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Confessions from a Former Webcam Model

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Just thought I'd give some insight as to what goes on on the other side of the camera.


Well, there's no easy way to sugar coat it, when I was 19 I worked as a webcam model for a few months. It was a strange line of work to get into, especially at that age, but I didn't really want to go out and get a real job as I was more focused on training my athletics, (kickboxing, competitive weight lifting) and I wanted some money to spend at university. I guess I should say a little about my size as well, I'm 7.5 inches, given my stature, 5'9, 170lbs, it is more than enough for me to feel comfortable with.

At the time, I had never heard of the site that I worked on, and that's what drew me to that site as opposed to others, retaining some degree of privacy was paramount. The site I worked on had a camera to camera feature, which primarily was used by my female "clients", the user had the option to turn the camera off so I assume I did the dead for a few dudes as well, thankfully never saw them. I'm not homophobic but I wouldn't feel comfortable seeing male clients, when they didn't go on camera themselves, I'd just put on porn, sometimes I'd forget I even had someone watching me!

Now obviously, I am a very horny person at times and there was definitely something thrilling about being watched, but even more so about being PAID to please myself. I guess that says a lot about me, haha, but at the beginning I thought it was awesome. I remember one of my first clients was a 21 year old personal trainer, I literally couldn't believe that I was getting paid to masturbate for her, she was gorgeous, and oh so naughty! We had a few sessions over the months and even some phone sex too, but alas, not all my clients would be so easy on the eyes. I don't mean to sound conceited or shallow by that comment, it's just the truth. The thing about these sites and chat rooms is that you CAN'T be naked in free chat, and the only way you can get paying clients is to put a LOT of time into free chat sessions. Now this presents some problems, I obviously had to be enticing enough in free chat to generate some interest, so naturally I had to spend a LOT of time in my briefs with a hard-on, and I mean a lot of time! I'd spend hours in free chat, getting hard, flirting with the users, and the majority of the time it lead to nothing, no money, zilch.

Now there's a certain amount of exploitation that goes on during these transactions. The clients think they're exploiting you, but you know otherwise. It's easy to say what people want to hear, it's easy to manipulate people into thinking they're the ones in control when they're not. It was weird when the users would try to empathize with me, like I was some sort of lost cause or something, someone to be pitied. In fact I felt pity for them, some would feel that they had forged some sort of friendship or relationship with me, yes I had regulars, but all I saw was dollar signs.

After awhile the novelty wore off, it became like any normal job, I had appointments that clients could schedule, peak hours that would be crazy and stressful and a whole lot of boredom as well, pretty typical stuff. But as I had to spend a good portion of time in free chat, and consequently, getting an erection for long periods of time, maintaining it, and often without getting any relief for hours. As time went on it got harder (no pun intended) to maintain an erection.

I found one solution to this problem to be particularly effective and fun. I have a big panty fetish, and I ended buying a couple pairs of panties from a woman I had met online. Just typing that sentence gets me horny and hard. Any women reading this that also enjoy the power their panties can have over a man, I'd love to hear from you!

Anyway they helped tremendously, and provided me with a whole lot of fun on my own, but after a period of four months I realized it was time to move on from this job. I realized the ramifications of what I was doing, how it could follow me later in life and what the consequences could be. I made a pretty penny, and had a good time, for the most part, doing it. Oh well I feel like I'm rambling on now, just thought I'd share!



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