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Condom Torture

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I like to edge when I masturbate, and can sometimes make a good session last for 2 hours, and have many orgasms. I discovered this technique while enjoying a condom j/o session, and have become increasingly addicted.

BE WARNED-if you like agressive masturbation and begin doing this, you too will become adicted.

During my period of edging I enter a trance like state of hyper stimulation of my glans-on the underside the frenulum rests in the curve of my index finger, and thumb caresses the head. Using a light dusting of talcum for lube and a feather light touch, I rub rapidly and frantically in rhythm with some loud, driving hard trance music I stream from the Net.

For several minutes I mix this light rubbing with a fist clenching, ball slapping jackhammer.

Now I put my tight elastic cock ring around my balls and dick and get back at it for a couple of minutes.

By now my dark, tanned dick is rock hard, and a glorious shade of maroon, my usually pink (untanned) head now a ruby.

Here's the part I'm really writing about.

Now I put on a condom-opened out to its full length-just over the end of my dick. I put on enough of the condom that I can hold about 2 fingers width below the head in my grip to keep it from coming off.

When properly applied, I have about 3-5 inches of condom hanging from my hard, swollen, throbbing dick.

Now, with cock ring tightened, my balls slapping my ass in a power piston jack off, I START SNAPPING THE CONDOM ON MY DICK HEAD.

OMG!! An easy snap is a stinging tease. A strong S*N*A*P-right on the end of my dick head-can drop me to my knees.

I swear, my dick is so engorged and tight, when that condom slaps on the end of my already hyper excited glans, I can feel it all the way into my prostate.

That gave me the idea to do this whole thing with my insertable vibrator in my ass, humping that dildo on a stack of pillows.

So, here is the recipe. Edge for an hour of hypermastrubation. Put on a tight cock ring, insert the vibrating dildo, jackhammer your dick while torturing the head of your dick by snapping a condom on it.

When you orgasm, you can watch your cum squirt into the condom. Snapping the condom all the way to the end of orgasm froths the cum into a delightful mayonnaise.

I'm also experimenting with the many uses of elastic bands to enhance masturbation. I'll let you know what I learn.



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