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Confession To My Daughter-in-law

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I should have been more careful with images on my lap-top!


First let me describe my background. I have been an avid masturbator for many years, as my wife had an illness that turned her off sex altogether. But because I love her dearly, I decided to concentrate on private masturbation pleasure to keep the hormones flowing and my prostate healthy!

Over the years I have learnt to love my cock and balls, and have found great pleasure in combining anal stimulation as well. I have been shaving my cock, balls, anus, and leg areas for years, as I love smooth skin. I have a nylon (or pantyhose) fetish, as I love the feel of nylon rubbing against my skin and cock area and have worn tights and panties under my work clothes in public many times.

When I got a new lap-top recently, it came with a web-cam, a new device for me, and I realised very quickly how exciting it would be to take a video of myself masturbating, pushing an anal dildo into me and shooting my cum. (I had taken camera pictures before of my erect cock, sometimes with cum on my hand and chest and also some images of cum on panties and nylon which I found exciting, and hid them amongst files in my documents). This was a new dimension to my personal exhibitionism, as I could film myself in sharp colours, with sound, so that when I played it back it was obvious I was getting near as I could hear my heavy breathing and you could see my spunk spurting.

I made many films of myself, sometimes naked, other times wearing tights (I like black opaques), and always made sure that I hid them well.

Now you may be wondering what has the title about my daughter-in-law got to do with my ramblings! Let me get to the main story.

My daughter-in-law, a tall, pretty 34 year old brunette, with shoulder length hair, 38d breasts (beautiful size), good figure, who always wears tights/pantyhose with her business suits for work. Her skirts are mostly above the knee, and are either flared or split at the back, so when she sits down she always shows plenty of her long, well formed legs. She also seems to have a habit of wearing white or cream coloured blouses, or it may be I only notice her when she does, as her breasts are a good firm feature!

A few weeks ago, she rang up and said her lap-top had broken and it was going to cost a lot to get it fixed, and couldn't afford to until they had saved up. So without thinking I said, well borrow mine, as I have an old desktop which I could use.

She was so grateful, and collected it.

Only when she had it for a few days I suddenly realised that I had all my erotic stories, sexual images of women in pantyhose and other videos, and more worrying, my images and videos of myself masturbating! But I said to myself, they were well hidden and she wouldn't spy would she!

Last week she rang me up and asked if she could see me, but not at our house, my son was away on a course and she wanted to see me, on my own, at there place. I asked why, but she said I just want you to look at something and get your opinion, I never thought anything of it and said fine.

So the next evening I told my wife I was popping over to see J..., and said she wanted me to look at something, I don't know what really, but I wouldn't be long. They lived half an hour away and I arrived, knocked on the door and J let me in. I was a little surprised at what she was wearing. A tight white silky type blouse, tucked into a rather short plaid white, tennis style skirt, and what topped it off for me, black opaque tights and no shoes. The toes had a nylon reinforcement panel. She looked very horny.

She made me a coffee and we sat down just chatting generally about work and what my son was doing on the course etc. All the time I couldn't stop looking at her breasts, accentuated by the tight top, and her legs, with her thighs exposed and encased in black nylon which were shimmering as nylon does. I was careful she couldn't see my stares. Obviously, as we were talking, I became aroused, and could feel my cock swelling.

Suddenly, she stopped talking for about ten seconds, and seemed a little uneasy. Then she said she had asked me over to talk about something which she couldn't get out of her mind. She said she was on her own last night, when my son had gone away, and was looking at sites on the web, when she decided to use the web cam to Skype a friend in Canada. When she went to use it, she saw a file saved under the name of good wank, and was curious. Immediately I heard this I must have gone red and said 'oh'.

She said she opened the file and ran the video, stating that it had a profound effect on her, seeing her father-in-law with his hard cock in his hand wearing pantyhose, masturbating. I said I was sorry, but you shouldn't have found it, etc etc, but went onto explain that G..... my wife has not shown much interest in sex, so I had to take things into my own hands so to speak. She seemed to be very understanding, and in fact apologised for looking at my private files, and admitted that it had turned her on and pleasured herself whilst watching me on screen. We then had a serious discussion about sex, masturbation and fetishes, and the obvious reason why I did what I did.

All the time we were talking I was becoming more aroused, especially seeing her dressed the way she was. She told me that she sometimes has to have her alone time at work as she gets very horny even though my son gives her good times in bed. She told me that she often had to give herself pleasure in the toilet at work, being careful not to make too much sound when cumming. She even admitted a liking or fetish for wearing nylon herself, as this was why she always preferred to wear tights or hold-up's as they made her feel sexy.

She then said, this conversation has made me very aroused and wet, and I can see it has had an effect on you, do you want to take care of it? I said how? This can go no further than masturbating, she said, as I have never been unfaithful to S.... I can go to the bedroom and leave you to it in here if you prefer? I said we are both adults, and aroused, why don't we make it easy for each other.

She stood up and came close to me and put her hand out and gently rubbed my hard cock on the outside of my trousers. I put my arm around her waist, and dropped my hand onto her firm bottom, carrying on down, lifting up the hem of her skirt, then stroking her nylon-encased upper thighs and buttocks. I was in heaven and said to her this is nothing like the pleasure I find when I wear tights, to actually feel a woman's body in nylon is amazing.

She opened my zip fly and pulled out my very hard cock from my briefs (I was tempted to wear panties to her place but hadn't). She said it was bigger than my son's, with thicker veins, and to have seen videos of it, all shining with lube, had made her want to sit on it when she was fingering herself. This caused my cock to twitch and nearly took me over the edge. She started to wank me gently.

I reached between her legs and ran two fingers onto her pussy lips over her hose and panties (little white lacy thong). I could feel her moist lips, and rubbed gently, feeling the two wet sides coming together as I squeezed her. Our breathing was getting more intense.

She said would I like to put my hand inside her panties, I nodded and slipped my hand underneath, up to the waistband of her hose and down underneath her panties and onto her pussy, which was completely smooth. (She admitted that she had shaved her pussy for a number of years) at the same time I slipped my middle finger straight into and up her. She gasped and grabbed at my cock real hard. I began to finger her, whilst rubbing her button with my thumb at the top of her shaven lips. With my left hand I cupped her right breast over her blouse and found her nipple hard.

She then did something marvellous, standing slightly sideways, with her leg across and touching mine, she pointed my cock against her nylon covered thigh, whilst wanking me at the same time. I had the wonderful sensation of her hand grasping me, with my swollen cock head rubbing against the shiny nylon.

I began to finger her hard, my middle finger going in right up to the hilt, pumping hard, brushing my thumb against her button, which was by now well protruded. She was leaking fluid like there was no tomorrow.

She started to wank me harder now, and I decided to slip another finger inside her, there was so much juice it was easy, and she gasped again saying 'oh god, yes'. I couldn't take anymore, as I felt my balls contract, she must have sensed I was close and said, 'cum on me, cum on my leg, oh god'. I spurted one jet of cum all down her leg, from her thigh down to her foot, then another close to her pussy area, and oozed the rest of my juice out, rubbing it on her leg.

At the same time she grabbed my hand and pushed my fingers hard into her pussy. I felt her muscles contract on my fingers as I curled them up, pumping them in and out. Her legs shook, almost collapsing against me, she cried out 'oh god, oh god, yes, yes' and she squirted a lot of juice onto my hand and down her leg. We hugged each other as we shook our way down from orgasm. It took us a while to come down, and I pulled my fingers out of her pussy with a slopping sound, and she moaned again. She said we had better get cleaned up, and went into the bathroom together. I washed myself in the sink, whilst she decided to shower, wearing her pantyhose initially, to wash off my cum.

Afterwards, I would like to say that we continued our masturbation games together, but when my son returned home from his course, she rang me and said it was great what we did, but it can't happen again. But she had taken a copy of my masturbating videos as a keep sake.

I agreed with her, but was so excited at the time that I would probably do it again if offered, as I have wanked off more in the last week or so than ever before with the image of her wanking me, the smell of her wet pussy, and the vision of my fingers pumping in and out of her in my mind.

I hope you enjoyed my one-off story, and you get as much pleasure from it as I did. Wonderful.



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