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I gotta get this shit off of my chest.


I've been kind of a pervert since age 5. That's when my dick first started tingling. Sometimes I feel so guilty about everything I've done over the past eight years, that I just need to tell somebody. So here they are: A list of my confessions. I assure you, these are real.

1. When I was 5, I had a dinosaur computer game. One of the features was a 'dress up a dinosaur' type game. All you did was select a dinosaur and pick out a skintone such as leapord spot, rainbow, or wireframe and each time they would say something clever. One of them, in wireframe, would say in a woman's voice I feel so naked. This got my dick hard and I had no clue why. I rubbed it, but never jerked off.

2. Sometime around then (before or after, I forget), me and my sister used to experiment. I don't look back on these memories with fondness, and no, they don't make me horny. You know why? Cuz I'm not sick, that's why. But at the time, I enjoyed it.

3. When I was 7 or 8, I was still experimenting, but not with my sister. Now it was with friends and my cousin. Now this stuff really disturbs me. I was 8 and still experimenting. I think I may have been gay at that time. I played around with other guys cocks (mutually of course), and touched my cousin in his sleep. This memory still haunts me. I'm just glad I'm beyond that now.

4. Since that day I've only had two homosexual thoughts. One was just a few days ago when I saw the Corpse Bride. I looked at a movie star character and said to myself, 'Damn, that guy's pretty attractive.' The other was when I was 9 or 10 and at a public pool with my friend. After wrestling around with him, I had an erection (who knows why). Then I went in the bathroom and jerked off while my mother waited and yelled at me from outside.

5. In California, I was looking for something interesting in a new yorker magazine. I stumbled upon an incredibly sexy story involving a boy and his girlfriend. I went into the bathroom to finish reading and to whack off. This was 1 or 2 years ago and I was just entering puberty. That means I was seriously beating it four times a day. I have no idea where I found the time. But the point is, I wound up breaking the skin. Ya, I was actually bleeding. So, I jerked off (again) while my dick bled and my relatives yelled at me for taking too damn long.

6. Also in California, I was staying with my cousins including the one I touched, but I was past that. Now I was onto jerking off while thinking about my aunt. She walked around topless but it's not like she was hot or had great tits or anything. It's just that I didn't see tits very often back then so I found it sexy. I didn't stop beating it until my aunt yelled for whoever was doing that to please stop.

7. I was at one of those local summer camps when I was maybe 10 and I had chosen a journalist class that consisted of me and a bunch of obnoxious girls. We were sitting in the computer lab (ya, that's what they actually call it) and started to get horny while making this clipart chick grow huge. I silently jerked off right there. I don't think I got caught, but I looked back on this memory as the stupidest thing I've ever done.

8. When I got to middle school I realized that there was actually more than two hot girls who were my age. I had to deal with a bunch of ugly bitches for years but I was finally at middle school. So what happened? I went crazy. I spent waaaay to much time jerking off that year. I also wrote stories about them on the back of little comics from a calendar (pathetic). I hid it in the hole of a puppet and got it out whenever I was feeling frisky.

9. This is my biggest secret, are you ready? Ok, my cat turns me on. I know what you're thinking: Beastiality? Gross! But calm down, I don't have sex with him (It's a guy ha ha). I just pet him and let him rub against me. He's one of the coolest looking cats ever. I like to think that I haven't quite crossed the line yet.

10. Basically #10 is just how I'm living my life now. I'm thirteen and apparently from these stories, I should have already nailed a few cousins and gotten hand jobs from at least two classmates. But I haven't. Nothing. Not even a kiss. And what do I do with all my free time? Jerk off to this site, girls I wish I was boning, and internet porn. No offense to this site though, it's awesome. Hopefully, by the time I'm in eighth grade, I will have grown a pair of testicles and I'll be able to flirt with girls a little better.

I just have one request

1. If you liked this story, could you mention it somewhere on this sight? That'd be great if you do.



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