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Confessions of a Life-Long Wanker

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Confessions of a Life-Long Wanker
Geez, do I ever love to wank. It's my most ardent hobby in life nowadays - I probably cum three or four times a day on average, and on long and really horny sessions, if I have nothing to do, I spend all day just masturbating, teasing my clit and rubbing myself, enjoying those wonderful sensations and making them last and last and last.
These days, I sometimes lie on the bed with my portable computer between my legs, reading all these horny stories on this board and wanking until I am so turned on in the end that I cum reading about all these other horny experiences. I've always been turned on by fantasising about others masturbating and it comes from my earliest experience of anything sexual. I had a blind grand-uncle who was bedridden and he didn't know that I was sitting in the room with him at times, quiet as a mouse and I'd watch as he used his bed-pan and then at times he would take his penis, which was HUGE and just fondle it. He didn't do anything else, but it was my first and very secretive voyeurism and it has stayed with me since those childhood days.
I have been playing with my clit ever since I can remember and although I'm in my early 40's now, I've only ever cum once by someone else and that was when he was flicking my clit with his tongue, after I'd been bringing myself on for ages before the climax.
When I was very young, probably around 10 or 11, I used rubber gloves stuffed with tissues and lubed up, to rub against myself when I was really horny. I used to stick the longer finger up my ass too and hump it as much as I could while I fingered my clit frantically until I came.
I make myself cum in the shower every day, I use high pressure jets and lie in the shower, legs spread wide and let the jet hit my clit - it drives me wild and I'm sure the neighbours can hear my moans of extasy. I sometimes stand in the shower too, holding the shower head and directing it towards my hard clit. I have a big clit and I think all the exercise I've been giving it throughout the years as encouraged it's growth. I think of it as my little penis and I fantasise frantically about having my own penis. I'd love to be able to fuck my lover in the ass - it's our biggest fantasy. We both fantasise about being with a shemale and we hope to make this dream cum true one day.
I have a great lover and we masturbate together more often than making love in the "normal" way. We don't concentrate much on the vagina as he loves getting it up the ass - I finger him a lot and am considering buying a strap-on dildo so that I can fuck him as he'd like. We masturbate for each other every time we get together and he also fucks me in in the ass while I masturbate myself - I LOVE IT !! I love watching him masturbating - the way he holds his dick, the differing speeds he wanks at, the expressions on his face as the sensual feelings start to take a hold of him - as he nears the end, he wanks faster and faster in short spurts and then as the orgasm hits he spurts all over the place (but usually on me) and makes the loudest noises. Needless to say, I use these images when I'm on my own to make me cum too.
I've wanked myself in all sorts of situations throughout the years - in company, on buses, in trains, in the office toilets, in other people's houses when I'm visiting them. I use all sorts of implements too, sticking them in my pants and rubbing myself against them.
When I was very, very young I used to love filling my knickers with pebbles and walking around until I experienced delicious sexual sensations. As the years went on I perfected this and as we lived near a beach I was able to find a smoothed out stone in the long shape of a penis, which I hid and used for years. I used to walk around with it in my panties while wearing very tight jeans, but with a long sweater or t-shirt - I'd go for long walks with this lubed up stone and walked and walked, rubbing myself against it until I orgasmed out there in the open. I haven't done this for years now, but now that I'm writing about it I think the next time I visit my parent's place that I'll have a look to see if the stone is still in it's hiding place and try it out one more time.
I'd often walk out onto the moors in the summertime and take all my clothes off and wank for hours, experimenting with stones, soggy moss, soft peat, slimy stones in the river and all sorts of things. I just loved the sensation of these different materials against my clit. I've humped all kinds of things in my experiments and still do this until this day.
Later on in life I discovered vibrators and used them a lot and the stronger the power the better my clit and I liked it. I would walk around with it in my jeans in the house, moaning and saying things like 'fuck me', fuck me, "oh fuck that's good" - which is something I find I always say in these erotic situations. I use body massagers as well - but I take the heads off and use the pin that holds the heads to thump and pump hard against my clit - it gives me multiple orgasms and makes me go crazy.
I have various ways of wanking with my hand - I often use the middle finger of my right hand to stimulate the side of my clit in a sort of circular motion - I have never been able to successfully teach anyone else how to bring me on in this way. I also have the method of grabbing my pubic hairs and pulling my clit as far up as possible, this making it easy to flick with my whole hand - I flick the clit area back and forth very lightly, but very quickly and it's FANTASTIC - this is a very sensual method and one that I use when I know I'm going to be masturbating for a long time - the finger method often ends up making my clit area a bit sore after five or six heavy sessions.
I love being able to write this all down - it's something I've never done before and although there's a million and one other instances I could write about, I guess I'd better close. It's making me all horny in any case and I'm just going to have to go and deal with myself after I send this off. I wonder what method I'll choose tonight??



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