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Coming Back From Jamaica

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Coming Back From Jamaica
I have been reading your website for a while and this happened last year, coming back from Jamaica.
The wife before we meet was very conservative when we met but as the years Gone by she became more open. Literally. She said to me right after we met That she never masturbated at all and never gave herself an orgasm.
The wife decided to dress a little wild on the way home. Lynn wore a nike Black 2 piece black silk shorts. The shorts are cut up the side to the waist And really snug her ass and she has black panties that go underneath it. Some Places the shorts alone is way to revealing. She also wore a white nit top That shows he bare midriff and stops just about 2 inches below her breast. The top was slightly see through and you could without he right lighting see She is 5' 3" 110 32b and has a real cute body. Something she is just recently Discovered.
Walking through the airport in jamaica was interesting. We boarder the plane And we were place in the last seat in the back. No seats to the left of us The next seats up were empty. She said boy that was an experience walking through the airport. She said Here feel this and her shorts we entirely drenched. The plane took off and she said she was a little cold and i got a blanket for Her. She was trying to take a nap and was really frigidity. I said why Don't you go into the rest room and have an orgasm and then you'll be able to Fall asleep. She said that might be a good idea. She got up and stood near The rest room waiting. Few minutes later she said she couldn't do it in that Tight cramps space
She got back under that blanket and took of her shorts and panties and began To rub herself.she let one leg hang out of the blanket. Several people came By to go to the rest room and i wasn't sure what she was waiting for. I got Up and went across the isle to see how it looked from there. This one Strolled our way and when she saw him she kind of let the blanket move to Expose what she was doing. She had both her legs up against the seat and Spread. The guy stopped dead in his tracks. She looked and saw the guy Standing there watching her. She tried covering her self back up but she Didn't seem interested in that. She was really going to town on herself.
This was all over a time frame of about a minute. The blanket fell to the Floor and she just reached up and started grabbing her breast and then she Just started coming. She arched her back. The guy bent over and grabbed the Blanket and covered her up. She reached down and grabbed he shorts and put Them on. She later told me that it was one of the most intensive she has ever Had.
When we landed in chicago we had to take a bus back home. There was handling Anyone on the bus. She went to the restroom and when she came back she had Removed her panties. She whispered your turn. She unzipped my pants. She went Down on me for a minute or so. The she went over to the other side of the Bus. And kind of bent over. Those shorts really show those cheeks. I grabbed My cock and started really beating it. I have learned that if i just rubbed The first inch or so of my cock and can really squirt my cum much higher and Farther and it makes an orgasm just that much more intensive. Lynn turned Around and laid on her back a little. She move her crotch on her shorts and Exposed her pussy. That was it. I came so much that i literally strained my Back.
She said she really enjoyed the follies and we have had many other Experiences getting caught on a couple of occasions. --Mike and lynn



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