is non-fattening! I love to tickle myself until my body explodes with fireworks filling the entire middle section of my body and finally reaches my brain! Even at my age, I enjoy ejaculating 3 times a day on alternate days (See 'Nighttime Erections.'), although the first one always produces the most, thickest, whitest, hottest Love Juice and the others somewhat less and somewhat less thick, but always hot cream!
Keep tickling! Self-pleasure is vital to enjoying life overall and maintaining a positive self-image! I have to pump now because I've been typing with both hands! I can hardly wait to submit this and get started sending spasms of enjoyment throughout my body! Every erection and every orgasm is a miracle! Be sure to thank our Creator for giving us such fantastic body parts and such fantastic thrills! Tickle as slowly as you can to make the tingles last as long as you can! I'm always jealous when I read that females can experience from 2 to 10 orgasms in a row without stopping! Self-love to you all!
And to our webmaster, I say, keep up the good work. It's more important to all of us than you'll ever know -- unless you're keeping a private tally of how many times this site is logged on to. I'm sure you must be enjoying life also!



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