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Confessions of a Satyr

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Confessions of a Satyr
A satyr was a lustful, pleasure-seeking god in ancient mythology - that about describes me. I've been enjoying masturbation since I was a pre-teen and I'm 52 now; married over 26 years to a sexy woman who enjoys many forms of sexual satisfaction, including masturbation.

I learned to masturbate from the boy next door one hot August day in our garage. He asked if I knew how to "jack-off" and of course, I didn't. He gladly proceeded to pull out his young cock and begin stroking with a thumb-and-forefinger "pencil grip." It's funny how the first method you learn sticks with you through the years, even though you learn other ways to pleasure yourself. That night I lay in bed practicing what I had been shown and before long electricity shot through my body. WOW!! I didn't ejaculate yet, but what a RUSH!! I was hooked!
Before long I was sharing masturbation with other male classmates; paging through pilfered copies of Playboy. We discovered a treasure trove of porn on a school paper drive and divided up the spoils amongst ourselves. Now I had access to some real hot pictures. I whacked off daily to sexy ladies in black hose and heels and got my first view of a pussy.
Another hot memory is one of a Cuban classmate; a lad with a man-sized cock and a thick bush of black pubic hair. He asked if I had experienced ejaculation yet. No, I hadn't. He whipped it out, firmed it up and pumped off a huge load of cum. Ropes of it shot high into the air. I was fascinated. We spent several afternoons together on my parent's couch, stroking ourselves and each other to orgasm.
Naturally, I was rewarded with my own glorious cum within a year or so and my masturbation pleasures were better for it. I also discovered anal play which I enjoyed on occasion. I liked to take Crayola crayons, strip off the paper, lube them up with vaseline or spit and slide their slender coolness up my ass. They were just the right size!
My masturbation pleasure continued into my later teen and college years. I hadn't had sex with a woman yet. A couple of girls let me slip fingers in their pussies, but that was about it. When I met the girl whom I would eventually marry, we would (I found out later) engage in heavy petting and then both go home and masturbate like crazy! During that first year of marriage, we fucked and sucked each other like weasels, but never discussed masturbation. I'm sure she knew I jacked-off, cause I always had a magazine or two laying around. Then one night we got pretty stoned and I made some nasty, sexy comment about jerking off on her. "Go ahead," she replied! "I will if you will," I said. She hesitated but agreed. We were both getting VERY horny!
I dropped my pants, took out my cock and sheepishly began stroking my erection. She watched with intent as I displayed myself proudly and pumped off a handsome load of semen.
"OK, your turn," I said, wiping up the mess from the couch and her legs. She pulled down her jeans and panties and began a rapid back-and-forth action with her middle finger on her clit. I could smell her lusty juices as she closed her eyes and jilled-off for me. It was the first time I"d ever seen a woman masturbate and I was in heaven. In a short time, she began whimpering and arching her back. With a short scream, she climaxed before me and collapsed in a heap.
Ever since that night, masturbation has been an important part of our marriage and our sexual activities. We both jerk-off; privately and together. Usually, we share a "play session" one night a week. She lays out on the sofa with her favorite vibrator (Ladies Note: get an Eroscillator; it actually rotates rapidly like a toothbrush and it'll last for years.) My wife once talked to another woman who owned one and they agreed they could sell them door-to-door. This is hardly a "toy." It never fails to satisfy her. I sit on the arm of the sofa at her feet. stroking my cock and watching. Our favorite lube is ForPlay; it's a gel that's not runny and it doesn't dry out quickly like others. If I can I time my orgasm to hers and shoot on her belly.
Personally, I masturbate a little each day; not always to orgasm. I like to have at least one good marathon session a week when I'm alone - at least an hour. I settle down with a good magazine, video or this web site, lube, toys and a towel. I start out "dry" teasing my cock, getting it fully hard, anticipating my final orgasm. By the time my pre-cum is oozing out, I'm getting really jazzed. I lube up and vary my strokes; pencil grip and full hand, concentrating below the glans. I like to take myself up to the Edge several times to build the erotic tension before concentrating on a particular picture or story.
My most effective stimulus is a picture of a woman displaying a well-hung, meaty pussy; one with long, dark lips and a swollen clit, peaking out from under the hood. She doesn't have to spread it open; just let it hang down in a sitting or squatting pose. I prefer large labia to the more youthful smooth slits. Incidentally, my wife's labia are of good size and so is her clit. When she masturbates, she sometimes produces a "Super Clit" for me; one that's huge and hard. She invites me to touch it and feel its rigidity as she keeps it full for a few minutes. She enjoys dildos, too - soft jelly ones over hard latex. She likes it when I put on a latex glove (smooth fingers) and rotate my finger(s) in the vaginal openeing. I start out slow and build in speed and intensity. Soon I'm stirring her cunt, making wet, swampy sounds.
Masturbation continues to be an important, satisfying pleasure for both of us and we encourage other couples to share their solo pleasures with each other. Do it together as well as alone and tell each other "confessions" of how you enjoyed yourself in private. According to the latest statistics, better than 60% of women masturbate regularly, between once a month and daily. They enjoy it as much as men and it's so stimulating to open up and share this very intimate part of yourself. Ladies and gentlemen - keep on stroking!!!



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