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College Toilet

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To start off with it was just any other Friday. Nothing special was happening. I was getting some good looks from some of the ladies around college but nothing out of the usual.

As lunch was ending and I was heading to Graphics I just went into the gents to have a pee. I thought I heard something when I entered but thought nothing of it. The thing is with these gents you can't lock any of the doors and there are no urinals. So anyone can walk in on you. I just picked the middle one and heard a moan or two from a cubical next to mine. Which I thought was odd, which didn't help me trying to pee with the deadly silence that was going on too. Eventually after what seemed like an eternity I started peeing. But then I saw something odd. As I was looking down I noticed that a shadow from the other cubical was coming under into mine. And I could clearly see whoever it was masturbating!

Whoever it was was obviously enjoying himself as he wasn't trying to stop moaning or anything, just letting out the occasional sigh and grunt. I just found it rather odd that I couldn't see anything else other than his cock and his hand going up and down it. It was like he planned it or something.

I couldn't take my eyes of it. Which wasn't helping with my aim as my cock was rising rapidly and pee was going all over the place. Eventually when I stopped peeing I had a full on erection. So I had a choice, either go to lesson with a hard-on that everyone would be able to see or deal with it here and now. I took the latter choice.

I undid my belt, dropped my trousers to the floor, making a clatter as the belt hit the floor. And just started whacking off furiously. The guy in the cubical next to me was still taking his time, milking it for all it was worth. I think he figured out what I was doing after a minute or so because he started to get faster and faster. I think the noise of my cock and me sighing didn't help me conceal what I was doing, but I guess I wanted him to know (not that I'm gay or anything, it was just a bigger turn on having someone else know you are masturbating right next to you).

Soon after I needed to cum. I used all the precum I had and spat on my hand (which made a hell of a lot of noise, the spitting and the whacking off with a VERY lubbed up cock) and reached the point of no return. I took aim and cummed right under the cubical into the one next door to me. That guy must have noticed as the next thing I hear is a big moan and seeing the shadow of the cum flying out of his cock.

I pulled up my trousers, quickly washed my hands and got the hell out of there. I didn't want to find out who it was, I was slightly curious but I'd also prefer him not to know who I was. But it was still a very erotic experience.



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