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I've enjoyed reading the stories posted on Solo Touch for awhile, and they have inspired me to tell my own story.


I was a very sexually curious young girl. I figured out early on that by touching myself and grinding against things I could bring about an amazing sensation. My "mini-orgasms" as I will call them (mini because the sensation was so overwhelming that I would have to stop masturbating because I couldn’t take it, or maybe I was scared to commit), I would bring about my mini orgasm almost daily from the age of about 13 or 14. I would masturbate in the shower, on the bathroom floor I would finger myself until my tight little pussy was swollen, throbbing, and wet. Eventually I started to look for other things to experiment with… I tried shampoo bottles (although only the little caps would fit). I tried kitchen utensils, vegetables which I would put a condom on and then use to fuck myself (at that age even rolling a condom on a small zucchini would get me wet). There was one day when I was cleaning up around the house and I came across my mother's dildo. I can't remember now what made me open the drawer in her bedside table, I definitely was not looking for what I found and I remember quickly closing the drawer, embarrassed at having discovered her secret.

Days later I found myself standing in front of that drawer again. My mom was working and I had the house to myself. I started by laying on her bed and touching myself. I remember my heart racing a little, my pussy wet, contracting at the thought of what I was about to do. I reached into the bedside table and grabbed the dildo. At first I just rubbed it against my pussy lips and over my clit. I'm sure it was a normal sized dildo but to me at the time it seemed huge! Just looking at it I could tell that it was going to be exactly what I was looking for, exactly what I needed to bring my masturbatory pleasure to the next level (having quickly realized that only so much satisfaction could be gained from things like shampoo bottles which were too short to offer much penetration, and carrots or zucchini which I usually grabbed right out of the fridge and were a little too cold on my sensitive young pussy).

Looking back now I have a deep appreciation of how wet my pussy got. I never needed any lube, just the thought of touching myself got me dripping wet. I making a puddle on the sheets as I eased the dildo inside myself. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but after moving it in and out a few times I lost myself in the rhythm, working the dildo with one hand and furiously rubbing my clit with the other. I couldn't get enough... hips bucking against my own hands, wet and aching to come like I had never been able to before. As if my body knew exactly what to do I rearranged myself on the bed, kneeling this time, furiously riding it and rubbing my clit until I came all over my mom's dildo.

After a few minutes of post orgasm bliss I quickly got up and washed off the dildo, placed it back in the drawer trying to remember exactly how it was positioned. I'm not sure if my mom ever figured out what I was up to but I went back to that dildo for the next few years. It still turns me on to think that we masturbated with it. A few times I even put it back unwashed wondering if she would notice the smell of my pussy on her toy. I guess I hoped that she knew and was turned on by it too.



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