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Confessions of a Wife

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I enjoyed reading the post about the wife who masturbates as her husband sleeps beside her, because I too indulge in that little pleasure. But I thought people would also be interested in my other masturbating sessions-'behind my husband's back.' We have a great sex life and share mutual masturbation sessions, but I also love to indulge my personal needs with marathon sessions when he is not there.

The reason I think of it being 'behind his back' is not that he doesn't know I play with myself when I am alone, but it is because of what I exactly get up to on these lengthy sessions, which can often last up to a couple of hours. It's not that he would disapprove-completely the opposite in fact. But I like to keep them my little secret because the very nature of some masturbation is that it is a solitary pleasure.

Every 4 to 6 weeks he goes away on business for two nights at a time. It means that I know I am all alone in the house with no chance of being disturbed. I begin to experience a small degree of excitement and anticipation in the run up to these trips because I know what is coming. On the first night he is away I start by making a quick phone call to him, both to see how he is, and also to check he is still away and hasn't been called back unexpectedly, and is about to walk through the door! Once we have chatted, we wish each other good night, he goes off out with some work mates for drinks and a meal-and I start to play.

First of all I close all the curtains, lock all the doors, put the answerphone on and pour myself a large glass of wine. I then take all my clothes off including my panties and bra. I then get together my 'play kit' which consists of two vibrators, an anal dildo, some KY jelly and a couple of items from my husband's secret drawer, more of which later.

The first part of my session involves the computer. I go online and head to the solo touch website, either that or I do a general search using the words 'voyeur, exhibitionist, erotic, stories, curious'. I'm rarely disappointed. I spend quite a long time reading beautifully erotic stories which slowly but surely gets me going. As I'm reading my right hand controls the mouse and my left starts to roam across my body. I stroke my nipples on my small but tender breasts, then move across my stomach, down along my thighs, moving reallly slowly. After about 15 minutes of stroking I start to slowly part my legs. I'm starting to get very wet now and I take one finger and lightly rub my outer lips. I might go off line now and pick up my favourite book in the whole world-'Women on Top' by Nancy Friday. Reading other women's fantasies never fails to seriously turn me on.

Being horny fascinates me. It's like an inner engine is switched on and once it is running my mind changes, thoughts which half an hour ago would have left me cold now drive my desires. In the Nancy Friday book I search out fantasies of straight women being seduced by another woman, perhaps a cold-calling saleswoman who knocks on their door, or women who engages in cunnilingus with a dog, masturbating for a crowd... all of which I could never entertain in the 'real' world... but once my engine is turned on I want them all.

I move into our lounge and lie on the couch. I pick up one of the vibrators and move it across my lips, they are so wet now it slips easily in. I move it all the way in and slowly turn it on, slowly increasing the speed as I pick up the second vibrator and place that on my clit, again turning it on slowly. I catch my breath as the sensations ripple through my whole pussy... I could cum so quickly and easily now but that's not my aim. I intend to indulge myself, tease myself, get near the edge and draw back again and again. It's better that way.

Another thing I don't think my husband knows that I know-his stash of porn in his not-so-secret drawer. He has a couple of magazines incluing one which has a contact section, dozens of ordinary men and women advertising to meet partners for sex. I turn to these pages, ignoring the glossy pictures of the models, I want to see real people who are so open and comfortable with their sexuality they pose naked in a magazine looking for sex, nothing more, nothing less. I wish I had their nerve.

I pour over the pictures of beautiful women with shaven pussies, men with huge cocks. I find a woman I like, imagine her between my legs, licking my pussy as my husband fucks her from behind. This again is down to my 'horny engine'. We've never had a threesome, never gone swinging. We probably never will but once I'm turned on I want to do it so badly. One time I was so horny I even rang one of the sex lines advertised in the magazine. The woman seemed really surpised it was another woman ringing her. I told her I didn't really want her to talk dirty to me. I just wanted her to listen to me. I was so aroused I was desperate to share my orgasm with someone. It felt incredibly erotic, almost like she was with me in the room. She might have been painting her nails at the other end for all I know but she did sound turned on herself. I like to think that after the call she too masturbated.

I felt a bit ashamed afterwards, probably daft to feel that way, but I couldn't help it and I've never done it again.

Sometimes I'll kneel on all fours as I'm looking at the magazine and get the KY jelly out, smear it across my ass and slowly insert the anal dildo, rocking back and forward, I slump forward so both hands can take care of myself, one thrusting the dildo in and out of my ass as another rubs my my clit. I'm usually getting close to orgaqsm by now but my horny engine is demanding more. The hornier I get the more extreme I want it.

Another thing my husband doesn't know I know-his log on details for his computer and where he keeps his naughty file.

I click on a file called Rachel, it's my favourite. A pretty, dark-haired woman of about 45, very womanly, very erotic but very real, not Hollywood looks, just the woman next door. She is lying on a bed, camera is positioned at the end of the bed and she is masturbating, knees pulled up, one hand pulling at a nipple, the other moving across her pussy, getting faster and faster. It's all real, there's no pathetic porn-movie ahhs and oohs, you know she is about to have a PROPER orgasm. I get the two vibrators, using the smaller anal dildo has loosened me and I ease the bigger vibrator into my ass, covered in jelly it slips easily in. I then slip the other one into my pussy and turn them both on, right to the max now. I look at Rachel and she looks back at me. She is close and so am I. I have watched this video so many times now I have got my timing down to a tee. I rub my clitty furiously, copying Rachel's moves and again I time it just right. As Rachel's moans reach a peak and her hips buck forward I follow suit, my orgasm rushes up from my feet enveloping my whole body as two vibrators turn my whole pussy and ass area one huge buzzzing orgasm. I slump back in the chair, totally spent. It's been more than two hours since I started. It's been fantastic. I can't wait to see my husband again. But I can't wait until he goes on another trip aswell!



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