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Confessions of a Former Exhibitionist

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Since for some people it is important to know cut or uncut...I am circumcised.


When I was around fourteen I was tall and skinny. I was nearly 6ft tall. My hair was long and an unnatural jet black color. I always kept it over my face and I was a loner except for one friend.

Although my friend and I did engage in mutual masturbation until we graduated High School, this experience doesn't involve him very much but it involves my exhibitionism. I don't know exactly when my joy of exposing myself started or why it ever started but I remember very clearly in first grade getting in big trouble for chasing after a group of girls on the playground while my penis was sticking out of the fly of my pants. In fourth grade, I lifted up the leg of my shorts to show a girl sitting across from me my testicles, I got in trouble for that as well.

In sixth grade I got banned from the community pool over the summer for changing into my swimsuit in full view of the public. Bottom line was there was something about me where I liked people to see my dick. The only exception was my Mother other than that I enjoyed the attention.

In eighth grade I was fairly well endowed, I had a six inch erection that I measured frequently and a really thick penis, a thick penis that seemed even thicker because I was so tall and thin. My penis size now is just less than seven inches.

I began to like playing sports not because I was good but because it gave me an excuse to walk around the locker room naked and know that people were looking at me.

My time on the Junior High basketball team during eighth grade did not last the entire season because other players thought I was weird and I suppose that had to do with my obvious enjoyment of being nude in front of them. By the time eighth grade was over I was developing this dark, semi gothic persona, I began to wear darker colors, I let my hair grow out, dyed it black and became much more introverted in every way except one, I still liked showing my dick off.

That's pretty much the way I met my best friend; 'James', I was standing at a urinal and he came in and I could tell he was looking at me so I backed up and let him see more and after nearly a minute of me fondling myself and him nervously catching glances, I broke the ice and asked him to show me what he had. James backed up and let me see and from that point on we became good friends although we didn't share any classes at school or live very close to each other.

My parents hired a cleaning lady over the summer between my eighth and ninth grade years to come by the house once a week, the cleaning lady was an older hispanic lady who spoke broken English, she was in her mid 50's I am guessing. I wanted her to catch me masturbating so I went into the bathroom when I knew she was coming in to clean it; I dropped my pants and masturbated knowing full well she would walk in on me.

She did and saw everything, I feigned embarrassment and she apologized, I was secretly pleased and did a similar action next week except the next time she caught me in my room when I was in the middle of 'changing clothes'. I alternated places and accidental situations she would catch me in, week by week for almost two months.

Sometimes she would 'catch' me masturbating other times when I was just getting out of a shower or changing clothes but the main thing that I liked is that another human being was seeing my penis, I looked forward to her visits each week.

The last and final time I 'accidentally' exposed myself to the cleaning lady was during my 'ultimate plan'. My ultimate plan was to have the cleaning lady walk in on me while I was asleep. The catch of course is that I would be sleeping in the nude on top of the covers and of course that I wouldn't really be sleep.

I knew that it would go off perfectly because that particular day I was told by my mom to let the cleaning lady in so I knew it would just be the two of us. When I let her in I told her I was tired and would be going to sleep but that it was OK to clean my room. Rather than getting completely nude I wore pyjama pants and let my penis and testicles hang out of the opening.

I pretended to be sleeping no more than ten minutes when I heard the cleaning lady coming into my room; she saw my genitals just like I wanted her to. 'I no want to see...I no like...on purpose, on purpose' she said. Immediately I jumped up and covered myself and tried to assure that it was an accident. 'No accident, last week and every time same thing happen.'

She was scared of me and almost in tears; she got out of the house so fast that I did not have a chance to explain myself (not that I could explain if I had eternity on Earth). I knew that it was a matter of time until my parents found out but surprisingly they didn't find out for a few days when the housekeeper came by to pick up something she mistakenly left behind and to tell them that she was quitting. When my Mom asked why she was quitting she began to tell her reason in very broken English all the times she had seen me nude and/or playing with myself. She basically said that at first she thought it was an accident when she caught me naked but it happened every week and then she knew I was exposing myself on purpose and she was scared of me because I made her nervous and she didn't want to come back.

It was very easy for my parents to believe because they knew my history and after the housekeeper quit my relationship with my family went downhill for a few years. During that few years especially during freshman year of High School, I avoided my family as much as possible and I found seedy places where there were plenty of people wanting to see a boy my age expose himself. I think that it is well known that some public parks during certain hours of the day are a haven for people looking for a mutual partner and I found many jerk off buddies, most of them were much older but as long as they only wanted to watch me masturbate I had no problem doing it.

One day I had got in a car with one of these men thinking I could handle myself. The man said he was taking me home but we ended up in an area I had never been in when he stopped at a store to buy me something, I got out of the car and ran. That night I made it home on my own because I had money for a bus, I got home so late that my parents were still awake and worried sick, I told them that I met a new friend and lost track of time.

Over time my relationship with my parents began to heal and I started trying to get rid of my bad habits that I still struggle with from time to time even today.

As for James and I we had many mutual masturbation sessions over the course of our friendship, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with his female cousin and other times with his step-brother. If you would like to hear about one of those times let me know because there are many to choose from.



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