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Confused but Eager Little Brother

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I was fifteen and thoroughly enjoyed frequent masturbation. This story is about me and my little bro. I'm just under six foot, brown hair, brown eyes and (having measured recently) just past the seven inch line. I had a small snail trail. My family is pretty athletic so I already have some slight abs, am well-toned and bronzed to perfection. My brother, who was 13 at the time, is like a two year younger version of me.

It was a fairly warm day and it was just me and my brother at home. Our older brother and sister were out for the weekend and our parents wouldn't be home till nine that night. I could hear my brother watching television downstairs so I went to my room and turn my computer on. I went to my favourite porn site and settled comfortably on my bed.

Being a hot day I took my clothes off and started stroking my dick as I watch a blonde chick with big tits getting pounded by a young guy.

I was just getting to the excited fast-paced stage when my door suddenly opened and my little brother walked in.

'Hey Chris... what are you doing?' He said stunned.

'Daniel, get out, you little fuck,' I shouted trying to cover my rock-hard dick and turn off the porn.

'I'll tell dad unless you tell me,' he said.

I froze because our dad would have killed me if he knew Daniel had caught me in the act. Or I would've died of embarrassment.

'Fine, but get in and close the door.'

He did and came over. 'So what were you doing?'

'You don't know what masturbating is?' I asked. By his age I was already cumming into a sock every night.

He shook his head.

'Well, that was what I was doing and I'm sure as hell not going to explain it to you.'

'Fine, I'll ask dad to and I'll tell him where I saw it too,' he threatened.

I was caught behind a rock and a hard place. And my dick was still throbbing. I was as horny as fucking hell.

'Fine, I'll teach you,' I said grumbling, trying to hide the fact that I was a little excited at the prospect of jerking with my little brother.

'Take your clothes off and sit next to me,' I said finding another porno and turning the volume up. This time it was a threesome with two guys and a girl and she was getting fucked from both sides.

Daniel did as he was told and sat next to me. His 5-inch dick was pointing straight up.

'Just do what I do,' I said grabbing my cock and stroking.

He tried to copy but I could see that he was doing it wrong and not enjoying it.

'No, like this,' I said grabbing his dick.

'Oh, yeah,' Daniel moaned as I wanked him. 'That feels so good.'

I was as horny as hell by this kinky stuff and jerked even faster. 'Yeah, little brother, I want you to feel good.'

Daniel started to buck his hips and he was covered in sweat. 'Oh yeah, oh yeah.'

I cupped his balls with my other hand and began to squeeze them.

Daniel buried his face into my sweaty shoulder and bit down as he moaned.

I let go of his balls to lift his head up and we looked at each other. I couldn't resist his warm breath and full lips. Not even realising what I was doing I leaned down and full-on kissed him. I felt his tongue tired to enter my mouth and I let him.

He broke away as his dick started to twitch.

'Oh, Chris. Yes, Chris, yes.' He panted.

'Fuck I want you to cum,' I moaned jerking him even faster. 'Cum, little brother. Cum all over my hand.'

Daniel gave a final thrust with his hips and spurted cum. Five ropes went over my hands and afterwards he laid there, exhausted but happy.

He kissed me again.

'Thanks, Chris,' he said getting up.

'Whoa,' I said pulling him back down. 'I haven't cummed yet.'

Daniel looked down at my seven inch raging boner in awe. 'You want me to wank you?'

'More than anything,' I said. I push him off the bed and laid down so that my legs were over the edge and open.

He knelt down in front of my dick and balls. 'Now?'

'Yes, fuck,' I said. I could feel his hot breath as he grabbed my cock.

He began to stroke it and I was in ecstasy.

'Don't forget my balls.'

I felt him grabbed them both and rolled them around. I suddenly felt his tongue lick the head of my cock.

'No,' I said immediately. 'Just wank me. I want you to jerk me off, nothing else.'

I could sense his disappointment but I didn't relent so he returned to jacking my cock off. I could feel the cum rise up and I quickly stood up. I picked Daniel up and laid him on the bed.

'Watch this,' I said and started to jerk my dick as fast as I've ever done before.

'OF FUCK YES!' I yelled as I came.

Daniel watch as my balls jerked and spurt after spurt of cum shot from my dick and landed over Daniel's face, neck, chest and stomach.

When I was done he was covered in cum and I bent down to kiss him again.

'That was as hot as fuck, little bro.'

'I love you, Chris,' he said as he began to rub my cum over his dick which was hard again.

'Want me to take care of that again for you?' I said grabbing his cum-soaked cock.

'Fuck yes,' he moaned.



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