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Condom Knowledge

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I first learned what a condom was when I was 9 yrs old. I am an only child and my parents encouraged me to be independent in thought and action. I have always had a nosy inclination and loved to snoop in my parent's bedroom and closets. School was out and I was home alone and decided to investigate my parent's bedroom to see what new & exciting things I could find. There was a tube of KY jelly in the night stand, but I did not know what it was used for, and after checking both night stands and the closet, I decided to lift up the mattress on my Dad's side of the bed. There were 3 foil packs of Trojans with each containing 2. I carefully examined each one, but could not determine what or how they were used. I carefully replaced them and went to watch TV. I had began masturbating when I was 5 or 6 after my 12 yr old female cousin showed me how to do it. My clit is rather sensitive to the touch and I insert my finger in my vagina and apply pressure to my clit as I move the finger in and out.
After Church next Sunday, I asked my best friend Sally if she knew what a Trojan was - She didn't, but told me that she would ask around. She has 2 older sisters and one brother - and the next time we met she said that her sister had told her what condoms were and what they were used for - which just made us both more curious. At this time in my life I had never seen a boy's cock and did not know that it would grow when he was sexually excited. As girls do, we just giggled and enjoyed the new education about Trojans.
It was later in the summer that Sally asked if I wanted to really see how a condom was used - and that her brother Gary would demonstrate if we let him see us naked. Gary was 14 and was a good looking guy - so after some coaching & pleading from Sally, I agreed to meet both in their garage the next morning - and Sally asked that I bring one of the Trojans - well I did not know if they were still in my parents bedroom - so I said that I would check and if still there would get one. I went home before my parents got off work and went directly to their bed - and lifted the mattress - and found 2 packs labeled Trojans and 3 packs of lubricated condoms - so I stole a pack of Trojans and thought about tomorrow. After my parents left for work, I called Sally to see if our show & tell was still on - and she said yes - So I put on clean shorts & a halter and walked over to their house - Gary & Sally & I then went into the garage and I gave Gary the Trojans - he asked us to take off our clothes and stand near him - we did and he began to touch and examine our little tits and hairless pussy lips - then he took off his shorts and I saw my first cock & balls - they looked funny to me and I said so to him - and he told me that he had all the right equipment and knew how to use it - His cock was perhaps 4 inches long and it stood at attention - he then open the Trojan pack and took out one and rolled it on his cock - Sally and I were excited - and Gary began talking about jerking off - and that he did it every day and could shoot cum - and did we know what cum was? I had a general idea but only that boys shot stuff up in a girl's pussy and that it would make babies. Sally asked if she could touch his cock and did, with Gary telling her how to do it - I also jerked him and he told me to do it very fast in an up & down motion - and that we would see him cum in the condom. It didnt seem like it took more than a minute for him to shoot out his cum - and his cock jerked when he did. When he was finished, his cock very quickly shrunk and off came the condom. He told us that jerking off in a condom was more pleasurable than shooting off in the air. After this show & tell, we put on our clothes and went separate ways - I used this episode to fantasize when I would masturbate - and Sally & I never had another meeting with Gary.



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