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College & Shower Experiences

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College and shower experiences
I'd like to share a few experiences I've had while masturbating. Ever since I started, around 13 or so, I always found the bathroom to be the best place to jack off. Usually I'd do it while I'm taking a bath or shower which pretty much guaranteed privacy. It's also nice since it's easy to cleanup afterwards. Occasionally when I knew nobody would be home for a while I'd do it on my bed.
After I moved off to college and got an apartment with roommates, I continued doing it in the shower to maintain my privacy. I'd usually do it once a day. My roommates and I never discussed masturbation and never masturbated together like a lot of other people on this site apparently had. Our apartment had a one year lease, which means we paid rent during the summer whether we there or not. The other three roommates went home for the summer, but I decided to stick around and take summer classes. Since I had the place to myself, I could feel free to jack off anywhere in the apartment. My most common spot was to lay on the couch naked and stroke it while watching a porn tape.
On evening while pleasuring myself on the couch, I happened to look out the open window to the building next door and saw someone watching me from their window about three floors up. I'm not entirely sure, but I think it was another guy. I stayed there in shock for a moment, the embarrassment washed over me and I jumped up away from the window. After a few seconds, I got the nerve to take another look and the peeper was gone. I closed the curtains and proceeded to stroke until I blew my load all over my stomach and chest. From then on, I always kept curtains closed when I was going at it.
The following summer, one roommate and his girlfriend were staying for the summer. This put me back to masturbating in the shower, mostly. I did have a bedroom to myself, so I could at least get off there. I also had a girlfriend that summer, so I was getting some from her, but still jerking off. One evening, my roommates got a show from the building next door like the one I unknowingly gave the year before. They told me how they watched a guy laying on the couch stroking himself with one hand and a TV remote in the other. They said they watched him til he blew his load and cleaned himself up. They thought it was funny and got a kick out of it. Of course I never told them or anyone else about my getting caught, although now I can look back on it with some humor.
My early days of masturbating in the shower have had some effect on me. I don't know if I'd call it a fetish, but anytime I use a different shower, I get the urge to masturbate in it! Lately, this usually applies to hotel showers since I travel a lot for work now. When I was in college I'd visit friends who lived in the dorms. I'd usually use the dorm showers specifically with the intention of having a jerk while in there. Most of the time there were individual shower stalls so I could get off without anyone else knowing. Recently I was at the gym at a military installation. The showers there were one big room with a small divider between each shower head, just enough to give you some privacy but with no curtain so anyone else could see you. When I went in, I was the only one in there and was very tempted to have a quick jerk right then, but I held off. This was a good thing since a few others came in right after me. A few times I've used group showers were there was no privacy whatsoever. I never had the nerve to jerk off in one of those for the fear of being seen. Often times, I'll start to get aroused and it will take a lot of concentration to get things to subside.
I've read plenty of stories on this site about guys jerking off in a group in a shower and have been intrigued by them. If I was taking a shower and some other people started masturbating I'd probably join in, but I don't think I'd ever do it in front of others without knowing they were into the same thing. I've heard of health clubs that have coed locker rooms and showers. The combination of a group shower and naked women would probably be too much for me to handle. Although masturbating there with a group of women would be fantastic!
If you have any stories about masturbating in the showers please send them in. I would especially love to read stories about women's experiences masturbating in the shower with others. Thanks.



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