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Confession Is Good for the Sex

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I wrote a couple weeks ago about my wife and her masturbating masseuse.


I presented Jen with her new toys I had gotten her. She seemed surprised by my selection, especially the big dildo. I remarked that I thought it might be nice for her for a change of pace I'm only about 6'. She remarked she had never had something that large in her. This may have technically been true. The one I got her was only a little bigger around, than the one her masseuse had used on her. But other than 1/4 in diameter and a fake ball sack and suction cup, it was very similar. If she would fain inexperience on this, what more would she fain inexperience about.

I offered her a massage to loosen her up. She said, she had a massage scheduled the next day and she would rather try out her new toys. Why not both, says I. She was not going to object. I started out much as I had seen Jay doing. Jen face down, first shoulders working my way down to her feet concentrating on the same areas I had seen Jay linger at. As I made my way back up to her gluts she started to squirm and grind her pelvis into the mattress. I remarked she looked like she was in need of a good cum. Mmmmm Hhmm was the only reply. I handed her the new clit vibe and she daftly swiped it to her quim.

She turned it on, it has three speeds but Jen had not learned that yet. Over the course of five minutes or so, we worked together to bring her to a fevered pitch. I fumbled with the baby oil and spilled a couple ounces in the crack of her ass. She remarked that feels good don't waste it. The message was clear she wanted anal play, and I obliged.

I tried to penetrate her ass with my finger several times only to have here recoil and say no. I was getting frustrated. She had let Jay do that. I told her to relax and enjoy, she said 'I would need an enema to allow that.'

So I said 'Then let's start with that'. I went and got the hot water bottle and prepared the enema just as I had during labor, prior to bringing her to the hospital. Although I did not view it as erotic at that time, it surly was this time. As she held the solution in, I shaved her, just as I had for child birth. I rubbed oil in her quim after shaving, and she arched to meet my touch. I worked her right to the brink of orgasm, when she yelled 'Stop! Help me up! I need to go NOW'. I had her sit down and her hand went right for her clit. She strummed it for maybe three seconds before she came. It was amazing to watch, her contractions forced every thing out. Her face and chest went beat red. Her nipples looked like they might explode, they even were leaking colostrums. As she caught her breath, I said that was hot, I asked her if she had ever done that before. She burst into tears.

There was little consoling her. I just let he cry it out hugging my leg. Finally she calmed down and said I need to tell you something. I do this every day I get a massage, but it has never been this out of control, I was so turned on that you wanted to share this with me. Then she said I have to tell you something else. Jay is more than my masseuse, we have never had sex, but he has brought me to orgasm and has taught me to be multi orgasmic. I never expected it to happen the way that it did but I couldn't say no. So I asked do you love him. She started crying again. Finally she confided he was young and hot and makes me feel sexy after the baby I felt terrible. I needed something, I'm so sorry. I love you. I want you. He was a crutch I don't need, I need you.

Well I don't know what I was expecting as an outcome by playing it easy. But this was definitely reassuring. We went back to the bedroom and I restarted the massage. This time it was me who was whispering suggestions to Jen. You so want to fuck during a massage don't you that's why he uses a dildo on you, (remember this part) well here it is he is a monster he is going to take you for real, and drop a load deep inside you. I grabbed the dildo and ran it up and down her snatch. She was soaked. None the less I re-oiled her back side and probed her cunt. Jen drew a sharp breath when it entered her but she sank back on it. Only two thirds made the first plunge but two strokes later she had it all. She was squirming and shaking until she screamed and slumped down hard on the dildo.

She remained motionless and I prepared to pull the dildo out Jen murmured nuh ah. She grabbed the clit vibe and went to work. As she worked her way to another orgasm I massaged back and ass. She was very receptive to anal play as she came again I thrust two fingers into her ass. She thrust back to get maximum penetration.

The cum seemed to cascade forever for her, but she did not take the vibe away. I dropped my pants and rubbed my bare dick on her oil soaked ass. I reached around to give her tits a squeeze, they were really leaking again. I tasted the sweet nectar. I reached down to the vibe and pushed the button to up the speed Jen let out a deep guttural moan. My need to cum was worse than ever in my life. The way it ended up happening, can't be written about here, but It was a first for me, from the way it was received, it will not be the last.

When it was over Jen said 'That was better than any fantasy. How did you know Jay used a dildo on me?' Then it was my turn to confess. 'I was jealous of Jay and I had taped your last session,' She hit me hard on the arm but immediately said 'sorry'. I said 'I did it so I could learn to massage you right'. She started crying again. When she was cried out, she said she was sorry she only did what she did keep from doing something worse, 'I drank his cum because if I didn't, I would have jumped his bones.'

'Well you certainly learned well from that tape. I guess I owe you $80,' I asked her 'does that mean she was cancelling her appointment for tomorrow', she replied 'only if you feed me your cum.'

I called Jay and let him know his services were no longer required, and that if he contacted Jen again, he would need to look for another profession. Jay said he was sorry, and hung up. The last two weeks have been amazing, I took a couple days off during the week and we spent them all day in bed.

To make it up to me, Jen wants to host a three way with some young thing. Just no sex. I told Jen I didn't want a whore and, I would never meet someone like that. Jen says 'leave it to me'.

I may be writing again.



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