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Confession 4 from a News Lady

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It is open house on this Presidents Day but the weather this afternoon is miserable, lots of rain and wind. I had just one family come in within the last 2 1/2 hours.

So here your news lady sits having completed a cross word puzzle and other word games from last Sunday's newspaper. I've been visiting Solo Touch today reading various stories, comments, techniques; needless to say my vagina is longing for attention again.

Unlike in 'Confession # 3' which was a much needed rush job, I will take my time and treat her lovingly, caress her expertly, and make her extremely happy when I arrive home later this afternoon.

(On a personal note, thank you Justa Guy you are much to kind with your praises, please understand I am not here to compete with anyone, or looking for a crown, I am simply relaying or replaying my life's experiences and putting on a very human face of a pretty well known, now former news anchor. I just happen to be a very sexual being who has been without a partner for awhile and needs to engage in the wonderful act of masturbation. I am flattered that you were very turned on by my exploits, and I will let you know this, it may sound weird but I printed your comments and will lay it on the bed beside while I engage in the act of masturbating myself. Yes, I was flattered and also turned on with your comments.)

If the readers don't mind perhaps on occasion, especially on these slow days, I will submit a story about my sexual exploits when I was (drum roll) 'News Lady with a major network' Oh my, sounds like a super hero cartoon.

This happened almost a year ago....

I was being interviewed in my office by an extremely well looking guy for the local college newspaper. I was dressed in a denim skirt, white blouse, and denim jacket. I was scheduled to be on the air in another 5 hours, so there would be plenty of time to change into my news lady outfit with that silly little logo of ours on my lapel.

He had on tight black jeans and red turtle neck pullover.

This guy really had a very handsome chiseled face, and a nice build. Never got his age, but he was definitely attending that college.

First I gave him a tour of the station and some insight in to how our news department operates. He met some of the crew and once he met our sports anchor, I was sure he was going to interview him. They really got into a good and enthusiastic conversation about football, baseball, and some guy named Bonds.

Anyway once we got back to my office, I gave him my thoughts about the Iraqi war, other world events and my opinions of some of the local issues, boy I was sure he would be quite bored with me compared to Mr. Sports Anchor.

But he was smiling taking notes on a yellow legal pad as I answered his questions. He did use one of those little digital voice recorders to record our entire conversation, the notes were for some of the key points he would bring out in the article.

He would smile, nod in agreement and I did notice while he was jotting down my remarks his eyes would wander to look at my bare legs.

I was sitting quite lady like, very professional. Maybe the skirt was a tad short, it did reveal a bit of my outer thighs since I kept my legs crossed during the interview.

He was curious about my personal life which I gave him very general responses. He wasn't really prying but I needed to be very guarded.

We loosened up a bit, laughed about some of the lighter stories. I showed him my file of Happy News bits, which I would always use at the end of each newscast.

I was really impressed with his knowledge. A guy, who is smart, looks great, has a good sense of humor definitely can turn on this lady, even to my surprise, this college guy.

Eventually this came up, 'can I ask you something personal, this is for off the record, definitely not to be published' My reply was 'Dan, let's keep it all ON the record'

My mind was curious what private things he wanted to ask and hear me say into his voice recorder.

Were they sexual questions so he could play back and listen to my responses while he masturbated?

As I thought this, and looked at that very handsome young hunk, that very familiar stirring between my legs occurred.

He would look at me and then down at my legs, I noticed he would keep adjusting how he was sitting, cross and uncross his legs, basically he was very fidgety.

I was wondering if he was getting an erection and didn't want it to show.

(More sensations in my pussy, oh yeah News Lady's clit was enlarging)

As we talked more openly there was a bit of playful double entendre from him.

Yes as you readers can tell, there was a sexual chemistry I was feeling, but NO WAY would I act it out on him. After all I am a professional and have a reputation to maintain. (Even though my professional pussy was very tingly as we chatted, I was leaking fresh wet spots on the front of my panties as I was hoping he was trying to hide an erection.)

The interview was over, we both got up shook hands and I stole a quick glance at his crotch, oh god....was he hard. He wanted me to see it.

OK, I thought, I'll play his game. Looking at his face I said playfully 'show it to me'.

He was very surprised and responded 'show it to you?' I laughed and said 'yes, show me the notes you took, I want to make sure everything is accurate, I don't want to be misquoted.'

Boy did I want to do him then and there, but in reality that was not going to happen.

He finally blurted out 'you're a MILF.'

During one of my investigative reports I found out that in the world of porn it stands for Moms I would Like to F***.

And I did know that at the time, but asked him ever so innocently 'what does that mean?'

He laughed and said 'Most intelligent lady friend.' I smiled and thanked him for that compliment.

He knew nothing was going to happen as I saw the outline of his erection was not as noticeable.

We walked out of my office through the hustle and bustle of the newsrooms and to the front door.

He thanked me for my time and said he will bring me the college paper when my story is printed.

I went back to my office, locked the door, and drew the shutters so no one could see in. I always do this when working on a story. Well readers as you probably know, this time I needed to work on myself.

I hiked up my denim skirt above my waist and placed a hand on the outside of my panties, feeling how wet and large those spots had become.

Slowly I hooked my thumbs on the waist band and pulled these soiled panties off me.

In my fantasy he smiles and approves of my trimmed curls.

Closing my eyes, I bring them to my nose and slowly inhale my sexed up odor.

But in my mind I fantasized that he smells them with me.

I then put the panties on the chair he sat in and moved the palms of my hands slowly up and down those legs he was getting turned on by. Caressing them so lovingly, feeling little goose bumps appear.

I slowly part my legs....he is finally going to see it....his hand racing on that magnificent cock, then slowing down....he needs to keep in control, he was so close...he takes his hand off his cock, it springs upward...I teasingly close my legs....he hasn't seen........ the pink....not yet....he calls my name and begs, pleads to see it...I slowly open up my tanned legs again....now he will see the show....legs spread, my fingers on my pussy, slowly open it up for him and whisper....'look at this news lady's pink....look at it....look at the pink'.

He stares at it, as if in total disbelief. I stare at his massive hard cock, curved straight up. To me it looks so young, so unused, and so HOT.

Oh my, some people just walked in for the open house, little do they know that at this very moment it's not just the streets that are extremely wet.......I will continue this later.



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