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Coming To Terms

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I've been reading and playing along with Solo Touch for about three years now but I never planned to write in until now, since I didn't have any experiences worth sharing. Recently that changed though. I'm currently attending a small liberal arts college on the East Coast that's about a thousand miles away from my home. It's my first time away from home and living on my own has had its challenges but it's been fun too. This story happened back in September during the second week of classes.

I hadn't really participated in the orientation stuff at school and as a result I sort of was feeling like I was missing the boat on meeting new people. However, near the end of the first week of classes I met a girl named April who was from the same small Midwestern city as I was. Although we had gone to different high schools and didn't know each other, we had a few acquaintances in common. We were both a little homesick and both not interested in mixing with others so we became really quick friends.

For the record, April is a tall girl with naturally razor-straight long brown hair, brown eyes with a constant playful glint in them, small boobs, and an athlete's body. She has soft features and pale, white skin. I was instantly attracted to her and for the first week we were getting to know each other there was real sexual tension in the air as we talked before and after classes (we are in three classes together).

On the Thursday afternoon of the second week of school we got out of psych together and she mentioned that she didn't want to go home because she lived a long way away from campus (hadn't gotten into residence), and she had another class in three hours. I was done for the day, and I knew my roommate was out until after supper that day with a biology lab, so I invited her back to my room instead of trying to fight for a table at one of the crowded coffee shops or the library on campus. She said sure.

Once we got back she made herself at home on my roommate's bed while I got comfortable on my own. We had been having long and involved conversations on all sorts of topics already and had a good connection, so I settled in for what I knew was going to be a good one. We hadn't really talked about relationships before, so soon we were on that topic. I told her about my high school girlfriend that hadn't worked out and that I was now single, and that we had had sex but she was the only girl I had really been with. We had broken up near the end of high school for a number of reasons, and I had been single since.

April told me that she was also single and had never had a boyfriend, although she had had unsatisfying sex with a couple of boys casually. I told her that I found it hard to believe that someone as cute as her had never had a real boyfriend. She responded by telling me that she had major commitment issues that kept her single, but that she was independent and used to her own company and liked the freedom of being single. She then told me that she could meet most of her own needs. I smiled at her and told her that although I could meet most of mine too, there just wasn't a substitute for having another person there when you needed them. She responded by saying that she agreed for emotional needs, but for other ones, her vibrating egg was all she needed.

I obviously knew that most girls masturbate just like most guys do, but with my old girlfriend it was like pulling teeth to have her talk about it. She always seemed to believe that it wasn't something healthy, and she only did it when she couldn't sleep because it relaxed her, like if she had a big test or something the next day. Sex was really good between us and she was a good lover, but she wasn't much into talking about it and as far as masturbating went, forget it - her only answer was 'it's private and I don't want to talk about it'. I never really knew much about my ex's habits, and definitely had never seen her do it. And yet here April was telling me openly about her private time.

We stayed on the subject and it was really the first time I had discussed that sort of thing openly with a girl, and wow, I learned a lot. I always thought that I had a really high libido (I masturbate five or six times a week on average, compared with my ex's twice a month or so) but April told me she did it 'at least 10-20 times a week, and sometimes way more than that'. She told me that she had been doing it every single night before going to sleep, almost without exception, since she was 12, and that she had lost the ability to fall asleep without orgasming first. She said she was glad she was living alone off campus because she didn't know how she would handle having a roommate, especially since she was 'usually really loud' and couldn't keep it in. She also said that she would sometimes take an entire afternoon when she had an empty house back home and get naked, watch porn or read erotic stories, and rub her clit, and that she would usually lose track of how many orgasms she had, around 25 or so 'since her brain stopped functioning'.

We talked for over an hour about sex and masturbation, essentially telling each other everything there was to tell, and after a short while my cock was standing straight up inside my pants (I was SO glad I had loose jeans on), and I was trying my hardest not to touch it. The bulge in my pants was probably pretty obvious. I could also see from looking at April that her usually ghostly-pale skin was flushed bright red, she was also sitting with her heel underneath herself putting pressure on her clit, and the look on her face and in her eyes was even hotter than the things coming out of her mouth.

Finally the conversation hit a lull and we just sat there looking at each other lustfully and I figured that I may as well make a move because I would regret it forever if I didn't. I got up and walked over to my roommate's bed and kissed her and she immediately jumped on top of me and started kissing me passionately and grinding her clit against my leg. The heat radiating from between her legs was hotter than anything I had felt before from a girl. She also undid a button on her button-up shirt and pressed my hand against her small, firm breast, and I could feel her nipple rock-hard against my fingertips, although I hadn't seen them before since she was wearing a padded bra.

After a few minutes of heavy making out we were both stripped down to our underwear and I could see that her pink nipples were standing at attention and her whole body was flushed bright red. Her thin tighty-whitey panties were soaked to the point of being see-through and I could see her bush through them, and her inner thighs were both glistening with wetness in the afternoon light. She then stopped kissing me and just kneeled on my lap sitting up with her crotch pressed down on mine and asked me what was going to happen next. I told her that I didn't have a condom handy. She said that she thought that was good since she wasn't sure that she would be willing to have sex right away with someone she had just met (her other sex partners had been sort of friends), but that we should put our conversation to good use and masturbate together. She didn't have to ask me twice!

She lay down on my roommate's bed, took off her panties, and spread her legs, revealing an untrimmed vulva covered in dark brown hair, dark red lips, and a slightly larger-than-usual clit standing erect and proud. Wetness oozed out of her and I could see her entire crotch and thighs were soaked and her hair was matted wet. She grinned at me and dropped two fingers on her right hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clit furiously in tight circles and moaning loudly as her left hand squeezed her small boobs and tweaked her hardened nipples. Her feet were pressed flat against the bed and her hips kept rising and falling to meet her hand. I dropped my own underwear, sat down beside her upright and started stroking myself slowly as I watched her. After literally less than thirty seconds of rubbing her clit so fast that her hand was almost a blur, she screamed (it sounds clichéd but that's the only word to describe the sound), her legs clamped together and her whole body shook with an orgasm. As she finished and her body relaxed I said something like 'that was quick' and she said 'hon, I'm just getting started'.

For the next hour and a half we touched ourselves together and it was without a doubt the hottest thing I have ever done. Everything she said about her libido was true; she really seemed totally insatiable and just kept going back for more every time she came. For me, I wasn't quite at that level but I was still able to come three times, which is twice more than normal for me and once more than normal on a really good day. And we didn't really touch each other that much - I let my hands run over her boobs from time to time and used her wetness to lube myself and she got me to come on her chest once but that was pretty much it. We did use each other visually though - her eyes were glued to my cock as she rubbed herself and I couldn't look away from the blur of her hand between her legs. When I had my third orgasm I just lay back totally relaxed on the bed and watched her keep finishing loudly over and over again. When she finally came for what would be the last time she looked over at me and smiled devilishly, and said 'that was hot'. She told me she had never done anything like that with a guy either, that the times she had sex it was just sex, and that she had never seen a guy masturbating or masturbated in front of anyone.

We got dressed with big smiles on our faces (although she complained about having to put soaked panties back on; sometimes I'm glad I'm a guy) and she kissed me goodbye before heading off to her late class. After she left I noticed there was a huge wet spot on my roommate's bed (poor bastard). The whole room smelled of sex.

We wound up dating for the whole first semester of school, but what she said about her commitment issues was true and she ended it before Christmas break. It took me a while to get over it because I was starting to fall for her, but I'm coming to terms with everything and writing this helps. Over the time we were together I learned that everything else she told me that day was true too, she was hornier than everyone else I have ever known put together (I could barely keep up a lot of the time, although when I was finished I could usually keep playing with her until she was done). She was also absolutely shameless about her sexuality. We had some other great masturbation sessions together over that time, and we had some great sex over that time too, but that isn't the point of this website.

I hope that people enjoyed the story, I'm still getting over April but I hope there are other girls like that out there. Now that I know that sex like that is possible it will be hard to settle for a relationship without it! I hope the thought of some pretty girls rubbing themselves reading what I wrote brings a smile to your face. Now, I've got a pretty big erection right now and I want to come so I think I'm going to go take care of it. If this story has moistened any panties out there on the internet I would be interested in hearing about it.



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